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How to be a Volunteer in Dubai?

Volunteering in Dubai

Volunteering in Dubai

Volunteering for a charitable foundation in Dubai is not a difficult option. There are multiple organizations dedicated to altruistic causes. In this context, it is remarkable to note that 2017 was celebrated as the “Year of Giving” in the UAE. It opened the way for a slew of inspiring projects and interests to get off the ground.

In fact, the UAE government supports volunteering and philanthropic activities with a national-level volunteering website for information about different community service programs and opportunities. It is a holistic approach to create a sustainable community towards the upliftment of the weaker section and create a better future for the younger lot. If you are moving to Dubai for the first time, it is good to refer to a few pointers on getting started with volunteering.

How to be a Volunteer in Dubai?

First, register with This is a government-backed website created with the sole purpose of the UAE government’s support for selfless charity and volunteering. Interested volunteers, individuals, organizations, or a citizens’ group, can register online so that charitable organizations can easily find them.

Different volunteering opportunities are published from time to time. They are recognized and rewarded in lieu of the hours they donate towards humanitarian work. The phone number of the online portal is 800-VOLAE (86523).

For Dubai residents specifically, interested individuals can contact the CDA. The Community Development Authority or CDA is the responsible authority in Dubai for volunteering activities. You can visit the CDA website for volunteer and facility registration. One can gain information about an entire gamut of social and community welfare activities from the site. It includes:

  • Electronic services
  • Social Responsibility
  • Volunteer
  • Licensing and Oversight
  • Human Rights, and
  • Social services

To know more, one can contact at the toll-free number 2121 800.

Government supported volunteering organizations in Dubai

Day for Dubai

An initiative launched by the Dubai Government, Day for Dubai, involves natives and foreigners residing in Dubai in volunteering activities. Started in 2017, the drive calls all residents to contribute their time and know-how to charitable causes. The initiative is named ‘Day for Dubai’ because interested volunteers can donate a single day from 365 days for such activities.

Dubai Volunteering Center

This particular initiative was started by the CDA, the Dubai government representative, to regulate and manage volunteering activities in the Emirate. The Center is co-partnered by various public and private bodies for community causes. It enlists commercial entities and individuals as volunteers to various events that the Volunteer Affairs section organizes.

Dubai Cares

This humanitarian Center was inaugurated in 2007 by the Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. The Center is primarily focused on children’s rights and organizes a series of volunteering events and initiatives throughout the year, including Walk for Education, Volunteer Globally, and the Volunteer Emirates. It registers volunteers aged 16 years and above.

In case younger kids wish to work as volunteers with the organization, they need accompany of their parents. The organization carries varied kinds of philanthropic activities on compassionate grounds.

Dubai Autism Center

If you wish to make a difference in the life of an autism patient, this is the place to register yourself. The Center offers various options of volunteering:

  • Direct Student Interaction
  • Fund Raising Department
  • Sponsoring Events
  • Participation in the Ramadan Campaign
  • Volunteering during April, the month of autism

Dubai Foundation for Women & Children (DFWAC)

This organization was established in 2007 to support women and children who are domestic violence and human trafficking targets. The Center also works for kids that are victims of child abuse. If you are interested in volunteering with DFWAC, you can contact them under the ‘Support Us’ category at

UAE Dolphin Project

This project was conceptualized to raise awareness about native dolphins living off the coast of Dubai. The annual awareness program called Occasional Sighting Network records data of individual sightings, offering valuable data to scientists for further research.

Dubai Blood Donation Center

There is nothing nobler than donating blood, the source of life. Celebrating this spirit of donating blood to save lives, the Dubai Blood Donation Center assists with the blood transfusion needs of residents. The program is backed by the Dubai Health Authority that invites all healthy adults between the age group of 17 and 65 years to come out and donate blood.

Volunteering at Dubai Hospitals

Licensed and qualified healthcare professionals in Dubai can dedicate their time and knowledge to various hospitals in Dubai on charitable grounds. Some of the hospitals that are partner in volunteering activities are:

  • Rashid Hospital covered by the Dubai Health Authority
  • DHCA Volunteering Program covered by The Dubai Healthcare City Authority.
Volunteer In Dubai

Emirates Red Crescent

The organization is an extension of the Red Cross and was set up in 1983. The organization has a particular Student Category wherein students from schools and colleges can take up philanthropic projects. Another program for university-level students is simultaneously run under the University Crescent. The third section is the Volunteers section that is meant for general members of the society.

Volunteering with animal rescue organizations

For animal lovers, nothing could be closer to the heart than contributing towards the cause of animals. Some of the organizations that you can volunteer with include:

  • PARA (Protection of Animal Rights Association) in UAE.
  • K9 Friends, an organization looking after stray and abandoned dogs
  • Kitty Snip, an organization dedicated to re-homing cats.

Volunteer at the GITEX

GITEX is a trade show held every year at the Dubai World Trade Center. The Gulf Information Technology Exhibition is the best place to volunteer for people who love electronics, computers, and technology.

Engage Dubai

This is a volunteering work started by the Dubai Chamber’s Center of Responsible Business (CRB). The program aims at encouraging employees from different organizations to contribute to community development.

Pink Caravan

The Center aims at raising awareness and early detection of breast cancer in the UAE. The initiative is constantly on the lookout for volunteers who can contribute towards this cause by helping women self-examine and go for cancer screening.

Volunteering during Ramadan

For Muslims all across the globe, Ramadan is a time for generosity, good actions, and spiritual awakening. There are various ways to demonstrate dedication and holiness, but volunteering is the greatest of all virtues. There are several charitable organizations in Dubai, such as One Billion Meals, Dubai Cares, Ramadan Fridges, etc., where you can volunteer or donate during Ramadan.

Volunteering work can be done in many ways, like giving less fortunate individuals food, drink, shelter, healthcare, clothing, money, etc. Most volunteering organizations focus on these objectives to make a difference. For instance, Ramadan Fridges is a charitable initiative started in observance of the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan. This initiative involves volunteers setting up outdoor refrigerators where workers and others can obtain food and bottled water. Blue-collar employees, labourers, and drivers stop by a refrigerator for a mid-afternoon snack or a cold water bottle. Along with the occasional hot meal, the food includes dates, chips, fruits, and veggies.

Another example is One Billion Meals, one of the largest Ramadan charity drives in Dubai. The project intends to provide humanitarian aid to people affected by disasters in 50 different nations. Likewise, there are more. You can make a significant difference in society’s most disadvantaged areas with a good heart and good intentions. If you want to volunteer during Ramadan for something worthwhile, get in touch with some of these organizations to learn more about the available opportunities. Be a source of inspiration for humanity by helping others.

Bottom Line

Volunteering for a noble cause is one of the most satisfying ways to serve and give back to the community. Besides the centers listed above, many others offer volunteering opportunities to the young and old in UAE.

For more information about volunteering opportunities in the UAE, you can refer to the UAE Government website,