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Mamiya Jewellers: Adorn Yourself with the Luxury of Jewels

Rendering its services by crafting intricate and luxurious pieces of jewellery for over half a century, Mamiya Jewellers has taken long strides to reach the pinnacle of success that it is on today. With a reputation that has put it among the best in the country in its field, you know you are getting the crème de la crème of jewellery when you knock on their doors in search of the jewellery of your dream.

The road to success for this Dubai-based jewellery company wasn’t marked by a bed of roses. But overcoming the obstacles on its way like a Phoenix, it has come a long way since its establishment in 1966. In the next six decades that followed, it transformed itself from a single store into three major outlets of 18 carats of gold and diamond jewellery.

Exquisite Collection of Rings that Last a Lifetime

Few pieces carry the sentimental and emotional value of a ring, which makes it a high-in-demand and prized possession. At Mamiya Jewellers, there is no dearth of grandeur-worthy rings.

Irrespective of the material – be it diamond or other gemstones, and occasion – engagement or wedding, the ring collection at this trusted source never ceases to leave one awestruck by its glossy touch, luxurious finish and premium quality.

With longevity that will last you a lifetime, it is no wonder why they have been adorned by the top celebrities as their primary choice. And it is not just limited to the ladies but extends to an eclectic ring collection for men as well.

To cite an example of its diversity, you will find an assorted array of classical settings, including four-prong, three-stone, micro-pave, channel, bar, flush, illusion, and halo, among other setting choices that you can pick from to suit your sense of style and aesthetics. They also have a provision for making platinum rings upon request.

Specializing in 18-carat diamond jewellery in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold, you can even opt for 14-carat & 9-carat of the same from this popular jewellery shop in Deira.

Why is Buying Jewellery from Dubai Recommended?

Since jewellery is not something that you shop every day, it is crucial to be wise about your purchases. Dubai has been a cult favourite spot for buying pieces of jewellery, especially gold, for a variety of reasons.

The purity of gold in Dubai far excels than it is in any other part of the world. When it comes to gold, the kind of diversity you will find here is astounding and will keep you spoilt for choices.

Furthermore, the gold market in Dubai is extremely organized, which ensures a regulated and controlled environment, thereby ensuring a safer space for you to buy your gold. Finally, there are loads of opportunities for you to bargain on the making charges, resulting in further decreasing your overall cost.

Natural v/s Lab-Grown Diamonds

In today’s market, where consumers have more access to knowledge and options, they are more empowered to make informed decisions. One such decision revolves around finding the differences between natural and lab-grown diamonds.

As you can imagine, natural diamonds are self-explanatory, being formed in the mantle below the earth’s crust. Lab-grown diamonds, on the other hand, are manufactured in highly controlled laboratory environments that mimic the same mantle of the crust. Consisting of real carbon atoms, they possess the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as that of a natural diamond.

To the naked eye, one won’t be able to spot a difference between the two. One needs access to sophisticated equipment and the eye of a trained gemmologist to say the difference between the two.

Coming to the price variation, lab-grown diamonds are much more affordable than their natural counterparts, even though they have the same gradation and weight.

It is often recommended to opt for lab-grown diamonds if you are looking for affordable purchases wherein you can improve the quality and increase the carat at a more economical price range. However, if you are looking for your diamonds as an investment for the future, try to opt for the natural ones since their value will only keep on increasing in the future owing to their rarity.

Exceptional Customization & Free FedEx Shipping

You don’t stay at the top of the game unless you have pushed the limits of innovations and perfection, and that rings true for Mamiya Jewellers. Never having strayed away from the path of novelty and commitment to precision, it has dedicated itself to manufacturing and curating jewelled pieces that speak to an individual’s soul – so that they see themselves in that fine piece of jewellery.

Specializing in providing top-notch customization in their rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants, among others, they believe that every piece of jewellery must reflect the individual personality of its wearer.

To sweeten the pot, when you shop from Mamiya Jewellers, you can avail of free FedEx shipping service to the USA, UK and other European countries, making shopping for international clients even more convenient and easier.

How to order your wedding ring from Dubai from Mamiya Jewellery?

You can visit their store and state your preferences for materials and design, and their trained professionals will assist you in every single step to make an informed choice so that you end up with a product that speaks to your choice.

Contact Details

Phone Number: +971 4 226 6026

Reach out to them over the phone and get concerned information regarding your needs and to get further knowledge of their brand.

WhatsApp: +971 50 544 7417

You can simply text them over WhatsApp as well, and their staff will reach out to you quickly to address and answer your queries.


Deira Gold Souq
Opposite Baskin Robbins Ice Cream
Deira, Dubai, UAE

You can directly visit their store to take a look at their exquisite collection to get a first-hand glance at their premium quality.

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