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How to Visit Burj Al Arab, The Iconic 7 Star Hotel in Dubai

Burj Al Arab

How to visit Burj Al Arab from the inside without staying there?

Designed to impress, this white sail-shaped iconic building in Dubai attracts visitors from around the world. Burj Al Arab is undoubtedly one of the top attractions in Dubai. The aim of constructing this upscale hotel was simple, make it the most iconic and remarkable hotel in the world.

The construction of this hotel is unique in many ways. It is erected on an artificial island connected to the mainland by a 340 m long bridge road. The hotel stands at an impressive height of 341 meters. Even from a distance, you cannot miss this high-rise building.

The 7-Star Hotel in Dubai

Contrary to popular beliefs and several claims on the internet, Burj Al Arab is not a 7 Star hotel. However, it is one of the most magnificent 5-star hotels with the highest official ranking. “The only 7-star hotel in the world” is a term that originated in media and was never said or claimed by the hotel management.

The hotel has everything you can imagine in a luxurious hotel and much more. Unarguably it is the epitome of luxury, opulence, and privacy. The hotel takes exclusivity and privacy seriously. It is situated on a private island and connected to the mainland by a private bridge. Just to cross the bridge, you have to go through strict security. It is so exclusive that you cannot enter the hotel if you are not a guest.

4 Ways to enter Burj Al Arab without staying there

We are about to tell you the four different budget-friendly ways to enter Burj Al Arab without staying there or paying a fortune. To have your name on the hotel’s security list is prestigious in its own way. Below are the easiest ways to enter in this list:

1. Afternoon Tea at Burj Al Arab

You can appreciate the luxurious interiors and extravagant luxury of the Burj Al-Arab without blowing all of your travel budgets. By far, Afternoon Tea is the most cost-effective way to enter the most elusive hotel in Dubai. The hotel offers afternoon tea at two restaurants, Sahn Edgar and Skyview bar. Both restaurants serve a 7-course menu with an extensive range of teas, coffees, French pastries, scones, finger sandwiches, etc. Moreover, they are served in a tray shaped like the Burj Al Arab.

The menu at both restaurants is relatively identical, but Skyview gets some brownie points owing to its location in the hotel and alcohol as part of the menu. The Skyview bar is located at the top of Burj Al Arab, providing special access to the atrium, where guests can enjoy the stunning sea and city view.

If a table with a view is not a priority and you have children along with you, we suggest you book a table at Sahn Edgar. Skyview bar has an entry-level age limit of 21 years as the restaurant serves alcohol.

Multiple websites offer to book a table for afternoon tea. You can also go to the official page of Jumeriah and book a table. The booking option suggests three options at both restaurants, but prices vary. Because of the location and spectacular view, Skyview restaurant is slightly more expensive.

Sahn Eddar Prices and Time Slots for Ultimate Afternoon Tea

  • Afternoon Tea with champagne: AED 590/person
  • Afternoon Tea without champagne: AED 490/person
  • For Children between the age of 3-12: AED 245 /person

Please note that the prices may vary depending on where you book and which table you choose. The entry for kids below 3 years is free, but we recommend you mention that while booking. The children aged above 12 years are offered an adult menu.

The opening hours for afternoon tea at Sahn Edgar are 1:00 PM, 3:00 PM, and 5:00 PM.

Skyview Bar Prices and Time Slots for Sky Tea (Afternoon Tea)

  • Afternoon Tea at the normal table: AED 620/person
  • Afternoon Tea for window seat: AED 720/person

Please note that the prices may vary depending on where you book and which table you choose.

The opening hours for afternoon tea at Skyview bar are 1:00 PM, 1:15 PM, 4:00 PM, and 4:15 PM.

Dinner at Burj Al Arab

2. Brunch or Dinner at Burj Al Arab

Apart from booking a room, this could be the second most expensive way to enjoy the luxuries of this place. However, several restaurants in the building offer ala carte menus in different price ranges. Here’s the list of restaurants and different cuisines:

Sal: Sal is a chic beachside restaurant with a spectacular view of the glittering Arabian Gulf. This restaurant offers a casual dining experience where you can enjoy southern Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant offers an ala carte menu and three packages for the poolside menu :

Luxury Cabana: AED 1,500 for two persons

Royal Cabana: AED 5,000 for four persons

Panoramic Cabana: AED 10,000 for six persons

Al Muntaha: It is a Michelin-star restaurant serving the finest French and Italian cuisines. The restaurant provides a breathtaking view of the city. Kids above the age of 8 can visit the restaurant, but the place is famous for romantic dinners.

Al Iwan: It is a family-friendly restaurant that primarily serves Arabic cuisine. The breakfast options are limited to hotel guests, and restaurants do not serve lunch. So, the only available option is dinner, which may cost you AED 200 per person.

Ristorante L’Olivo at Al Mahara: It is located on the hotel’s ground floor. The restaurant specializes in Italian seafood that not just tantalizes your palette but stimulates your senses. The highlight of this place is the stunning floor-to-ceiling aquarium. You can sink into the seats and enjoy the beauty of underwater life while devouring the delicacies prepared by award-winning chefs. It can cost you anywhere around AED 650 per person.

Bab Al Yam: The open kitchen restaurant offers a casual dining experience and unique Arabic and European fusion food. The family-friendly restaurant gives a panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf.

Gilt: It is a contemporary cocktail bar and has a vibrant atmosphere. It is located on the 27th floor. Be cautious about your attire—baseball caps and ripped jeans are a strict no. The list is not elaborate, but it’s better to follow the smart casual dress code.

3. Spa Treatment at Talise

If indulging in exotic cuisines is not something that excites you, you can choose to nourish your body in other ways. You can book a spa appointment in the ultimate destination to rejuvenate your body and mind—The Talise Spa. The spa packages start from AED 450 to AED 18,000.

4. Guided Tour of Burj Al Arab

Though a guided tour is not the most exciting way to explore a hotel but Burj Al Arab is not just any hotel but an iconic landmark in Dubai, the city of dreams. Various tour organizations provide pocket-friendly packages that give you a comprehensive tour of the hotel. The tour lets you explore the hotel’s most majestic and compelling sections, including the most amazing Royal Suite. Apart from this, you can also get plenty of photo and selfie opportunities that give you enough for various social media platforms. Below are the tour packages offered by Burj Al Arab:

General Admission: It is a shared tour for 90 minutes. It may cost you AED 249 per person.

Visit 24-Carat Gold Cappuccino: It is the most cost-effective tour and dining option, where you can end your tour with their must-try signature golden coffee. It may cost you AED 369.

Two-course Lunch at Sahn Edgar: The shared tour ends with scrumptious two-course lunch at the iconic Sahn Edgar restaurant. It may cost you AED 599 per person.

Afternoon Tea at Sahn Edgar: With this package, you can end your tour with the famous 7-course Afternoon Tea at Sahn Edgar. It may cost you AED 739 per person.

Afternoon Tea at Sahn Edgar with Champagne: You can get a glass of bubbly champagne along with the afternoon high tea. It may cost you slightly more than the previous package, i.e., AED 839 per person.

Two-course Dinner at Sahn Edgar: Depending on the timing of your guided tour, you can choose between lunch or dinner at Sahn Edgar. Both dinner and lunch cost AED 599 per person.

Four-course Dinner at Al Iwan: If you feel the whole tour will leave you famished and you enjoy Arabian delicacies, we recommend you try this package. It may cost you AED 699 per person.

Offers and Packages: You can always look for the latest promotional offers on the site. Generally, you can find family packages on their site.

Tour of Burj Al Arab

The cheapest way to visit Burj Al Arab

Guided tours are the cheapest way to witness the luxuries and opulence of this mega hotel. However, once you are already there, we recommend you give try packages that involve dining options, that way, you can call your visit the real value for money deal.

Rooms at Burj Al Arab

The all-suite hotel offers 201 opulent duplex suites with amazing ocean views, exclusive beach access, and lavish recreational facilities on an incredible terrace with pools and cabanas. Below is the list of the types of rooms offered to guests:

  • Panoramic one-bedroom suite
  • Deluxe Marina Suite
  • Three Bedroom Family Suite
  • Two Bedroom Family Suite
  • Club One Bedroom Suite
  • Deluxe Two Bedroom Suite
  • Diplomatic Three Bedroom Suite
  • Presidential Two Bedroom Suite

The Pool at Burj Al Arab

Burj Al Arab has two different pools that offer distinct and one-of-a-kind experiences. The first is fresh water and the shaded pool. It is a family-friendly pool surrounding the swim bar in the center. The place is popular among families. The place sets up a perfect tone for relaxing and socializing.

The second one, the infinity salt-water pool with the white sand beach, is located on the hotel’s terrace. This adults-only pool offers a stunning view of the shimmering sea. The area offers an array of wellness facilities, including 4 jacuzzies, 126 beach sun beds, 24 luxury day beds, and a swim-up bar. Both pools are accessible to hotel guests from morning 10 to evening 7.

Fun Facts about Burj Al Arab

There is no doubt that everyone who visits Dubai is already aware of this iconic hotel. However, some interesting and fun facts are not quite popular. We are sharing some of the unknown and not-so-popular information about this hotel.

  • One of the Tallest hotels in the world: Dubai holds the record for the top 5 tallest buildings in the world. Burj Al Arab is one of the top 10 tallest hotels in Dubai. It’s standing tall at 4th position. It is taller than many iconic high towers like the Eiffel tower.
  • Eiderdown Duvet: The duvets used in the hotel are made from the feathers of the Icelandic eider duck. The feathers are harvested from the abandoned nest of the ducks, and only 2,000 kg are allowed to be harvested in a year. You not only be sleeping in the softest of the duvets but the rarest too.
  • Pillow Menu: As a guest in the hotel, you can choose from a choice of pillow from the exquisite range of 17 pillows.
  • 5 Years to build the hotel: It took 5 years to build the hotel, of which 2 years were taken only to create the island. Construction began in 1994 and was inaugurated on 1st December 1999.
  • Interiors Gilded in 24-Carat Gold: Adding to its luxury, approximately 1700 sqm of the interior is embellished with 24-carat gold leaf.
  • Dramatic Helipad: On top of the hotel, the helipad has been part of various incredible stunts and popular events. In 2005 Andre Agassi and Roger Federer played a tennis match on a makeshift court on the helipad. In 2013 world-renowned table tennis players Long Ma and ShiWen Liu played a match on this platform.

Bottom Line

Burj Al Arab is the proud possession of Jumeirah and Dubai. Every tourist visiting Dubai or UAE aims to view this iconic hotel, as it is one of the major attractions in Dubai. However, thanks to several cost-effective offers, you can also enjoy the opportunity to view the interiors of this magnificent place. So, next time you want to explore the city, try to visit this place by availing the promotional offers.