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5 Tips to Choose the Right IT Services & Support Provider in Dubai

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5 Things to consider while choosing an IT company in Dubai

Technology is continually developing at an astounding pace where today’s inventions may soon become obsolete in a few years. Moreover, things are moving at lightning speed and one step ahead of the rest of the world in global cities like Dubai. With the government’s futuristic vision and initiatives, Dubai is becoming the next hub for tech startups.

Unless you have a strong IT department, keeping pace with the changes is difficult. Many companies have started relying on specialized IT support services rather than maintaining a large in-house support department for this. Besides ease of management, outsourcing IT support functions proves to be an excellent business decision as it proves to be both economical and better overall ROI in the long run.

However, there are many variables you need to consider for your organization before you outsource an IT support services, such as:

  • The dependence of your revenue streams on digital continuity
  • The amount of data your business consumes
  • The size of your business
  • Your budget for IT services

After considering all the points, you must choose the best one for your business. Unlike your other service providers, the IT support agency works alongside your team on a day-to-day basis. You must hire the best IT company in Dubai for your business to achieve your business goals.

The top five considerations when choosing IT support in Dubai are listed below.

1. Check online Reviews and Portfolio

Most people go to Google to search for everything from a nearby coffee place to gain information about the latest technology. Your search for the best IT service provider in Dubai can also begin on Google. All you need to do is type ‘IT support company Dubai‘ and hit search. You can begin with the top-ranking results and check their Google reviews.

There are various review websites that provide customers and expert reviews. You must always visit the websites of the service provider. IT support companies have smart-looking websites that provide comprehensive information about their services, listing all the information you need and sometimes even more.

2. Experience

Finding an IT support firm with specialized experience and expertise is one of the first crucial requirements of any business. Once you’ve whittled down your alternatives based on the service you require, go for an established one. Look for a business that has been around for at least a few years. These businesses won’t vanish suddenly and leave your project in the middle. Also, check if the company has clients that work in the same industry or has a similar IT infra. They are more likely to understand your requirements and advise you accordingly. If they offer generic solutions, they might not have enough resources or expertise to provide customized solutions.

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3. Find the Range of Services They Offer

Before selecting a managed IT support firm, keep in mind the specific demands of your business, then look for the service providers that provide the services you require. Your requirement may be limited, but hiring an agency that offers a complete solution is better. As your business grows, your requirements may too. For instance, you might migrate to cloud computing this year. Next year you might want to upgrade your team collaboration tools for communication. It is better to do business with the same IT service provider who understands your requirements and timeline needs.

4. Due Diligence

IT support services mostly act as a middleman that helps you to get the best of the IT solutions. They support all kinds of IT-related issues such as network setup, database management, cloud computing, etc. The primary objective of these companies is to ensure that all IT-related operations run without a hitch. Before finalizing a service provider, ensure the company is a registered business with proper documents. The due diligence is necessary as this company will have regular access to your business’s critical systems, data, and intellectual property (IP) for the contract.

5. Enquire About the TimeLine

All companies may offer you a different timeline for service delivery. If you lack experience in hiring IT services or are new to the tech world, discussing with more than one potential company is advisable. However, do not hire someone who offers a ridiculously short time period. Setting up a robust and sustainable IT infrastructure takes time. Whether it is cloud computing, hardware support, or database management, it all takes time because of the complexity involved.

What are your needs?

Apart from the factors mentioned above, as an organization, you also need to ensure why you need to outsource the services. Even in this technology-driven time, not every business requires a strong digital presence. Small business does not require continuous IT support. However, if you are a large firm with crucial business procedures requiring constant IT support, your outsourcing is justified. Ask your team some questions:

  • Which parts of your IT service do you most need help with?
  • What level of communication with an Account Manager do you require?
  • What is the annual budget for your IT support?
  • What are your security concerns?
  • How much help do you need on a daily basis?

Bottom Line

It’s critical to stay connected to the virtual world, given the fierce market competition and constantly evolving technological landscape. Every company requires some level of support from IT firms to keep pace with the changing world and get business mileage.

Selecting an information technology outsourcing firm is one of the greatest and most crucial decisions you make for your business. Therefore, you must make an informed decision. If you believe that IT support is ideal for your business, be honest about your requirements and find a company that can provide the best solutions at the price you can pay. The 5 pointers given above can help you pick the right solution provider from the hundreds available in this mega city.