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Zipline Dubai (Jebel Jais & Xline Dubai): Adventure, Price

From Skyscrapers to Sand Dunes: Ziplining in Dubai’s Unique Landscape

Dubai, a city known for its opulence, innovation, and architectural marvels, offers a unique adventure that takes thrill-seekers to new heights – quite literally.

The XLine Dubai Marina and the Jais Flight in Jebel Jais are two remarkable ziplining experiences that allow you to soar through the skies, providing an adrenaline rush like no other.

Let’s explore the excitement, safety measures, ride requirements, booking procedures, and more for both of the locations.

The World’s Longest Zipline in Dubai

Ziplining, often associated with exhilaration and adventure, reaches new heights in Dubai. The city, known for pushing boundaries, offers not one but two extraordinary zipline experiences with scenic views and notable landmarks along the way.

Dubai Marina XLine

Dubai Marina, home to the XLine Dubai Marina, is the playground for urban ziplining enthusiasts. This experience boasts the title of being the longest urban zipline in the world. Spanning an impressive 1 kilometer in length with a 16-degree incline, it’s a heart-pounding journey through the city’s skyline.

The Experience

The Dubai Marina zipline promises an extraordinary experience that combines the thrill of speed with awe-inspiring scenery. As you launch from the starting point, you’ll instantly feel the rush of adrenaline coursing through your veins.

The take-off is an exhilarating moment in itself, and you’ll feel your heart racing as you zoom along the zipline.

The Views

The views from the Dubai Marina zipline are nothing short of spectacular. You’ll find yourself soaring through the heart of Dubai Marina, which is renowned for its stunning skyline.

The futuristic architecture of towering skyscrapers will surround you, providing a dramatic backdrop to your adventure. In particular, you’ll have the chance to marvel at several iconic landmarks:

Palm Jumeirah

One of the world’s most famous man-made islands, shaped like a palm tree, stretches out before you. From your vantage point, you’ll get a unique perspective of this engineering marvel.

Blue Waters Island

Located just off the coast, this island is home to the mesmerizing Ain Dubai, the world’s largest observation wheel. As you fly past, you can admire its sheer size and the bustling atmosphere below.


Dubai Marina is known for its impressive skyscrapers, each with its unique design and character. You’ll glide past these architectural marvels, and it’s a perfect opportunity to capture breathtaking photos.

Jebel Jais

On the other hand, Jebel Jais, the highest mountain in the UAE, hosts the Jais Flight, holding the record as the longest zipline in the world.

Here, you’ll plummet through the skies at speeds ranging from 120 kmph to a mind-blowing 160 kmph for an unforgettable three-minute adventure, soaring across deep ravines, canyons, and jagged peaks.

The Experience

The ziplining adventure at Jebel Jais is an entirely different beast. This experience is not just about speed but also about conquering nature’s formidable challenges.

As you prepare to take off from the platform perched high on Jebel Jais, the adrenaline rush will be intense, and you’ll be in for the ride of your life.

The Views

Jebel Jais holds the distinction of being the UAE’s tallest summit, offering a dramatic and rugged landscape. Here’s what you’ll encounter:


You’ll be ziplining at a staggering altitude of 1680 meters (approximately 5500 feet) above sea level. The sheer height alone will make you feel like you’re on top of the world, and the panoramic views are unlike any other ziplining experience on the planet.

Deep Ravines

Your zipline route will take you through deep ravines and canyons, creating a thrilling sense of descent. These natural formations have been sculpted by millions of years of geological activity.

Jagged Peaks

Its rugged, rocky peaks characterize Jebel Jais. You’ll soar close to these jagged formations, offering a close-up look at the natural beauty of the mountains.

Unspoiled Wilderness

Unlike the urban surroundings of Dubai Marina, Jebel Jais presents an untouched wilderness that’s simply breathtaking. The pristine beauty of this mountainous terrain will leave you in awe.

Booking and Reservations

Purchasing your tickets through online booking is the optimal choice, as both destinations prioritize digital payments over cash. Consider the ideal time for you – morning or afternoon – and secure your spot through the official website or a trusted booking platform.

Online booking allows you to plan ahead, ensuring availability on your preferred date and time. Be prepared with a valid payment method, such as a credit card, for a contactless transaction.

Remember, tickets are valid for one person and cannot be reused or resold. Ticket resale is strictly prohibited.

Zipline Timings: Jebel Jais & Dubai Marina

Planning your ziplining adventure involves considering various factors, including operational timings and any specific requirements. Here’s everything you need to know:

Jebel Jais Flight Timings:

Regular Season

For most of the year, Jebel Jais Flight operates under standard timings. However, during unstable weather conditions, it’s essential to stay updated by contacting the Jebel Jais customer care center.

  • Phone: +971 4 815 7333
  • WhatsApp: +971 50 423 1542

Summer Season (July 5 – September 15)

During the summer season, Jebel Jais Flight operates between Wednesday and Sunday, including UAE public holidays.

  • Operating hours: 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Please note that weather conditions can change rapidly in mountainous areas, so it’s advisable to check for updates, especially during unstable weather, to ensure your safety and the best ziplining experience.

XLine Dubai Marina Timings

Operational Days

XLine Dubai Marina operates from Wednesday to Monday, offering adventurers a chance to experience the thrill of ziplining over the stunning Dubai skyline.

  • Closed On: Tuesdays
  • Session Timings: You can choose from two convenient session timings:
  • Morning Sessions: From 10:00 a.m. to 12:40 p.m.
  • Afternoon Sessions: From 1:40 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sessions at XLine Dubai Marina are scheduled every 20 minutes, providing flexibility for you to choose a time that suits your schedule. Be sure to arrive on time for your chosen session to ensure a smooth and exciting ziplining experience.

Safety Precautions & Requirements

Safety is paramount in Dubai’s ziplining adventures at Jebel Jais and Dubai Marina. Jebel Jais boasts a professional team, safety gear, and a 9-tonne glass-bottomed platform, ensuring secure flights over mountains. A final zipline safely returns you to ground level at the end of your journey.

At XLine Dubai Marina, a certified team, safety equipment, and detailed briefings prioritize participant well-being. Age, height, and weight restrictions are strictly enforced, and operational days are from Wednesday to Monday, with sessions scheduled every 20 minutes. Both locations adhere to stringent safety standards, providing a thrilling yet secure ziplining experience in Dubai.

Ride Requirements

  • Age range: 12-65 years (parental consent required for those under 18).
  • Weight: 45 – 100 kg.
  • Height: Taller than 130 cm.
  • Dress code: Modest, comfortable clothing and closed shoes (no skirts, dresses, or flip-flops).
  • Good medical condition.
  • Not pregnant.
  • Free of existing or recurring injuries.
  • Not under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or any other impairing substances.
  • Free from serious physical or mental disorders.
  • Free from medical conditions requiring immediate attention.
  • Valid photo identification document (e.g., Emirates ID, driving license, or passport) matching the debit/credit card used for purchase.

Finding Your Way

Understanding how to reach your chosen ziplining location is crucial for a seamless experience. Here’s how to get to both sites easily:

Dubai Marina

Location: Dubai Marina Mall


Once you arrive at Dubai Marina, make your way to the Dubai Marina Mall. Inside the mall, find the marina lift and proceed to L2 (Level 2). At the L2 Parking Area, you’ll easily spot the XLine booth where you can check in for your ziplining adventure.


You have a couple of transportation options. You can take the Dubai Metro and get off at the Marina Mall Metro Station, which is conveniently located near the Dubai Marina. Alternatively, you can catch a taxi directly to Dubai Marina Mall.

Jebel Jais

Location: Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah


Getting to Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah will require a private car or a carlift service. Once you arrive at the location, follow the marked signs to the parking facilities.

After parking, proceed to the information center, where you will check in for your ziplining adventure. To make your journey even more convenient, there is a shuttle service available that will transport you from the information center to the Jais Adventure Park.

Visitor Tips

Here are some valuable tips to enhance your ziplining experience:

Arrival Preparation

Allocate extra time for your journey, especially if you’re visiting Jebel Jais for the first time. These majestic mountains rise nearly two kilometers above the Arabian Gulf, providing stunning vistas. Capture the breathtaking landscapes, deep chasms, and rugged cliffs during your ascent.

Also, consider having a lighter meal before your zipline adventure. Ladies, securely pull back your hair to ensure a seamless and safe experience while in the air.

Online Booking

Consider booking your Jebel Jais ziplining adventure online in advance for a hassle-free experience. Only cashless payment methods are accepted, making online booking the most convenient option.


When you arrive at either location, report to the respective welcome center at least 30 minutes before your scheduled activity.


Ensure you have a legitimate identification document (such as an Emirates ID, passport, or driver’s license) in addition to the confirmation email. You can have the confirmation email either on your mobile device or as a physical printout.


Note that both locations have limited storage space, primarily for small items like mobile phones, wallets, and keys. Avoid bringing large handbags or luggage, as storage for these items is not provided. Lockers are available for small personal belongings only.

Smile for the Camera

Don’t forget to smile at the GoPro cameras attached to your helmet during the thrilling ride. They’ll capture every exciting moment, and you’ll receive a copy of the video and photographs as mementos to cherish your memories.


Ziplining in Dubai is an exhilarating journey that combines the thrill of speed with awe-inspiring scenery. The XLine Dubai Marina and the Jais Flight in Jebel Jais are two extraordinary ziplining experiences that promise adrenaline-pumping thrills and unforgettable memories.

Whether you choose the urban skyline of Dubai Marina or the rugged landscapes of Jebel Jais, you’re guaranteed an unforgettable ziplining experience in the heart of Dubai. So, gear up, prepare for liftoff, and let the adventure begin!

Frequently Asked Questions

More Insights About the Ziplines Listed Here

Who is eligible to board the XLine Dubai & the Jais Flight?

Individuals aged between 12 and 65, weighing between 50-100 kgs, and measuring taller than 130 cm (4 ft 3 in) can enjoy the ride. However, those aged 12-18 must be accompanied by a guardian during their visit.

Is photography permitted on the zipline?

Personal cameras are not allowed during the ziplining adventure. Instead, you will be equipped with a camera on your helmet to capture your entire ride.

Can visitors bring personal items with them?

Visitors are prohibited from bringing food, beverages, glassware, or alcohol into the XLine premises.

Is there a specific dress code for the XLine ride?

The dress code for Zipline permits casual, sporty, and comfortable clothing with closed-toe footwear. Dresses, skirts, beachwear, flip-flops, sandals, high heels, and loose shoes are not allowed.

Do I need to provide proof of identity?

Yes, you are required to bring your original passport or Emirates ID to present at the counter before boarding the ride.