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Wedding and Engagement Rings in Dubai

Wedding Rings in Dubai

Where to Buy Engagement and Wedding Rings in Dubai?

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.” — Audrey Hepburn

Getting engaged is a beautiful occasion in life. With this, you start a new chapter of your life with promises of being together for the rest of your life. Finding someone to share a life with can be the best thing that ever happens. As soon as you finalize the betrothal date, you look for the best engagement ring for your partner. Dubai, a city of Gold, is an ideal place to buy an engagement ring.

Moreover, this modern city offers a memorable gold shopping experience. The city ranks number 3 in the trading of diamonds in the world. You can find stunning pieces in gold showrooms in Dubai.

Many tourists visit this place to get great deals on the diamond. The price of the diamond is lower by around 50% compared to North American or European Jewelry retailers. You can have faith in the integrity and quality of the diamonds you buy from here. With every purchase, ensure that you collect your authenticity card. That can be beneficial if you ever plan to resale the jewelry or exchange it.

Here are a few easy tips that you can follow while purchasing gold jewelry in Dubai.

  • The price of gold and diamond keeps on shifting. So you cannot make much change in the cost.
  • Diamonds are one of the most valuable commodities on the earth, yet they can be most intricate and difficult to understand.
  • Moreover, the price depends upon the 4Cs, i.e., Colour, Carat, Clarity, and Cut.
  • The basic knowledge of the gem will help you acknowledge the right one.
  • The quality and size are mentioned on the tag available on the jewel.
  • The making charges for the items are low.
  • The weight of the Jewelry is measured before you and is calculated as per the day’s gold price.
  • The diamond of which quality is used while making the product is also crucial.
  • You may ask for the diamond clarity certificate.

5 Best places to buy engagement rings in Dubai

1. The Gold Souk

Whoever visits Dubai does visit Gold Souk. It is one of the fascinating places for tourists. This location is known as the heart of Deira’s old commercial district. You may find many sellers who sell all kinds of jewelry, such as bracelets, diamonds, engagement and wedding rings, and other jewels. This location is considered best for gold jewelry. You can find various stores which sell loose diamonds and statement rings for Engagement in all budget ranges.

2. Independent Bespoke Jeweler

If you are looking to get a custom-made ring, you can find several good jewelers and big brand showrooms. Independent Bespoken and private jewelers offer jewelry in various price ranges. Since all jewelry in UAE is hallmarked, and shopkeepers need a license, you can rest assured the gold you purchase is genuine. The specialty is that they offer custom designs, and you can also find traditional jewelry pieces. Most of the premium ones work on appointments. It’s quite easy to contact the dealers via their official websites, Instagram account, and WhatsApp.

Gold Shop Dubai

3. Gold and Diamond Park (GDP)

Gold and Diamond Park (GDP) is a contemporary shopping mall with bright lights. It is located along Sheikh Zayed Road. This mall has around 90 jewelry shops and more than 110 manufacturing centers.

It is the central place for tourists to purchase engagement rings and diamonds. Bus-loads of numerous tourists are being shuttled daily. Here, you can purchase the readymade ring available at the store, or you may customize it as per your choice.

4. The Dubai Mall

In case you do not like to buy from the small shops or street vendors, Dubai Mall is a must-visit. It has all the international brands like Tiffany & Co, Cartier, and De Beers Congregate.

Though, the price of the products is not fixed. You can get multiple choices and be sure you can find the best one for your beloved.

5. Bulgari

In 1884, the story of Bulgari was started when a Greek silversmith Sotirios Bulgari moved to Rome and inaugurated his first store. Now, it is known for being the most recognized and luxurious brand in the world. Bulgari range varies from the traditional look to stunning. The jewels available at the store are high-end.

Is Diamond Cheaper in Dubai?

UAE is one of the largest diamond trading centers in the world. The supply of the diamond is more due to the many merchants available in Dubai. As the gem is out in the market for sale, it passes through many hands. Therefore, each trader keeps their cut.

The beautiful city does not produce diamonds. Each diamond available in the city is imported. So, you won’t find much difference in the price.

Is it recommended to travel to Dubai to buy Gold and Diamonds?

Flying to Dubai can be great but if you are planning a special trip just to purchase the diamonds, you are in the wrong vision. The traveling expenses or time you spend there is not worth doing so.

In case you are traveling to Dubai as a tourist and want to buy diamonds, then be cautious. Be clear in all your transactions. Dubai Police are vigilant about cases related to black money and cash payments. It may bring you at risk.

Choose Your Desired Design

If you have a particular design in mind, you can carry the images of that to the shops. You can customize the design as per your liking and choose precious metals like white gold, yellow gold, platinum, or silver. You may get spoilt for choices by looking at the wide range of ring options in the city. Moreover, you can also buy traditional Indian Jewelry in Dubai as there are several premium and small gold showrooms in the city.

Wrap up

The moment two people decide to be with each other, a romantic post on social media can be seen or save-the-date card.

If you are a tourist in Dubai, avoid shopping from small vendors. If you are eager to buy any jewel, you can go for branded gold showrooms and ensure you get only 916 or hallmarked jewelry.