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La Perle Show Dubai (Duration, Tickets Price, Offers)

La Perle By Dragone

If you want to experience a gala event of insurmountable proportions, then look no further than the La Perle show in Dubai. Featuring a majestic unison of breathtaking imagery, slick technology, and mesmerizing artistic performances that are bound to immerse you in its grasp of creativity, this is the show to see if you land yourself in Dubai.

Having been influenced by the diverse culture of the city that oozes vibrancy and grandeur, La Perle presents a beautiful bridge between the current state of affairs and the aspirational future for the emirate.

Whether you are a resident of Dubai or a tourist, this should absolutely be at the top of your wish list of places to visit in the city. And here is a laydown of everything that you need to know before heading out to watch the show.

La Perle by Dragone at Al Habtoor City

Billed as the region’s first-ever permanent show, La Perle is bound to provide you with an exquisite experience, the memories of which will live vividly in your brain. Presented by the Al Habtoor Group, you can experience this magnificent show in the heart of Dubai at Al Habtoor City.

Ensuring you are embedded with the artistic appeal thanks to its 270-degree seating arrangement, this show gives you a first-hand encounter with the aqua theatre. Watching the enthralling action unfold in front of you on a stage capable of holding over 2.7 million liters of water is nothing less than extraordinary.

It has emerged as one of the most popular indoor activities in Dubai that you can opt for. The show brings together world-class performers who keep you captivated through their phenomenal aerial and aquatic feats as the stage gets flooded and drained in the blink of an eye.

Key Highlights

First Resident Live Show of Dubai

La Perle is Dubai’s first resident permanent live show and is hosted in a specially designed theatre that has accommodation for an on-stage supply of water display. With a futuristic lighting system and stunning visual imagery, you will be transported into a different world during the course of the show’s run.

Dry and Wet Stage

In a matter of seconds, the stage magically transforms from dry to wet to create an out-of-the-world experience owing to its ability to hold 2.7 million liters of water. The on-stage pool and the rain contribute to enhancing and defining the dimensions of the show.

Multi-Sensory Experience

Known for creating a multi-sensory spectacle by pro-actively presenting various aquatic elements for dynamic effects such as rain floods and gushing waterfalls, watching this show live is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When it comes to delivering immersive performances, hardly any other theatrical show in the world can stand toe to toe with the La Perle show.

The striking fusion of vivid imagery and modern technology results in the creation of a production that will surpass your expectations and make you want to revisit it time and time again.

Legendary Direction

Conceptualized by legendary Italian-born Belgium theatre director Franco Dragone, the show narrates the story of the pearl diving history of the UAE. In his career, Dragone has worked with the best of the best in the entertainment industry and has collaborated with stars such as Celine Dion and entertainment companies like Cirque du Soleil.

It took around 4-5 years of work for Dragone to prepare La Perle, and he continued to perfect the show by improvising and tweaking it throughout the first year of production.

Top-notch Performers

With a cast of 65 talented artists of sheer excellence from 23 countries, you can rest assured that you have booked yourself for one of the best theatrical performances. When the creativity, talent, and hard work of this iconic cast come together, it makes for an unforgettable show.

Immersive & Vast Accommodation

The theatre can accommodate 1300 audience members at a time. The 270-degree seating arrangement makes for a truly immersive experience giving you a wider perspective of the show, thereby standing out as a larger-than-life experience.

Acrobatic and Aquatic Stunts

With a visual plethora of aquatic, acrobatic, and aerial stunts, including performers diving from a whopping height of 25 meters into the water and flying acts at 15 km/h, along the magnificent background imagery and immersive music, this show knows how to captivate the attention of its audience members.

How to get La Perle Dubai Tickets?

The La Perle tickets are available from their official website, where you choose the type of ticket based on your preference. There are five different types of tickets available – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and VIP. In addition, you can also directly opt for combo offers wherein there are dinner packages available along with the show at some of the most luxurious restaurants.

The ticket prices are the same for every age group. Children above the age of two years will need a ticket of their own. Here is a laydown of all the ticket prices for the La Perle show.

Type of TicketLa Perle*La Perle – Dinner Package at Le Patio*La Perle – Dinner Package (World Cut/IL Pastaio/BQ)*La Perle – Dinner Package (Babiole)*
BronzeAED 209AED 354AED 459AED 395
SilverAED 259AED 404Starting from AED 509AED 444
GoldAED 309AED 454AED 559AED 494
PlatinumAED 459AED 604AED 709AED 644
VIPAED 699AED 844AED 949AED 884

If you want to cancel your ticket, then you must do it at least 24 hours before the show to get a complete refund. If you cancel it in less than 24 hours of the show’s starting time, you will not be refunded the ticket price. In addition, any custom changes made to the ticket less than 24 hours before the show’s starting time will not be accepted.

Advanced Booking

Opting for advanced booking is always recommended because you don’t want to be turned away from this show after traveling to the venue because of the tickets being sold out. Since it is highly popular, almost all the shows run with a full house.

So, avoid a situation where you are standing in a queue only to be told that the tickets have all sold out. Book your tickets online in your preferred timeslot and day of the week. Moreover, booking online will also allow you to prepare your visit in a functional way where you can opt for dinner packages before or after the show for a wholesome experience of the event.


Avoid long queues at the ticket counters and ensure you already have a ticket by booking online from the comfort of your home. You can easily look at all the available slots and make an informed, smart decision by taking your time rather than the rush hour ticket sale at the last moment at the venue.


Various offers and deals are available on the tickets throughout the year. Popular offers such as ‘Mid-summer Splash’ and ‘Back to School Family Bundle’ are run for a limited time. So, keep an eye out online and avail yourself of the amazing offers to get lucrative discounts and other benefits while booking your tickets for the show.

Get Familiar with the Show Timings

The La Perle shows run five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday, with two shows per day. Each show is 90 minutes long. While the first show begins at 6:30 PM and ends at 8:00 PM, the second one starts at 9:00 PM and ends at 10:30 PM.

If you have bought packaged tickets to one of the restaurants, then you must note that the restaurant reservations will be made automatically in correspondence to match the timing of your show.

This means that for those who have opted for the first show of the day at 6:30 PM, your restaurant reservation is at 8:00 PM following the show. On the other hand, for those who have booked the second show of the day that starts from 9:00 PM, your restaurant reservation is at 7:00 PM, meaning before the show commences.

So, depending on whether you prefer dining before or after the show, you can pick your package. Some prefer discussing the show over enjoying delicious meals, while others enjoy dinner first and end the day with the show so that it is the last thing they remember from the day. So, pick your package according to your preference and enjoy this one-of-a-kind aquatic theatrical artistic show.

Please note that the dinner package is valid for the day of the show only.  If you need any further assistance regarding the food and beverage reservations, feel free to reach out at +971 04 435 5577.

How to reach Al Habtoor City to Watch the La Perle Show?

La Perle is located in Downtown Dubai in the heart of Al Habtoor City, right off the Sheikh Zayed Road. To be precise, it is inside the V Hotel in Al Habtoor City. It is very easy to find, and you can’t possibly miss it.

It is recommended that you arrive at least 45-60 minutes before the show is about to start. This will allow you to get your tickets, find your seats, and avoid any rush and situations where you might miss the first few acts of the show.

Depending on where you are arriving from, here is a rough estimate of how much time it takes to reach the venue of the show.

  • 10 Minutes from Downtown Dubai
  • 15 minutes from Burj Al Arab
  • 20 minutes from Dubai Marina
  • 20 minutes from Palm Jumeirah
  • 25 minutes from Deira
  • 25 minutes from Dubai International Airport (DXB)

Free parking space is available at A Habtoor City Parking next to the Marabaiya Lounge for up to two hours, with an additional charge of AED 20 per hour for any subsequent hour your car is parked. You can even avail of valet services for AED 75, which comes complimentary for VIP and Platinum ticket holders. In addition, there are lots of RTA parking spaces available around the hotel as well.

If you want to commute through the metro, then the closest metro station to the venue is Business Bay on the red line. Once you get out of the metro, hail a taxi to reach the V Hotel in Al Habtoor City, where the show takes place.

There are plenty of luxurious hotels in Al Habtoor City where you can stay before and after the show as well. This is especially beneficial for those who are visiting the city just to watch the show.

Address – Al Habtoor City, 260 Sheikh Zayed Rd, Business Bay – Dubai

Contact Details – +971 4 437 0001,,


Over the years, the show has been universally loved and critically acclaimed, with thousands of visitors from around the globe making a trip to its theatre to experience this aquatic theatrical saga.

It has garnered positive reviews from audience members who have continued to appreciate the artistic excellence and meticulous execution of the performers as well as the hard work of the minds and bodies of those working behind the scenes.

People have left positive notes and reviews after experiencing it first-hand. One of the reviewers wrote, “Every moment, the show was out of this world. Cannot thank the artists for sharing their amazing talents with us.” While another reviewer praising the attendees commented, “The attendances are so helpful and nice. The music, the colors, scenography are just unique!’

Complementing the aquatic stunts, a reviewer mentioned, “Very impressive with the motos in the ball, the scene being immersed in water and the waterfalls. We really enjoyed this show and recommend it.”


La Perle Dubai is a breathtaking show that you need to see to believe its magnificence. The fusion of acrobatic, aerial, and aquatic themes is a rare sight, and the creators present this show with utmost precision, thereby ensuring an immersive, family-friendly show that will leave vivid memories.

With artists from all over the world coming together under one roof, you are bound to get quality time for a talented display of visually stunning performances. To sweeten the pot, there are dinner packages that you can enjoy before and after the show in the venue’s many luxurious restaurants to extend the wholesomeness of the overall event.

So, come along and experience a theatrical performance like no other and immerse yourself in its grandeur and beauty.  This one is not to be missed and is a must for everyone’s Dubai itinerary.


Common questions related to the La Perle show in Dubai.

How long is the La Perle show?

The La Perle show is 90 minutes long, and there are two shows per day, with the first one starting at 6:30 PM and ending at 8:00 PM and the second one beginning at 9:00 PM and ending at 10:30 PM. The shows run five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday.

Is La Perle show venue wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the La Perle show theatre is accommodating of disability access. There are facilities for people with special needs as well as those who require baby changing spaces. In addition, the restrooms are present all around the theatre for quick and easy access. Each block of the theatre also has a family bathroom for people with disabilities. Both transportation and surfaces are wheelchair accessible.

Do they have a dress code?

The dress code is smart casual. Men can come in a suit over a casual shirt and chinos, whereas women can experiment with something adventurous such as a tailored jumpsuit or a dress with heels.

Is Wi-Fi services available inside the venue?

Yes, Wi-Fi services are available across the theatre for free for the convenience of the visitors.

Can we bring our children?

Yes, this is a family-friendly show, and you can bring your children, but please note that children above the age of two years must have a ticket.

Is valet parking available at the La Perle show venue?

Yes, there are valet parking services available at the show venue. You can avail of the valet parking services for AED 75. The valet service is complimentary for VIP and Platinum ticket holders.

Can canceling the show give us a refund?

You can cancel your ticket anytime, but if you want to get a refund, then you must cancel it at least 24 hours before the show’s starting time. Any cancellation made less than 24 hours in advance will not be accepted in any form.

*Disclaimer: The prices of the tickets and parking areas, show timings, policies of the show, and other allied information are subject to change. Please contact the official website of the La Perle show to enquire about the current fare.