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Work Opportunities in Dubai

Work Opportunities in Dubai

9 Great Work Opportunities in Dubai

Dubai experiences a more diversified economy than its neighboring emirates. The heart of Dubai’s economy comprises banking, business, tourism, and construction. There is an increase in the investment in property and construction, an indication that growth and development are transpiring. Dubai will be riding the tide of its flourishing Expo 2020 in the upcoming years. It is a thrilling time to live and work in this city.

When it comes to searching for jobs, connections still have a prominent influence in the Middle East. You can use your LinkedIn network to let your professional network knows that you are looking for jobs.

Various companies refer to reputable recruitment companies in Dubai. In addition, searching the Internet will generate potential job prospects in the city. Naukri Gulf, Bayt, Gulf Talent, Monster Gulf, Indeed are some of the prominent job portal websites.

We have listed nine work prospects to take into account. Big companies will accept online submission of your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume. By applying online, you can make your profile, get notified of new jobs, and check the status of your job application.

Expo 2020

The excitement in Dubai was evident when the city attained the Expo 2020 bid. This Expo drew millions of tourists to this emirate. Project handlers are required, and there is an internship program for fresh jobhunters under 28 years of age. It is reasonable to expect that several positions opened up quickly on the horizon.

Theme Parks and Major Events

Dubai Parks and Resorts comprises Bollywood Park, Riverland, Legoland, Motiongate, and more. Various positions are open for these parks, and more will be coming. From park executives to event coordinators or retail sales positions, this would be a decent platform to search for new prospects. The Parks also require musicians, performers, ballerinas, specialty acts, etc. If you are a performance artist searching for a job in Dubai, mark the site and present your video link and resume.

Developing Nuclear Energy technology

Emirate Nuclear Energy Cooperation (ENEC) is searching for engineers, accountants, and a variety of other high-level specialists. ENEC aims to develop reliable, effective, and clean nuclear energy in UAE. Few jobs are there at the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP), which lies outside of the city.


Dubai has witnessed a notable rise in medical tourism. Known for reliable medical treatment in five-star facilities, it is not shocking that the city is commonplace for medical tourists. Most hospitals are private, and public hospitals also provide outstanding services. Furthermore, there is an increased rate of cosmetic surgery in Dubai, and plastic surgery clinics are doing quite well.

It is logical to presume a sustained requirement for healthcare professionals and hospital managers in Dubai. Most hospitals and clinics advertise jobs on their websites. Dubai Healthcare City, American Hospital, and other medical institutes enable you to hunt for jobs in the medical domain.


Dubai has many of the world’s best universities. It has an aggregation of international schools and colleges. In addition, the British Council provides language classes and CELTA training courses for teachers who want to work for them. If you want to be a part of educational reformation, several recruiters are actively searching for teachers in Dubai, the Northern Emirates, and Abu Dhabi.

Dwelled adjacent to the Emirate of Sharjah, the American University of Sharjah is a private university with an outstanding reputation. Zayed University is for Emirati students, whereby the medium of education is English.

Real Estate agent

Real Estate

Real estate is one of the most demanding and booming sectors in Dubai. There is a substantial foreign and local investment in the Dubai property business. Emaar, Damac Properties, Sobha Hartland are some of the top players in the city and have several job opportunities.


Dubai is home to Emirates Airlines and Fly Dubai, where both of them are actively recruiting. Recently, the Dubai International Airport exceeded Heathrow for the number of international travellers crossing through its gates. This is because Dubai unites east with west, and their airlines are estimated to grow as more people travel through this center. As a result, there are openings for pilots, cabin crew, engineers, and sales professionals. Emirates new job vacancies were announced in October 2021, and they are looking for 6,000 new staff.

Entertainment, Hotels, Hospitality Industry

Dubai is famous for its restaurants and nightlife. Both travellers and the local people have huge expectations and disposable income. Event management companies offer consultancy and services for major conventions and exhibitions.

The hotels in Dubai are exceptional, including The Jumeirah Group and The Rotana brand of hotels, and they constantly have open positions. Restaurant and hotel managers and service specialists are all needed in the hospitality business. Long working hours are anticipated in this industry. However, the trade-off is dwelling and working in a lively city where the party continues till 3 am.

Consultancy – Oil & Gas, Engineering, Construction

While oil does not get drilled in Dubai, it remains the most vital industry in Abu Dhabi and other emirates. Dubai draws specialists for the oil and gas industry and also for engineering and construction designs. Based on the steep amount of development and building happening in the city, there comes a demand for engineering, devising, and oil and gas specialists.

Setting a Private Business

Lastly, there is the possibility of creating one’s own business in Dubai. Free zone areas like Jebel Ali (one of the largest harbours globally) give handsome terms for new start-ups looking for trading. Whatever opportunity anticipates in Dubai, make sure to do your homework before reaching there.

Avoid paying a recruitment agency to search for a job as the charge is shouldered by your company. Instead, your employer should prepare your visa, and you will oblige to do a medical examination upon arrival. You can check your UAE visa status online using your passport number. Each year there comes out a list of the best 20 companies to work for in Dubai.

Monetarily, working in Dubai serves well as they perform a tax-exempt environment, meaning 100% of the salary is yours. Also, the salary range is generally higher than those paid in Western nations, and as there is no tax system, it attracts many people to work in the city. Regardless of the attractive compensation, you will observe that living in Dubai can be pretty expensive, with the more significant part of your compensation going towards lease and travel. Yet, the place attracts many to look for a job or look for some new avenues.