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Where to Buy Used Furniture in Dubai?

Used Furniture

Where to find used furniture for sale in Dubai?

Preloved furniture is good for the planet and good for the budget!

Looking to buy furniture in Dubai on a budget? Instead of spending a fortune on expensive appliances, explore the second-hand furniture market in Dubai. By this, you not only make an environment-friendly choice but also save some extra money. Luckily, there is no dearth of options in the Emirate, and you can find many physical shops and online retailers selling good quality preloved furniture. Used furniture helps save money and gives you a chance to buy luxury furniture, which you couldn’t afford if it were new.

Whether you are a long-haul resident of Dubai or a newbie in town, everyone desires to get a nice place to stay and furniture that accentuates the beauty of the place. The Emirate has a large expat population, which comes to the city for work. Most of them plan to return to their home country at some point; that is why second-hand furniture makes more sense to most of them.

Moreover, many people know how difficult it can be to transport entire home furniture. Thus, they opt to leave furniture behind. That is another reason why Dubai has such a huge second-hand furniture market. So, most expats prefer not to invest in brand-new furniture for their home, which can be very pricey and cost thousands of dirhams.

Picking up the right furniture for your home can be tasking. The journey of buying second-hand furniture in Dubai is similar to the new one, just the shops change. You would still choose a product based on comfort, price, look, usability, and personal choice.

There are two options to buy preloved furniture and electronics in Dubai—offline and online.


You’ll probably have a hard time narrowing down your choices regarding offline possibilities in Dubai for purchasing used furniture. There are thriving used furniture markets with numerous shops in Dubai and the neighboring emirates of Sharjah and Ajman.

Used Furniture Market, Naif

Deira Naif is a popular place in Dubai which is famous for the exhaustive range of preloved furniture and electronic goods. The place is tucked away in the old part of the city and stretches from Naif to Baniyas Square. You can buy used bedroom furniture, bed, dining table, sofa set, or even home appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners (AC), LED TVs, etc., all in one neighborhood. Moreover, you can also buy wall fixtures such as shelves and cupboards.

Some of the famous shops in Deira Naif are:

  • Used Furniture Buyer
  • Alyas Used Furniture
  • Najmat Suhail Used Furniture Trading
  • Ahmed Hammad Used Furniture
  • Malik Al Madina Second Hand Furniture

There are several new shops also opened in the area. You must visit the market once and explore the wide range of nice things available.

Used furniture for sale in Dubai

Second Hand Market By Dubai Municipality

The place is located in Nad Al Sheba. The 28,000 sqm area houses 120 shops, serving as a central hub for people to sell and buy furniture. The market’s central location makes it easier for buyers and sellers to reach. The market aims to bring together all furniture-related operations in one location, creating a highly competitive market.

The market has six blocks with 120 shops. All essential amenities such as restaurants, toilets, and ample parking space is available for visitors and trucks. The project also has shaded areas where they conduct local and international festivals. You can see garden furniture and outdoor furniture in green spaces. Besides that, the market also has a wide range of white goods.

Dubai Flea Market

This temporary market is organized at different locations in the city. You can get all the information about upcoming flea markets on their site. You can sell and buy used and preloved products at Dubai Flea Market. You can find furniture, toys, games, clothes, books, DVDs, electrical equipment, household goods, textiles, pottery, appliances, home furnishings, antiques, and accessories.


Online portals and Facebook pages are available to explore the variety available in the store to buy used furniture and home décor items.

Dubizzle: Dubizzle has been operating since 2005. It is one of the top online stores and classified websites for buying used furniture for homes and offices. Anything you want is mentioned on the home page and easily visible. The site is user-friendly and has plenty of filter options to find exactly what you are looking for. Dubizzle offers various alternatives, from a king-sized bed to a used desk.

La Brocante: La Brocante means flea market is French. It is a premium flea market that started in the last months of 2020. It is organized biweekly, and you can get the details of the upcoming market venue on their site or social media pages. You can buy, sell and rent furniture and upscaled home décor pieces on the site or flea market.

IKEA Used Furniture Buy and Sell: It is one of the most popular brand social media pages in Dubai. You can directly go to the website, see the seller’s ads, and find the things you are looking for. Sellers advertise old IKEA furniture with all the information and images for potential purchasers.

What to consider when purchasing used furniture online in Dubai?

  • You could occasionally get a great deal or even find some furniture for free if you’re buying directly from vendors who deal with departing expats who want to get rid of their belongings quickly.
  • You will have to make your own transportation arrangements.
  • Check if the price is fixed or negotiable.
  • Buy only from certified and relevant stores.

Final thoughts

People come to Dubai with big dreams and hope to create a cozy adobe for themselves and their families. Not all of them can afford to buy new furniture or appliances in one go. For such people, Dubai offers multiple options to buy second hand furniture and white goods. Whether you want to buy online or offline, it’s completely your choice, but make sure you check the quality and negotiate the delivery charges.