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21 Best Meal Plan Companies in UAE, Healthy Meal Delivery

Meal plan companies in the UAE have garnered the attention of the world for how scientifically they have revolutionized meal delivery services. The evolution from just a service to order your food when you are hungry to a full-fledged nutrition-based daily meal provision is nothing short of extraordinary.

They have completely hit it off the park with their game-changing prioritization to provide balanced nutrition while allowing a high level of customization power. Add to the fact that you get organic ingredients and freshly prepared meals at your doorstep, and you have got yourself a deal you can’t say no to.

Now, people no longer have to rely on restaurants and fast food chains to order their meals or get worried about preparing their meals at home. With these companies by their side, they can rest assured they always have access to nutritious and delicious food.

Top 21 Healthy Meal Plan Companies in UAE

With so many options available, finding the right one in your city can be quite a task. This is why we have curated this list of some of the most sought-after meal plan companies in the UAE. Pick one as per your health goals, tastes, preferences, and rationality, and embark on your health journey.


With a service that extends all over the nation, VMeals has catapulted itself as one of the leading meal delivery companies that puts nutrition at the forefront of meal preparation. With health goals-based diets including weight loss, muscle gain, athletic, and overall wellness in its roster, you will get to customize your meals to immense ends to suit your requirements.

They also curate their meals as per a varied range of dietary preferences such as keto, gluten and dairy-free, green, pescetarian, and Indian fusion diets, among others. You will also get to consult with their in-house nutritionists to curate a custom meal plan for you.

Right Bite

Crafted by specialized dieticians and prepared by professional chefs, Right Bite provides you with meals that are built to energize your lifestyle. Just once look into their menu and you will understand why they are so highly favored by thousands of clients. Hearty Harvest chicken salad, grilled pepper steak, vegan Portobello Bolognese, kale chicken Caesar salad, baked fish, beef curry, you name it, they have it.

Irrespective of what your health goal is, you will find it taken care of by them. Some of their most sought-after meal plans include weight-loss, low-carb, gut health, vegan, and athlete, among others. You can use their app to build your personalized meal while also enjoying exclusive benefits.

Meals On Me

With over an astounding 10,000 customers, MOM is one of the most awarded meal delivery companies in the UAE. Answering the needs of the citizens of the country for a healthier lifestyle that is affordable, they deliver delicious meals using farm-fresh ingredients that have been prepared in hygienic kitchens by professional chefs.

You can opt for either weekly or monthly plans as per your convenience from their diverse roster of menus that lets you choose between options like keto, vegan, vegetarian, wholesome, Indian, Arabic, international, and flex meal plans. All you need to do is curate a plan on their website and before you realize it, your meal is delivered to your doorstep.

FITT Meals

You know you are in good hands when the meal delivery service you opt for has fit in its name. FITT Meals is the go-to choice for healthy meal services for numerous people in the UAE who are choosing a healthy lifestyle by making smart and conscious choices about their food habits. With free delivery across the nation, you will get to build your meal plan by consulting with their in-house nutritionists.

Allowing you to keep track of your calories, their meal plans showcase a range of lean, muscle gain, low-calorie, vegetarian, and even a diet dedicated solely for kids aged between 5-12 years old. To make things even better, you never have to worry about the freshness of their meals since they always deliver freshly cooked meals in ice cooler bags to ensure your food retains freshness.


Kcal has established itself as one of the best weight-management meal delivery services in the UAE owning to its relentless commitment to bring about innovative changes in the food industry. With their freshly cooked meals, you can rest assured that you will never have to compromise on quality, service, convenience, or choice.

Whether you want to lose weight, manage weight, gain muscles, improve heart health, or transform your body, they will assist you every step of the way with your meal to help you achieve your goal. They also deliver their meals across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Al Ain, Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, and Ras Al Khaimah free of cost, which makes them an irresistible meal delivery service.


With globally-inspired meals prepared with locally sourced fresh ingredients and seasonally designed by crafted chefs and skilled nutritionists, Fitlab provides readymade meals at your doorstep in eco-friendly cooler bags that are sustainable at your preferred time slot. They allow you to pick your meal in a fashion that will help your transformation in reaching your health goals.

By enabling you in the direction of your ideal health goal, it empowers the cause of a healthy life through a healthy diet. You can choose between its wide range of meal plans that includes weight loss, athlete, wellness, and even a couples plan and a business lunch. With over 60 delicious dishes to choose from, you will always get something new and exciting for all your meals before repeating one.


Very often, people chart out a meal plan as per what they believe their body needs. But Nutristein puts the deeper question in the frontiers by encouraging people to not only feed their bodies but also their brains. They believe that the food we consume inadvertently affects both the structure and functionality of our brains, and in turn, our cognitive ability, concentration, and memory.

Therefore, customizing a meal plan with brain-boosting ingredients is paramount. This is what Nutristein excels in. Preparing and delivering meals all across the UAE,  you will find an eclectic range of diets in their menus, including Arabic fusion, ketosis, gluten and dairy-free, and vegetarian diets, among others that you can customize as per your needs.

Lifter Life

Created to provide nutritiously-rich meals that are affordable, goal-oriented, and perfectly balanced with calories, Lifter Life has an assorted range of meal plans to choose from. From weight loss to staying fit, from diabetic to keto, from vegan to eating better, their meal plans offer you the customization you need to align your meals to your health goals.

Once you pick up a meal from their range of plans, their professional chefs prepare your meals and have them delivered to your home free of charge. In essence, Lifter Life is your answer to having macro-aligned meals to live an optimal life.

Smart living begins with healthy choices in what you put in your stomach, and that is what believes in. Catering healthy meals all through the country including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah, their meals are curated in a way that ensures you are charged up both physically as well as emotionally.

Their in-house nutritionists and professional chefs work hand-in-hand to provide you with meals that are delicious, fresh, safe, and nutritious. Their meal plans include weight loss, vegan, athleticism, vegan, pescetarian, and even one built specifically for new moms. Not to mention, the flexibility they offer to you shows how much priority they give to your lifestyle goals.


Created for serving platters that are filled with a balanced diet, Delicut has garnered favors for their continued dedication to being innovative and nutritious in their meal plans. They leave no stone unturned to create platters that are both healthy and tasty to ensure you never get bored with your meals.

With an economical price range, fresh ingredients, and clean preparation methods, you simply hit the jackpot with them. From teriyaki noodles to pesto pasta, from lentil salad to Greek-style potato, you will be spoilt only with choices and not with calories when you opt for their healthy meal services.

Curry Fit

In a world where people are resorting to a keto diet owing to its multi-beneficiary components, it can’t be denied that our taste buds often take a backseat. To solve this, Curry Fit conceptualized itself to add the much-needed spice and flavors to your everyday keto diet. Indian meals are undoubtedly among the most enigmatic in the world and through years of research and development, the owners of this meal delivery service imbibed the desi tadka in keto diets.

From a low-calorie meal to a vegetarian meal, an athletic meal to a low-carb meal, you will find everything here irrespective of whether you want to opt for an all-day meal or an intermittent fasting meal.


Built for a busy world, Calo serves a wide range of nutritious meals in varied forms – full plan, breakfast and dinner, lunch and dinner, and even just business lunch – to save people’s time and resources in meal preparation. You will have the privilege of exercising complete flexibility to change your delivery address and date and skip or swap meals anytime you want with this meal delivery service by your side.

Their ever-evolving menu has lip-smacking dishes to ensure your taste buds are satiated while also supplementing your nutritious needs. With sweet potato bowls, pumpkin spice pancakes, Chelo Kebab, butter chicken, mushroom kale bowls, and burger bowls, you will never run out of options to keep your meals diverse.

Low Calories

Low Calories believes that taste and nutrition don’t have to be mutually exclusive concepts. This is why it caters to healthy meals with delicious flavors prepared with innovative ideas to ensure your health is taken care of. An ISO 22000 certified service, their meal plans include a custom, lose weight, gain weight, detox, keto, vegan, ovo-veg, pescetarian,  and lacto diet plan.

Taking care of your valuable time and ensuring you don’t devout countless hours in the kitchen, they have garnered rave reviews from the people of Abu Dhabi for their exemplary service that is contributing to building a healthier lifestyle for people.

Zero Fat

Enjoying delicious foods without having to worry about gaining weight is a dream for many. Thankfully, it is possible to turn this dream into reality with the help of the services of Zero Fat. Providing you with the liberty of customizing a meal as per your needs, tastes, and preferences, they deliver freshly prepared meals daily to your convenient location so that you never have to deal with unhealthy or tasteless food.

With meal plans dedicated to weight loss, lifestyle, and athleticism, you will be surprised to see the options available for you. All the flavour-rich foods that you earlier thought were not possible for healthy consumption are curated healthily by them exclusively for you. This includes grilled burgers, egg benedict, rice bowl, cheesecake, ravioli, shrimp pasta, and avocado toast, among others.

Color My Plate

Dedicated to providing you with nutritious and as their name says, colorful food, Color My Plate dishes out meals that help you feel better about your health, which, in turn, contributes to a healthier and longer life. They help you provide personalized meals while taking care of your dietary requirements, food intolerances, and allergies, and let you choose from a wide range of plans including vegan, dairy and gluten-free, and low-carb, among others.

They excel in preparing meals that are refined sugar-free, additive-free, and preservative-free that are built everything from scratch. Their services reach every part of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Ras Al Khaimah, Um al Quwain, Ajman, Fujairah, and Sharjah, to make sure you never are away from healthy meals.

Hello Chef

Healthy eating begins with portioning your food smartly. With Hello Chef by your side, you can rest assured that you will get healthy meals that are prepared with pre-measured ingredients that are curated by professional chefs in consultation with nutritionists. The variety that you will find with them will leave you with new recipes every week wherein you will get more than 24 dishes to pick from.

The process of your meal preparation here begins with you selecting your meal box depending on the size of your family and then picking your ideal recipe. Next, you will get to choose from the delivery day option and you can pick one as per your schedule and have it delivered accordingly. The best part is that there is zero commitment since you can cancel your subscription anytime you want.

Honest Badger

Honest Badger is dedicated to providing you with freshly prepared healthy meals that are curated as per your lifestyle to make sure the bridge between your present self to your future goal is met with utmost ease. Their level of flexibility is reflected in the fact that you can pick a meal plan from just one day to an entire month.

With them, you can rest assured that your meals will be refined sugar-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, and red meat-free. The eggs and chicken they use are all organic and hormone-free and all their meals are prepared from scratch with 70% of their meals being plant-based.

Jet Lagged Chef

To provide you with a macro-tracked, delicious, and balanced meal, Jet Lagged Chef begins their meal preparation journey by first understanding your personal nutrition and then taking all the necessary steps to ensure their meals align with your health goals. They have been given rave reviews for their choice of fresh and high-quality ingredients that are weighed and portioned as per your requirements.

By allowing you to select your delivery slot, they make sure you never skip your meals. Not to mention, their dedicated support continues throughout so that whenever you need any assistance regarding your is taken care of by them. Furthermore, their variety of meals is all built in a way that leads to sustainability.


Pura’s determination to empower the people of the UAE to make their own choices for healthy eating has put it at the forefront of leading meal delivery services in the country. In just a few years of their establishment, they have earned the trust of their customers through their dedication to providing a healthy lifestyle.

You can choose from either their menu-based meals or goal-based meals after which their team of professional dieticians and nutritionists will curate meal plans that your specific body needs. After that, the process of preparing your food begins and soon enough, you get delicious and nutritious meals at your doorstep.

Eat Clean Me

Forget planning, shopping, and cooking anymore for a healthy life and save loads of hours because Eat Clean Me is here to take care of all that while also delivering your meal every morning to your doorstep because you deserve a hassle-free life. From a vegan meal to an athlete meal, from a balanced meal to a new mom’s meal, from a diabetic meal to a gluten-free meal, the choices offered by them are endless.

Not to mention, for every meal plan that you buy, they plant a tree to conserve Mother Nature. So, in your course of healthy eating journey, you also invariably contribute to a healthier planet. Tailor-made food, clean ingredients, a variety in the menu, and relentless online support – what else can you ask for?


PrepHero believes in encouraging people to eat right instead of eat less, for which it has brought together professional chefs, nutritionists, and programmers under one roof so that you get the best meal plan that will suit your needs and requirements. With a goal of channeling the UAE in a healthier and fitter direction, their delicious and goal-oriented meals are built to make your lives easier.

You will get a wide range of protein-rich meals no matter what you prefer, be it chicken, beef, seafood, or even plant-based protein. Next, you will get the option for various diet plans based on your needs, and get them delivered to your doorstep. With the PrepHero app, you can manage everything with ease with just a few clicks.


UAE has shown not only the Middle East but the entire world how meal delivery services can bring about a healthy change in people’s lives. Serving as a blueprint for exemplary services in healthy meals delivery, these companies offer everything you need to prepare yourself for a fit and smart lifestyle that is governed by nutrition. So, pick your lane of healthy meal plans and commence your journey of healthy eating.