Dubai’s 7 Best Breakfast Places You Must Try

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Dubai's 7 Best Breakfast Places You Need to Try in 2021

Best Breakfast Spots in Dubai

Breakfast, the king of all the meals, contributes to how our mind feels and how our day goes. We strongly believe that a good breakfast kicks off a good day, and we are sure you agree with the same.

Apart from being one of the most happening places globally, the city of gold, “Dubai,” has an endless variety of breakfast dishes to offer. From tasty Turkish eggs to a bowl full of creamy smoothies.

So, whether you’re unsure where to go for a great bite to eat before heading to work or a fantastic weekend brekkie, don’t worry; we’ve done the legwork for you. Here’s the list of Dubai’s top 7 breakfast spots you must try.

7 Best Breakfast Restaurants in Dubai

1. Bounty Beets

The restaurant promises to make your mornings healthy. At Bounty Beets, you can find the menu loaded with amazing and trendiest dishes. The eatery serves gluten-free, organic, and vegan options for breakfast. It promotes the idea of eating healthy and going green.

Interestingly, Bounty Beets offers an unlimited breakfast menu, juices, tea, and coffee every Friday and Saturday at just AED 99. It sounds like a reasonable deal, right? Speaking about looks, if you are a person who loves to have meals with a great view, then this place is for you.

2. Revo Cafè

Revo Cafè at Anantara The Palm is perfect for having a leisurely breakfast with a classic vista. Here you are served with all your fav dishes with a wholesome twist. The menu list is unending. You get pancakes, scrambled eggs, French toast, granola, waffles, Irish porridge, vegan omelet, and whatnot. You name it, and they have it.

You can either choose to have your breakfast in a comfortable, air-conditioned ambiance or enjoy exquisite taste on the terrace sitting while soaking up the beauty of The Palm Jumeirah. What better way to start with your exciting weekend plans than having a delectable breakfast at the Revo Cafè, right?

3. Coppasta

They say, “there’s nothing more romantic than Italian cuisine.” So who are we to deny the fact? Coppasta flaunts a diverse range of delicious Italian dishes, which will definitely tantalize your taste buds. You can either dine-in or grab your meal on the go.

The eatery ensures freshness and the highest quality of ingredients used, along with creating innovative flavours. Apart from serving yum food options, the restaurant lets you build your own cup of pasta, i.e., you choose which pasta, sauces, and ingredients go into your cup. So, if you are someone who is fond of trying and tasting international foods, then you must visit Coppasta once.

4. Nightjar Coffee Roasters

For a lot of people, nothing stands between them and their cup of coffee. And they really mean it. Nightjar Coffee Roasters is one of the renowned coffee breweries in Dubai. They promise to serve damn good coffee, which is roasted and brewed on the site.

Their all-day breakfast menu lets you order at any time of the day, which means you don’t have to get up early and rush to grab your breakfast. Nightjar Coffee Roasters offer coffee on taps, teas, refreshing mocktails, and all manner of mouth-watering delectables. Therefore, we recommend you to mark this as your next breakfast stop.



This cafe is a space full of innovation and creativity. THE SUM OF US has an incredible team of experienced and talented chefs who diligently prepare simple but not so basic dishes with an interesting and beautiful touch.

The eatery focuses on providing a splendid experience to its guests through its comprehensive menu full of flavour and texture. They take pride in baking their own bread and roasting their own coffee at the site. Ricotta pancakes, toasted muesli, smoked salmon croissant, and eggs benedict are a few dishes to name from their yummy breakfast menu.

6. Cassette

Cassette is located in industrial and yet voguish Al Quoz. The place is a perfect mix of tasty food, music, design, art, and culture. The restaurant serves Parisian food with a tinge of grace and innovation. The cuisine served here has a subtle French flavour. It’s a 3-meal course restaurant. Cassette offers everything from wholesome meals to craveable platters. It aims at providing a comfortable and quality-led experience to the diners.

Their breakfast menu is flooded with flavourful dishes such as vegan French toast, croissant, buttermilk pancakes, healthy porridge bowl, etc. This is a must-visit breakfast spot.

7. The Farm

The Farm, Al Barari, is a perfect spot to savor delectable cuisine while taking in the tranquil beauty of the botanical and waterside surroundings. What else do you need to make your weekends lovely? This eating place is set within the green surroundings of Al Barari.

The flavours around the world inspire the Farm’s menu. Mediterranean, Indian, Thai, Asian, and Middle Eastern are some of the cuisines from their long, never-ending menu. The list includes wholesome but delicious English breakfast, vegan tofu scramble, homemade waffles, assorted cheese platter, authentic Arabic breakfast, etc.

Are you planning a fun family and friends get-together or a romantic breakfast with your better half? The Farm is the place.

There are hundreds of fabulous restaurants in Dubai, but the eating houses mentioned above are the 7 best breakfast places that we recommend you to try out. We guarantee you won’t regret it. Bon appétit people.