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IMG Worlds of Adventure (Tickets, Rides, Timings, Offers)

IMG Worlds of Adventure

Exploring the Majestic IMG Worlds of Adventure

Dubai has left no stone unturned in making itself a wholesome land of architectural wonder, business hub, powerful economy, shopping destination, and entertainment gateway. And one of its most exciting offerings in the entertainment arena is the IMG Worlds of Adventure.

Billed as Dubai’s largest theme park, this mystical wonderland offers you the opportunity to engross yourself in its endless rides, stunning entertainment, delicious food, and merchandise shopping with your loved ones for an unforgettable and rewarding experience.

An amusement park built on the lines of some of the best in the world, this is the pit stop that no resident or tourist in the city can afford to miss. With the latest technology and safety measures clubbed with the eclectic fusion of iconic superhero avatars, prehistoric fauna life through dinosaurs, and original themes, you will run out of breath and fill yourself with giddiness trying to consume everything that it has to offer.

Dubai’s Largest Indoor Theme and Amusement Park

A vision brought to reality by the Ilyas & Mustafa Galadari (IMG Group) in 2016, the IMG Worlds of Adventure has not only cemented itself as one of the best theme parks in Dubai but has also become a bona fide symbol of the leisure industry of the country. You know you are getting nothing short of excellence when you are engulfing yourself in a world that is a creation by one of the most prominent family and influential commercial entities in Dubai.

Promising its visitors around the world an experience of a lifetime, IMG Worlds of Adventure is Dubai’s first-ever mega-themed entertainment destination. Besides, it is also the largest temperature-controlled indoor entertainment destination in the city, covering an area of more than 1.5 million square feet.

Located in the City of Arabia, it has the capacity to host a whopping 20,000 visitors every day. With dedicated zones inspired by global brands such as Marvel and Cartoon Network, along with other original concepts created by the brand itself, it offers a thrilling platter of adrenaline-boosting rides and attractions that will keep you engaged all through the day.

IMG Worlds of Adventures Banner image

IMG Worlds of Adventure Tickets

The city’s largest indoor theme park has been bringing people from across the globe to its gates since its inception, cementing its position in the wish list of places to visit in Dubai for both the residents and the tourists coming to the city.

There are broadly three kinds of tickets for IMG Worlds of Adventure that you can buy as per your convenience. Let us make you more acquainted with these three kinds.

Annual Pass

Evident by its name, the IMG Annual Pass Membership Privilege package offers exclusive offers to its subscribers that they can enjoy around the year whenever they want. Priced at AED 725 (*inclusive VAT), this pass allows the members to avail of the following discounts:

  • 20% discount on Ultimate Fast Track*
  • 20% discount on Food and Beverages*
  • 20% discount on Retail*
  • 20% discount on Digi-Photo*
  • 20% discount on Arcade*
  • 20% on Iron Man Experience*

This is ideal for tourists who frequently visit the city and for the residents who can’t have enough of this magical wonderland. Getting subscribed to this package not only allows you to enter this amusement park whenever you want but also helps avoid the situation of buying a ticket every time, saving valuable time.

In addition, you end up saving a lot of money owing to the heavy discounts on offer in this package. You can upgrade or renew this pass with the Guest Service Team at the park. Please note the terms and conditions for this pass before buying it.

VIP Package

The IMG Worlds of Adventure VIP Experience Package allows its members to have a royal treatment where you get exclusive access and exposure to enticing aspects of the entire theme park. Priced at AED 7,350 (*VAT Inclusive), you can bring up to five people as part of your group to enjoy the amusement park in truly an exceptional way.

Furthermore, you can bring an additional two guests with your group, with each additional member being charged AED 1,470, who will also have exclusive experiences like the rest of your group members. Children below the height of 1.05 m will be granted complimentary entry to the park, making this the perfect tourist spot for family vacations.

The benefits of the IMG Worlds of Adventure VIP Experience Package include:

  • Access to the park’s special VIP lounge, where you get to enjoy selected refreshments.
  • Iron Man experience in the Marvel Universe (Iron Man figurine is not included).
  • Bookings and priority seating for certain shows and attractions (subject to availability).
  • A 5-hour VIP guided tour by one of the theme park’s VIP Hosts.
  • Immediate and quick VIP access to all rides and attractions, thereby avoiding the long queue.

You can buy this package from the park itself on the date of arrival.  If you have any further inquiries, you can get in touch with the park authorities at +971 4 403 8888 or write to them at

Buy Now

The general park admission is valued at AED 345 per person. The IMG Kids Zone tickets are priced at AED 50 for one hour and AED 100 for a full day.

Please note that all these prices are subject to change, and we recommend you contact the park before visiting them to know the current price.


The exhilarating excitement of this amusement park can be experienced in six distinct ways through the park’s six epic adventure zones that are all present at a single location. Intending to provide an eclectic space that suits the taste of varied preferences, there is something for everyone at this amazing indoor amusement park.

In a poetic way, these six zones are a perfect reflection of the plural ‘worlds’ reference in the name of this amusement park. Each characterized by their own distinct traits, they are like the crayons in a box – all different in appearances but complimentary of one another.

Among these zones, two are inspired by the world-renowned global brands – Marvel and Cartoon Network – that are a testimony in itself as to why they are so popular.  The other four – Lost Valley, IMG Boulevard, Haunted Hotel, and IMG Kids Zone – are original novel ideals created by the brand itself.

Marvel Indoor Theme Park Dubai

A name that needs no introduction, this is the Holy Grail for every diehard fan of the Marvel Universe. A place that will let you unleash your inner superhero while also allowing you to nerd out at the most nuanced trivia, this has been specially designed to transport you to a timeline in the universe where you encounter every element released by the Marvel comics so far.

With rides inspired by Marvel superheroes such as the Hulk Epsilon Base 3D and the chance to get to meet your favorite Marvel Avengers in person in the many meet and greets that take place all across the day, there will never be a dull moment for you.

If action is what you seek, this is your cup of tea. Get up and close with Spider-Man, Iron Man, Thor, and all the iconic members of the Avengers and dive into their merchandise at the various Marvel retail stores spread throughout the Marvel zone.

Marvel Zone IMGWA

Rides & Attractions in Marvel Zone

Avengers Battle of Ultron

IMG Worlds of Adventure invites you to this family-friendly ride as trainees to join the Avengers to stop the evil villain Ultron and save the world from total annihilation. Stand next to Black Widow, Iron Man, Captain America, The Hulk, and Hawkeye, and be a member of their team by proving your worth and earning your spot on the team.

Hulk Epsilon Base 3D

Get inside this state-of-the-art stereoscopic cinema dome to witness the incredible Avenger member, The Hulk, fight his way to glory against his most powerful enemy. An absolute one-of-a-kind thrill ride, immerse yourself in this 360-degree 3D cinema experience.

Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge

If Spider-Man is your favorite superhero, then this is the space for you. Swing alongside him across the city in this thrill ride and help him battle his arch nemesis Doctor Octopus to stop him from robbing the city’s entire energy supply.

Thor Thunder Spin

Fans of Thor, get ready to be rescued by him from the god of mischief, Loki, in this thrill ride as you are pinned to your seat and taken on a dizzying physics experiment.

Avengers Flight of the Quinjets

This kid-friendly ride lets you take complete control of your Quinjet and fly away with other Quinjets in an amusing race. Sit beside your buddy on this two-seat Quinjet and get the ride of your life.

Food & Beverages in Marvel Zone

The restaurants and eateries at the Marvel Zone are inspired by some of Marvel’s most iconic characters. Most notable among them is Tony’s Skydeck, where you can enjoy a stunning view of the city from the upper floor of the Avengers Tower in Tony Stark’s own restaurant while having a fine dining experience.

If you are craving some Asian delicacies, go to Chang’s Golden Dragon and enjoy the open kitchen. If you want some Italian hospitality, then Mama Scano’s Of Yancy Street is where you need to get yourself.

You can even get hot popcorn at the Popping Popcorn or opt for ice cream at Captain Scoop, gorge on some snacks at Hotdogs Express, or enjoy the popular Middle-Eastern street food at Downtown Shawarma.

Shopping & Merchandising in Marvel Zone

Any Marvel fan will be ecstatic to find themselves at the Marvel Zone because of the merchandizes and shopping facilities. Do you want to transform into your favorite Avenger? Visit the Marvel Universe store, which is one of the park’s flagship stores. Do you want clothing, accessories, and tools that your favorite superheroes use? Go visit the Avengers Exchange, which is the only dedicated The Avengers Store in the entire Middle East.

Furthermore, there are countless comic books and souvenirs that you can collect from Empire News & Comics. If you want to get your hands on hand-signed collectibles such as figures and posters, then Marvel Vault is your place. The Daily Bugle Company Store is the hub for all Spider-Man fans, as you will get all merchandise surrounding him at this space.

Cartoon Network

Who doesn’t like to revisit the pleasant memories of their childhood, and what better way to do it other than reminiscing the nostalgic vibes of Cartoon Network? A name that in itself is enough to give a serotonin boost, let your inner child live again by visiting this joyous land.

This is the place that will never stop you from smiling ear to ear. From The Powerpuff Girls to The Amazing World of Gumball, from Ben 10 to LazyTown, this zone is filled with every possible character that won people’s hearts across decades on television, and now you get to enjoy them in person with a first-hand experience.

And contrary to popular belief, this place is not just popular with kids but with adults as well. Of course, bringing your kids may be just an excuse to enter the zone to keep them happy, but by the time you wrap up from the zone, you will want to go back again.

Cartoon Network IMG World

Rides & Attractions in Cartoon Network

The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Robot Rampage

The evil Mojo Jojo is back and so is his robot creation that is ready to threaten Townsville. So, that only means one thing – for you to join The Powerpuff Girls in this age-old battle. Fight alongside Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup in this thrill ride to protect the world before their bedtime.

Ben10 5D Hero Time

Get ready for your first day as a plumber trainee and join Ben at the Plumber Headquarters. But beware as the villain – Khyber, The Huntsman – is ready to battle the good forces in this multi-sensory adventure of this family-friendly ride.

Adventure Time – The Ride of Ooo with Finn & Jake

Fly high in this family-friendly ride as you join Finn and Jake to take a journey through the Cartoon Network zone and visit the exuberant kingdoms, and meet various princesses and the Ice King in this extraordinary experience.

The Amazing Ride of Gumball

Gumball and Darwin’s school science project have gone completely wrong, and now there lies chaos all around. Time for you to save the day through this family-friendly ride! Visit their town of Elmore and compete with your friends to zap the objects that have come to life and are ready to destroy the town.


Explore a town of fun and adventure by learning cool dance moves and going through Robbie Rotten’s secret lair. Please note that this kids-friendly ride must be pre-booked for AED 25 per person, and due to its limited availability, participation is not guaranteed. So, try to not be late for your reserved time slot and ensure that kids wear socks since they have to remove footwear in the play arena.

Food & Beverages in Cartoon Network

Apart from the rides, the food and beverages in this zone are also appropriately themed. Pose with your favorite Cartoon Network characters as you enjoy delicious continent recipes with your family at the CN Feast. If you want to hang out with Ben 10 and enjoy smoothies and burgers, then Mr. Smoothy is the place to go.

Richard’s Around the World Café offers a magnificent gourmet menu of international cuisines while for all burrito lovers, there is a dedicated place for you at Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito.

And to those of you, who have a sweet tooth, take a trip to The Candy Palace for amazing candies and the Crepe Construction Zone for Gumball and Darwin’s crepe delights. Taste a whole array of flavors at the Powerpuff Ice Cream Parlour, and if you want to stick to some healthy snacks, then opt for SportsCandy Station.

Shopping & Merchandising in Cartoon Network

The Cartoon Network Store is a true emporium for Cartoon Network fans where you will get to browse through gifts, toys, accessories, games, and other merchandise of the brand. For Gumball fans who want to take some memories of Gumball to their home, visit The Amazing World of Gumball – The Store.

And Lazy Store provides you with all the options to stay active and energized through its merchandise of LazyTown.

Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure Theme Park Dubai

Although it has been 65 million years since a dinosaur walked the face of Earth, that shouldn’t mean that you don’t get to experience what it was like to be in the ambiance of a creature of this gigantic proportions.

Fly back to the Mesozoic era, known as the age of dinosaurs, and encounter these giant beasts on the soils of Dubai here at IMG Worlds of Adventure’s Lost Valley Zone. With a wide array of dinosaur-themed rides, activities, and restaurants, you will be taken to the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods to see dinosaurs more closely than you have ever in your life.

This prehistoric world is roaring with the essence of a period long gone, but with modern technologies, you will find yourself standing at a time that is alien in its being yet familiar in its nature.

Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure Theme Park Dubai

Rides & Attractions in Lost Valley

The Velociraptor

Not meant for the faint-hearted, this thrill ride promises an adrenaline rush that will last even after you get out of it. Launching from the prehistoric jungles into the desert of Dubai, the Velociraptor will blast you off with its dynamic power and spontaneity.


Built with the mantra that what goes up must come down, the Predator is the ultimate thrill ride that will teach you about the power of gravity’s force, or the lack thereof. This heart-pumping ride is bound to charge you up as it plummets vertically to earth after going through exhilarating loops and rolls.

The Forbidden Territory

A tour in this family-friendly ride will take you through the terrains of the jungles of the valley, where you will get up and close with the prehistoric amazing and scary creatures that once roamed around the planet.

Dino Carousel

Want to take a breather in between all the thrill rides? Well, the Dino Carousel is where you need to visit then. Take a lazy spin in this kid-friendly ride and just sit back and relax as you hop on this dinosaur themed-carousal. And don’t worry! You’ll only find the friendly dinosaurs beside you here.

Adventure Fortress

Make your way through tunnels, bridges, ladders, nets, and slides as you climb up and down in this kid-friendly ride to protect the village that is in danger from an invasion by the dinosaurs of the Lost Valley.


This kid-friendly attraction comprises an enclosed sand play area that has the ambiance of dinosaurs in its rides, slides, and climbing frames. This is the best treat you can give to your toddlers when you bring them to this amusement park.

Food & Beverages in Lost Valley

In between the ride and attractions of the Lost Valley, get some European and Indian cuisine as you smell the aroma and feel the ambiance of tandoor ovens and rotisserie meats around you at Spice Valley. If you are on the go and want to grab some mouth-watering chicken wings, visit the Carnivore Hut – brought to you by Wingstop.

If you are fancying some gourmet hotdogs and burgers, 360 Express is the place to go while the Hotdog Express fulfills your hunger for delicious snacks. Get some dessert at T-Rex Berry, or opt for some freshly chopped fruits at the Fruit Station.

Shopping & Merchandising in Lost Valley

Discover some prehistoric treasures and take home a dinosaur’s egg from The Explorer’s Supply. If you want some branded memorabilia in the form of toys, mugs, and t-shirts, then Raptor Outpost is your place. And finally, don’t miss out on the chance to visit the retail cart of the zone at LV Retail Cart to pick up your favorite souvenirs.

IMG Boulevard

You may have taken a walk-through or driven around a boulevard before, but we can assure you that none of those boulevards is a match to the IMG Boulevard. Appropriate for thrill seekers as well as those looking for kid and family-friendly rides and attractions, this zone will give you a leisure ride that you will not want to get out of.

When you enter this central zone, you will have a wholesome experience of what this amusement park has to offer its visitors. This makes it the perfect welcome zone for the guest since it gives you an overview of the excitement and fun that the park entails.

IMG Boulevard

Rides & Attractions in IMG Boulevard

Boulevard Express

Hop on the Boulevard Express to begin the journey that will take you through all the wonderful worlds of the park, giving you a glimpse into the overview of their lives. This kid-friendly ride is an amazing way to kick-start your adventure at Dubai’s largest indoor theme park.

Food & Beverages in IMG Boulevard

Samosa House lets you relish India’s favorite snacks, whereas, for gourmet snack lovers, there is Popcorn Factory, where you can snack on some gourmet popcorn and candy treats.

You can even go for a complete dining experience where you can enjoy delicacies from four continents at the Boulevard Gourmet. However, if you are craving some authentic Arabian foods, you can’t afford to miss the Flavours of Arabia.

Now, for those of you who are looking for a café experience, there are plenty of options to choose from. Be it Bean Stop, where you can enjoy gourmet coffee, or Waffles on Wheels, where you can enjoy the fusion of sweet and savory, or The Coffeehouse, where you can sit back and relax on some coffee, sandwich, pastries, salads, and other café classics.

Shopping & Merchandising in IMG Boulevard

How amazing it is to take home chocolates and candies that are being made right in front of your own eyes. Yes, that’s exactly what happens at World of Candy.

Get your hands on MG Worlds of Adventure gifts and souvenirs from the IMG Emporium. And you absolutely have to visit Adventure Photography, where you get to pose and click pictures against the green screen technology to make yourself appear in a superhero battle sequence or stand beside a pre-historic giant dinosaur.

The Haunted Hotel

If spookiness is what amuses you, then The Haunted Hotel is the perfect zone for you. A treat for all horror fans, this zone dares you to enter its premises because entering it might be easy, but leaving it may not!

As you try to make your way through the puzzling mazes of corridors that are marked by changing sceneries, be prepared to be taken on a loop as a bunch of frightening characters lurk in the dark ready to pounce on you. Navigate the eerie environment and find the exit in this spine-chilling experience before you become hunted by ghostly beings.

Please note that this is open to visitors who are 15 years and older. For 15-18 year-old visitors, you must provide proof of your ID card at the entrance to experience this zone.

The Haunted Hotel

Rides & Attractions in The Haunted Hotel

The Haunted Hotel

A thrill ride that multiplies the vibes of Halloween to infinity find yourself captivated by the immersive entertainment of the dark lane, corridors, and rooms. With the creaking noise of the doors, you never know who or what will show up, keeping you always on edge.

Shopping & Merchandising in The Haunted Hotel

Once you survived The Haunted Hotel, don’t forget to take a trip to the Haunted Hotel Store to collect some souvenirs for your home, where you can recreate the haunting atmosphere for your friends and family for a horror-themed party.

IMG Kids Zone

Have you ever imagined how the world would be if it was a huge inflatable adventure playground? Well, that is what the IMG Kids Zone is all about.

Its newest addition is a treat for all the young guests. The creators have made this larger-than-life inflatable playground world where your kids can let their hair down as they hop and romp merrily on this soft and squishy ground.

Spanning over a whopping 17,172 square feet area, you will find all sorts of slides and climbing walls for your kids in this zone that will keep their spirits high for hours. There is even a sweeper game and a football pitch for the toddlers and little members of your family to enjoy, ensuring they have a riveting sensory experience.

You have to pre-book this attraction for a cover charge of AED 50 for one hour and AED 100 for a full day.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Timings

IMG Worlds of Adventure brings your imagination to reality 365 days a year. The Summer Fest is open from June 24 to September 30.

Sunday to Thursday – 12 PM to 10 PM

Friday and Saturday – 12 PM to 11 PM

Please note that the attraction queues are closed 30 minutes before the closing time of the park. The Haunted Hotel is open from 3 PM to 9 PM.

In addition, the opening and closing hours of the park are subject to change as per any operation requirement that may arise.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Location

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is located at E311, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, near Arabian Ranches, next to the Global Village in the heart of Dubai.

Free parking facility is available for your vehicles, and there are provisions for paid valet service as well.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Reviews

IMG Worlds of Adventure has received rave reviews from its visitors who have shown up to its doors from various parts of the world. The park’s attention to the diverse preferences and tastes of different age groups through its different zones has been appreciated, and so has its commitment to maintaining safety measures.

Citing the Haunted Hotel zone, one user reviewed, “Among the many enthralling attractions, my personal favorite was the Hunted Hotel, a delightfully immersive experience”.

The vastness of the theme park has also been noted. As per one user, “If you wish to finish all the attractions, a few hours is not enough to finish all the rides and attractions. Overall, great experience, definitely recommend.” So, try to plan out your day ahead of time and visit the zones based on your preference of most important to least.

Another user spoke about the overall wholesomeness of the park, “Apart from the rides, IMG has roving entertainment, so the place is lively and entertaining at all times. It’s a good place for a family day out.”

This is truly an experience one can’t miss and must include in their list of things to do on a Dubai tour. More so, if you are a resident, you must make time to visit this amazing adventure land with your loved ones.

IMG Worlds of Adventure Offers and Deals

Despite coming into existence just a few years, IMG Worlds of Adventure has gained immense popularity to the point that it has become one of the most recognizable aspects of Dubai. It has the capacity to host a whopping 20,000 guests every day. So, naturally, there are various package deals and offers available on the ticket price.

Throughout the year, various offers and deals are available for you to enjoy the amenities of the park in a much more pocket-friendly way. So, always keep an eye out for these offers and deals and visit the park with timely planning so that you make your time and money worth it.


Amusement parks are an excellent choice for spending your weekends and holidays. They not only are a great option if you are planning to have a wholesome experience throughout an entire day without any hassle, but the eclectic experiences that they bring with them ensure that there is something for everyone.

Whether you want to fight against evil with your favorite superhero or want to feel the adrenaline rush of a roller-coaster, whether you want your toddlers to enjoy themselves in the kid’s zone or you want to walk through the frightening path of the Haunted Hotel, this park is filled with different sets of flavors.

Plan a day with your loved ones and experience this wonderland first-hand to see why this is regarded as one of the world’s best-themed parks.



What is the ticket price at IMG Worlds of Adventure?

IMG Worlds Ticket Price: The ticket price for is AED 345 for general park admission. You can contact the park authorities at  +971 60 050 0962 or +971 4 403 8888 to enquire about the availability of tickets on the date you are planning to visit the park.

Are there any special packages for IMG Worlds of Adventure?

Yes, absolutely! There are various special packages that you can opt for instead of a single ticket for general park admission. These packages are great for you if you are a frequent visitor to the park or have a large group of people with you or if you want access to the special areas in the park without having to wait for a long time.

IMG World Packages

The first package is known as the IMG Annual Pass Membership Privilege, which is priced at AED 725 (*Inclusive VAT). It allows you to access the park all through the year while enjoying various discounts on retail, foods and beverages, arcade, ultimate fast track, Iron Man Experience, and digi-photo.

The second package is known as the IMG Worlds of Adventure VIP Experience Package and is priced at AED 7,350 (*inclusive VAT). It can be used for a group of a maximum of five people. Two more guests can be added to the package for AED 1,470 each. This package offers immediate VIP access to all the rides and attractions along with a 5-hour VIP tour guide by a VIP host. You will also enjoy access to the Iron Man experience and a VIP lounge.

IMG World Buy 1 Get 1 Free

You can also avail of Buy 1 Get 1 Free deal on IMG Worlds tickets that are offered from time to time on many platforms. Keep an eye on their official website as well to check for further details on various deals and offers.

Where can I book my tickets?

There are various ways to buy tickets from IMG Worlds of Adventure. You can either get the tickets directly from the park, or you can avail them from their official website or any authorized third-party website.

Location & Timings

Where is IMG Worlds located in Dubai?

The IMG Worlds of Adventure is located at E311, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, near Arabian Ranches, next to the Global Village in the heart of Dubai.

You can use this IMG World map to navigate your way to the park.

What are the timings of IMG Worlds of Adventure?

IMG World Timings: From Sunday to Thursday, the park is open from 12 PM to 10 PM, while on Friday and Saturday, it is open from 12 PM to 11 PM.

Please keep in mind that attraction queues close 30 minutes before the closing time of the park, and the Haunted Hotel timings are from 3 PM to 9 PM. Furthermore, the opening and closing hours of the park are subject to change as per any operational requirement. So, it is recommended to contact the park a day before you plan your visit.

How much time is required to see IMG Worlds of Adventure?

IMG Worlds of Adventure is the largest temperature-controlled indoor entertainment destination in Dubai that covers an area of 1.5 million square feet. So, naturally, covering the entire park in a single day is tough. But approximately six hours should serve you well in getting a grasp of the entire park. But it can increase depending on how long the queues are at each ride and attraction.

We suggest you start early in the morning since it usually gets crowded later in the day. In addition, have a detailed plan as to which zone you want to visit the most. Visit the zones per your preference and have a rough estimate in your mind regarding the rides and attractions you want to try out. Bear in mind you also probably have to keep 60-90 minutes for food and shopping as well.

Rides & Attractions

What types of rides are available in the park?

IMG Worlds of Adventure is an extremely diverse amusement park where there are a distinct variety of rides and attractions for varied age groups and preferences. Thrill rides, family-friendly rides, and kid-friendly rides are present in almost all the zones of the park.

Some of the most popular rides of the park are Avengers Battle of Ultron, Thor Thunder Spin, The Velociraptor, Predator, The Forbidden Territory, The Powerpuff Girls – Mojo Robot Rampage, and LazyTown, among others.

Are the rides kids-friendly?

Yes, there are plenty of rides that are kid-friendly. Avengers Flight Of The Quinjets in the Marvel zone, Dino Carousel, Adventure Fortress, and Dinosaurium in The Lost Valley, LazyTown in the Cartoon Network zone, Boulevard Express in IMG Boulevard, and the entire IMG Kids Zone are kids-friendly rides and attractions that are made for the young visitors of the park.

What superhero and cartoon characters are the rides and attractions based on?

Two of the six zones in the park are inspired by iconic superheroes and cartoon characters from the Marvel Universe and Cartoon Network. Both these zones feature various rides and attractions that are specifically designed after a character or a group of characters.

While Hulk, Thor, Spider-Man, and the entire Avengers team have dedicated rides to them in the Marvel zone, you will find everything From Ben 10 to the Powerpuff Girls, from Finn and Jake to Gumball Watterson in the Cartoon Network’s rides.

Foods & Beverages

Can we bring our food and drinks from outside into the park?

Outside foods and drinks are not allowed inside the premises of the park. If you carry them with you, then you will have to leave them at the gates before entering. However, bottled water is allowed inside the park.

But, there are numerous food and beverage stalls and shops inside each of the zones that serve a variety of cuisines and drinks to satiate your hunger and quench your thirst.

Are foods and beverages available inside the theme park?

Yes, you can find various food and beverage shops in various zones inside the park, where you will get freshly prepared meals by professional chefs. There are 28 foods and beverage outlets in the park that offer 13 different types of cuisines. From continental to Indian, from traditional Middle Eastern to Italian, and everything in between, there are plenty of options for foods and beverages for you to choose from.

To contribute to the overall well-being of the visitors, the park also ensures the nutritious value of the food is maintained by ensuring healthy choices in its meals in line with the UAE Government’s Vision 2021.

In addition, these shops are themed after specific characters or franchises that make eating out here an even more immersive experience.  Tony’s Skydeck, Carnivore Hut, T-Rex Berry, Mr. Smoothy, Finn & Jake’s – Everything Burrito, and Powerpuff Ice Cream Parlour, among others, are prime examples of the themed foods and beverages shops in the park.

Accessibility & Restrictions

Is IMG Worlds of Adventure wheelchair-friendly?

Yes, wheelchairs are available at the park on a first-come, first-serve basis. You need to show a valid ID to get access to a wheelchair, and they must not pass the entry and exit turnstiles. The park ensures all its guests can enjoy it to the fullest. You can get a disability access pass from all the ticketing kiosks for any guest, given you have a medical letter as proof with you.

What sort of restrictions are imposed on the rides and attractions?

The rides and attractions are not suitable for pregnant women or who are in a poor state of health. People with a medical history of high blood pressure and cardiovascular issues and any neck, back, or other heart medical problems are not allowed as well.

Those who have undergone surgery recently are also advised to stay away from the rides and attractions since they may be aggravated by the motion involved. Children who are unable to sit upright or walk are also prohibited from getting on specific rides.

People under the influence of drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the rides and attractions as well.

What items are prohibited to be taken inside the park?

You can’t go inside the park with outside foods and drinks (except bottled water), alcohol, drones, helium balloons, illegal substances, hard-sided containers and bags, large flags, knives and other sharp objects, flares, tents, camping chairs, selfie sticks, lenses over 70 mm, glass items, ambush marketing, scooter, shoes with wheels, or any political slogans.


How many zones are there in IMG Worlds of Adventure?

There are six separate zones in the park. Each of them revolves around a distinguished theme and includes rides, attractions, foods and beverages, and merchandizing based on the theme.

Two of the zones are inspired by globally recognizable brands – Marvel and Cartoon Network while the four other zones are all original concepts developed by IMG – Lost Valley, IMG Boulevard, The Haunted Hotel, and IMG Kids Zone.

Is IMG World indoor or outdoor?

It is an indoor theme park. In fact, it is the largest temperature-controlled indoor theme entertainment destination in Dubai.

Is there a parking space available?

Yes, there are plenty of free parking spaces available that can accommodate your vehicles. Furthermore, there are also paid valet services that you can avail of.

Can we buy merchandise from the park?

Yes, there are numerous outlets for you to shop and collect souvenirs and merchandise from the park. Giving a whole new dimension to retail, shopping in the park serves as a fun reminder of the adventures you had throughout your day.

You can visit the Marvel Universe, Empire News and Comics, Daily Bugle Company Store, Avengers Exchange, Marvel Vault, Raptor Outpost, LV Retail Cart, Cartoon Network Store, Haunted Hotel Store, and IMG Emporium, among others, to buy comic books, costumes, toys, games, accessories, mugs, t-shirts, posters, figures, and other gifts and souvenirs.

There are also other shops, such as World of Candy, where you can create your own dedicated chocolates and candies, and Adventure Photography, where you can take vivid photos of yourself over the background of your favorite superhero or a terrifying dinosaur.

Can we host private events and birthday parties at the park?

Yes, you can host a private event or a birthday party inside any of the restaurants at the IMG Worlds of Adventure. Based on your needs and preferences, you can pick among its many restaurants for any sort of fun birthday party or special occasion that you want to celebrate with your loved ones.

With a variety of options for healthy and delicious food items, the in-house chefs of the park can even bake customized cakes and pastries and prepare other themed gift items if contacted ahead of time. You can reach them at for getting further information on bookings for private events and birthday parties.

Can we host corporate events inside the park?

Yes, you can host corporate events inside the park since it is filled with various banqueting and conference facilities. The purpose-built facility rooms provide spaces for unique breakout sessions where you can organize a customized experiential package with the help of the dedicated planners of the park.

You can create a range of team-building experiences for the employees and clients based on your favorite superhero characters. With tailor-made activities and a wide array of cuisines, this is a perfect fun gathering for any corporate event.

Are storage lockers available at the park to keep our belongings?

Convenient storage lockers are available at the park entrances for visitors. There are three types of lockers for you to choose from depending on the number of items you are carrying. The small locker is priced at AED 45 per day, while the large locker is priced at AED 55 per day. There is also a super-sized jumbo locker that you can use for AED 60 per day.

Besides, you will also find ride lockers for specific rides at AED 10 per hour, where loose articles are not permitted to be carried. These include Spider-Man Doc Ock’s Revenge, Velociraptor, and Predator.