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Work Permit in Canada from Dubai – A Dream Come True

Canada Work Visa from Dubai

Dubai is one of the finest places to stay and work. For years it has been a haven for immigrants coming from all over the world for jobs and better lifestyles. However, in the past few years, educated expats and nationals also moved to other countries for education and better career. Some of the top countries people immigrated from Dubai are the UK, USA, Canada, and Australia.

Canada is renowned for valuing international talent and multiculturalism. Many skilled and talented immigrants hope to carry forward their studies or careers in Canada. However, the process of getting work permits or visas may be challenging. Applying for a work permit or PR can be confusing because of the countless rules and guidelines. The kind of visa or permit you need depends on the purpose of your trip and the type of employment you want to pursue. For skilled workers, Canada has made it easier to immigrate on a work permit in Canada from Dubai.

What makes Canada a perfect choice for relocation, work, or education?

Canada is one of the well-known industrialized nations with clear and welcoming immigration rules. Due to the industrial economy’s high labor demand, there are numerous options for people to find well-paying jobs. Canada has a wealth of natural resources, which enhances its attractiveness. It is full of fascinating historical sites, alluring national parks, breathtaking landscapes, and more. Working in such a stunning nation is sure to be a fulfilling experience.

Canada is known to be one of the friendliest and safest nations in the world. The family-friendly and laid-back country offers plenty of job opportunities and facilities for families to settle down.

Furthermore, Canada has a low population density and a large geographic area. Thus, there is always a great need for workers there. Immigrants may now easily find employment that suits their skills, thanks to work permit visas. It is becoming the most popular choice for many individuals in Dubai who are considering going abroad for better job prospects and lifestyle.

What is a Work Permit?

A work permit indicates that you are legally allowed to work and live in the area for the license duration. These permits are different from visas, which only enable you to enter the nation. On the other hand, a work permit allows you to work in a foreign country. For the work permit application to be processed, immigrants may require an employment offer from the host nation. In other situations, this is not essential. You might choose between an open work permit and an employer-specific work permit.

Types of Work Permits in Canada

Employer-Specific Work Permit

A reputable company in another nation, such as Canada, needs a foreign worker to join them because there is a shortage of suitably qualified labor. There are certain conditions an employer needs to fulfill such as getting a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). Moreover, you need to meet the general eligibility criteria for employment in Canada.

Open Work Permit

On the other hand, the Open Work Permit of Canada allows you to work there for a set period without naming an employer in advance. You do not need LMIA for this type of work permit, and the Canada immigration department provides a detailed list of eligible people for this program.

Work Permit in Canada from Dubai

It is now simpler to apply for immigration because most individuals are attempting to relocate to Canada and take advantage of its friendly culture and fantastic employment opportunities. A formal work permit is required if you want to work in Canada, and in addition, you will need a current valid visa for the career you want to pursue. Other fundamental conditions for a Work permit in Canada from Dubai include:

  • The age must be 18 years or more.
  • A valid and up-to-date passport.
  • Proficient command and fluency in either French or English.
  • An appropriate amount of funds to sustain for a while without depending on welfare.
  • Should not have any health issues.
  • No criminal history supported by a police clearance certificate.
  • The candidate should have good character.

How to Apply for Work Permit in Canada from Dubai?

The best work permit visa advisors in Dubai can assist you in completing all the necessary papers to get a work permit. The steps for requesting a work visa in Canada from Dubai are outlined below.

The first step is to obtain Canada LMIA permission (Labour Market Impact Assessment). Canadian firms must notify the LMIA of their need for a foreign worker to fill the labor shortage gap before hiring foreign experts. They must provide evidence that the candidate is qualified to execute the particular job and that it cannot be done by a Canadian citizen or a PR Holder.

The employer provides a copy of the LMIA paperwork and a legitimate employment offer to the applicant upon approval from the LMIA. After that, the applicant needs to continue with the work permit application procedure. By submitting the visa application to IRCC, the candidate can request a work permit in Canada from the United Arab Emirates.

Bottom Line

Riches of Dubai have attracted expats from all over the world. However, now people from UAE are trying to move to countries like Canada for education and career. Though the whole process is online, preparing documents and filing process can be exhausting. Without expert help, managing the complete Canada work visa application procedure from Dubai can be challenging and time-consuming.

Therefore, you may get in touch with DM Immigration Consultants in Dubai to simplify the application procedure for your work visa. Their expert and qualified professionals are skilled in knowing whether your profile has the potential to get a work permit in Canada or not. They are the leading experts in Canadian work permits and can offer a complete package for obtaining a work permit there. Along with the documentation process, they also help their clients with test preparation, document review, and assign a dedicated staff for your visa process. So, if you want to move to Canada and start a new life, then a work permit is one of the best options.