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World’s Deepest Swimming Pool in Dubai

World's deepest swimming pool

World’s Deepest Diving Pool

The glitzy city of Dubai also called the City of Gold or the City of Superlatives, is home to many firsts, especially world-class destinations for tourists. The Burj Khalifa, the planet’s tallest building at 830 meters height; Dubai Mall, the world’s largest shopping mall spread over 1,124,000 sq meters area; JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, the universe’s tallest hotel at 355.35 meters; the longest graffiti scroll that is 2km long, Dubai Frame, the world’s largest picture frame, and these are only a few cases in point.

The latest to get added to this list is Deep Dive Dubai, officially certified as the world’s deepest swimming pool on 27th June 2021. The facility received the title of the ‘World’s Deepest Swimming Pool for Diving’ from none other than the Guinness World Records.

Deep Dive Dubai, a new feather in the cap for Dubai

Deep Dive Dubai, at a depth of 60 meters, snatched the coveted title from Poland’s Deepspot, which is 45 meters deep. It is another top Insta-Worthy hot spot to visit in Dubai.

Located at Nad Al Sheba I, the indoor pool offers a unique diving experience to amateur and professional divers. It is housed inside an oyster-shaped 1,500-square-meter building. The shape of the building is intended as a tribute to UAE’s pearl-diving heritage and tradition. For first-timers, it’s a ‘Discovery & Develop’ journey that the pool offers. For certified divers, it is the opportunity to satiate their passion to ‘Dive and Develop’ minus the coral reefs, marine life, and the rough sea water. Be it any season, weather condition, or time of the day; you can challenge your spirits for a deep dive as long as the facility is open.

One of the first visitors to the facility was His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Crown Prince of Dubai. The Prince is an ardent diver and shared his magical experience on this social media handle in July 2021.

Deep Dive Dubai, a one-of-its-kind underwater experience

The deepest pool in the world is not just about recreating an undersea-like experience for visitors. It is also about adventures and the thrill of being inside a massive man-made facility equipped with features that one looks for in a natural marine ecosystem. Here’s what you can look forward to when diving in the world’s deepest swimming pool.

Features of the world’s deepest pool

  • The swimming pool is four times the size of any diving pool worldwide.
  • It is 60 meters deep, making it at least 15 meters deeper than any other pool on the planet.
  • 14 million liters of fresh water is used to fill the pool, which is the water required to fill six Olympic-sized pools.
Deep Dive Dubai

What’s there in it for visitors?

  • Besides the thrill of plunging 60 meters down in the aquatic ambiance, there’s an abandoned sunken city constructed for Bravehearts. Be prepared to pass through deserted corners, arcades, apartments, garages, and streetscape. The underwater city has various adventure elements that make the experience even more worthwhile.
  • There’s an underwater pool and other games for enthusiasts and bicycles if you want to pedal your way around the sunken city.
  • The pool is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting and a sound system with ambient music to create varying moods underwater.
  • The pool is surrounded by large windows if you wish to stay away from diving but do not want to miss the fun of watching your family and friends doing so.
  • There are large digital screens all across the facility showing live feeds of the underwater scene offering a chance to watch the movements of your diving companions.
  • A restaurant onsite ensures that your gastronomic demands are met meticulously. There’s also an onsite gift & dive shop and an underwater film studio and editing room. There are also conference and meeting venues within the premises.
  • There are regular lessons on scuba diving and free diving for people of all abilities, including professionals and first-timers. Some of the courses offer certifications on completion of the sessions.

Safety is the top priority at Dive Deep Dubai

Dubai’s spirit and commitment to maintaining its stature as a world-class city is known worldwide. The management of the world’s deepest pool had to ensure that the place was safe for visitors and divers. Hence, the site is equipped with the most upbeat and cutting-edge systems and processes.

  • 56 High-tech cameras offer live feed to the staff displaying the real-time movements and positions of divers under the water.
  • The team of Deep Dive Dubai consists of professionally licensed and trained scuba divers and trainers. First-timers or non-experienced divers are given instructions about every aspect of diving safely. This includes configuring the dive equipment, tips, tricks of the trade, and advanced techniques of diving.
  • There are dive guides who accompany divers deep into the water if required.
  • The 14 million liters of water is filtered and re-circulated every six hours using NASA-developed filter technology. The water passes through siliceous volcanic rocks and is exposed to UV radiation too.
  • An advanced 12-seater hyperbaric facility is also a part of the pool that is managed by experts. In case of any untoward incident like an accident, the staff members are responsible for treating the divers.
  • The temperature of the water is maintained consistently at 30°C, which means that there are no fluctuations in the temperature with the fluctuating mercury levels outdoors. It also means that divers can wear comfortable, lighter, and softer wetsuits which are almost impossible in the seas and oceans.


Dubai adds another world-class infrastructure to its horizon. This is one place that helps residents and tourists beat the oppressive heat of the summers in the city. Next time you are stopping by Dubai, do not forget to get into your diving suits and plunge into the world’s deepest pool. It is one of the best indoor activities in Dubai.

Also, there’s an official statement from the Deep Dive Dubai about postponing a visit to the Burj Khalifa, the world’s highest building, immediately after visiting the pool. Enthusiasts are advised to wait for 18 to 24 hours before ascending the heights of the Burj Khalifa. On the contrary, diving into the deep pool instantly after visiting the skyscraper is no issue.