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UAE National Day Quotes, Wishes, Greetings, Messages

The UAE National Day is regarded as one of the most prestigious and anticipated holidays of the year in the nation. Citizens of the nation look forward to this day annually and celebrate it to their heart’s content because this is more than just a mere public holiday. It is symbolic of freedom, pride, and patriotism.


Celebrated every year on 2nd December, the UAE National Day commemorates the formation of the UAE. On this very day in 1971, six of the seven emirates of the country proclaimed their union to become one.

These six emirates comprised of Dubai, Ajman, Fujairah, Abu Dhabi, Umm Al Quwain, and Sharjah. As the UK left its forces and the UAE breathed the fresh air of freedom, six of the seven emirates signed the founding treaty, and a draft constitution was formed, laying the foundational bricks of an independent nation. The seventh emirate that we know today, Ras Al Khaimah joined forces with the nation two months later on 10th February, 1972.

To mark the day of being free from colonial rule and living on your own terms, grand celebrations are organized around the country. From cultural programs to car rallies, from food festivals to firework displays, the streets of the country come alive on this day as people come out of their homes proudly carrying the national flag of the country and adorning their homes, educational institutions, and workplaces with the flag colors.

Public monuments, hotels, and palm trees are all decorated with the themes of the flag colors, and celebratory parades and rallies are organized blissfully to display the cultural diversity of the nation. Respect is paid to the martyrs who fought with their lives to give freedom to future generations.

Downtown Dubai is adorned with fireworks, being one of the most astonishing displays of celebration around the country.  Large-scale air shows are conducted alongside breathtaking military processions in front of the rules of the emirates, members of the Federal National Council, and the citizens of the nation to pay respect to the martyrs.

Even the next day, 3rd December is observed as a public holiday which leads to a two-day celebration of this patriotic set of events. Truly, a celebration of life and freedom, the spectacle of the National Day is a sight to behold.

UAE National Day Quotes

“Thank you to all the courageous fighters who sacrificed their lives to make us one of the greatest and proudest countries in the globe.”

“Let us take the pledge of fulfilling all our duties and responsibilities towards this great nation on UAE National Day.”

“On UAE National Day, all of us should remember the fact that we should stay focused on contributing to the advancement of our nation in all circumstances.”

“Freedom in the Mind, Faith in the words…Pride in our Souls…Let us salute the Nation on Independence Day!”

“On UAE National Day, let us remember all the sacrifices that gave us freedom. Now it is time for us to rise and contribute towards the advancement of our country and protect it from all kinds of dangers.”

“We must learn to value our freedom on UAE National Day because it is something that cannot be gained easily and we had to shed our blood for it.”

“Let us look back at the fascinating history of our country on the occasion of UAE National Day. We should also seek inspiration from the words and actions of our forefathers.”

“May the flag of UAE fly high on National Day as it symbolizes the unity of the seven emirates that form the nation.”

“Let the spirit of patriotism spread like wildfire across the whole nation of UAE on National Day.”

“The National Day of UAE reflects the Spirit of the Union. We must maintain the unity and dignity of the UAE forever.”

UAE National Day Wishes

“The growth, development, and success of a nation depend on its citizens….. Let us make our nation proud by doing the right things….. Happy UAE National Day!”

“Feel proud to call yourself an Emirati….. Feel proud to be born in a nationthat is so regal and exquisite. Wishing you a very Happy UAE National Day!”

“May this National Day bring fortune and success for every one of us. May our country see more progress in the coming years! Happy National Day of UAE!”

“On the eve of UAE National Day, let us get inspiredby our martyrs to always love our country and work to make it a better country.”

“Be determined to contribute to the betterment of the UAE and its people! Cherish the independence! Feel the patriotism from within!”

“The people of UAE will always stay united to protect their country from all kinds of evil. Happy UAE National Day.”

“Wishing you freedom in mind and pride in soul, faith in words and happiness in heart… Let us salute our nation on the occasion of UAE National Day.”

“Never let freedom die in your hands. Happy National Day of the UAE.”

“May this day of Independence fill your life with eternal happiness and glory of prosperity. Wishing you UAE National Day!”

“The land of the UAE will remain free as long as its citizens remain brave. Happy UAE National Day!”

UAE National Day Greetings and Messages

“Warm wishes on the National Day of UAE. Let us come together to take our nation to new heights with our hard work.”

“I wish that the occasion of UAE National Day brings to your life hues of freedom, shades of happiness, and colors of glory to make it a special occasion.”

“Sending warm and patriotic wishes on the auspicious occasion of UAE National Day to all my brothers and sisters. Let us contribute to making our nation an inspiration for the world.”

“Wishing you freedom in mind and pride in soul, faith in words and happiness in heart…. Let us salute our nation on the occasion of UAE National Day.”

“A big congratulations to each one of us on the occasion of National Day of UAE. We must be happy that together we have treated a progressive country.”

“It makes every heart beat with great pride seeing the beautiful colors of independence spreading joy and prosperity. A very Happy UAE National Day.”

“Be a force for unity, fight corruption, and wave the flag of our country.”

“On this inaugural day of the country’s biggest festival, we celebrate the spirit of peace, love, and unity – as well as the beauty of the UAE culture”

“I wish you a memorable UAE National Day filled with high spirits and love for the nation…. May you have a memorable day of celebrations.”

“May the sun in his course visit no land freer, happier, more lovely than this our own country.”


Answers to the most commonly asked UAE National Day Queries

When is UAE National Day Celebrated?

The national day of the UAE is celebrated on 2nd December every year.

What is the significance of the UAE National Day?

The UAE National Day is celebrated to signify the commemoration of the formation of the country as this was the day when six of the seven current emirates joined hands to declare their freedom and signed the founding treaty.

How is the UAE National Day celebrated?

Streets around the nation are adorned with themed decorations symbolizing the colours of the national flag of the country.  Blissful parades are carried off with cultural programs and fireworks displays. Citizens come out of their homes with the national flag waving it proudly to celebrate their freedom.

Who did the UAE gain independence from?

The emirates that form the UAE today were part of the Trucial States that were under the control of the British government. On 2nd December, 1971, six of the emirates joined in the Act of Union to form the UAE with the seventh emirate officially joining them on 10th February, 1972.