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7 Things to Remember While Driving on the Streets of Dubai

Driving on the streets of Dubai

7 Tips to follow while driving on the roads of Dubai

A majority of the people, who come to Dubai as tourists, rely more upon public transport. It is convenient to avail a cab and board the metro. Some visitors, though, come to spend a significant length of time. They are more likely to choose a lease or rent a car, and they may occasionally purchase a car to fit the function.

This also holds true for expatriates who have just started to live in this amazing city. But one must take due care about the driving pitfalls and get the best riding experience. Here is a list of some unpleasant events to avoid if you want to travel safely in and around the city.

Avoid unnecessary traffic

Dubai is blessed with one of the best road networks in the world. The concrete surface is made of asphalt, macadam, and tarmacs over the sand base, making for the drivers’ joyful experience. But in hindsight, these roads are occupied by a large number of cars.

Apart from typical city traffic, most of these vehicles travel to the Northern Emirates and Abu Dhabi. This traffic causes considerable jams, as automobiles travel at a snail’s pace on few roads that connect Dubai to the Northern Emirate. The same also happens to Sheikh Zayed Road that links Abu Dhabi with the city. So, people visiting Dubai for the first time or the city’s new residents must avoid this route as much as possible.

Carefully drive on fast lanes

The main highways in the UAE have a speed restriction of 120 kph. However, some automobiles go faster on the fast lane. As a novice driver in the city, taking advantage of the city’s multi-lane highways allows you to easily slip into the fast lane. The traffic on this road is more like that of a racetrack, and keeping up with such a pace is challenging.

The driver must be on the lookout for potentially dangerous overtaking maneuvers. The scenario may be highly worrisome, and it is advisable to avoid the fast lanes to prevent catastrophic collisions.

Check the side-mirrors

Cars are relatively close to each other on multi-lane highways, and road accidents are expected due to failing to keep an eye on other vehicles in your lane. This can get even more dangerous when the traffic is slow, and the driver’s attention is distracted. The rush hour can turn out to be fatal, and it is imperative to check the side mirrors and keep an eye on the road.

Moreover, drivers are frequently distracted by cell phones. Even minor injuries might be inconvenient since one must wait in the heat for the cops to arrive and rescue them. So, new drivers who have just started living in the desert city should avoid this kind of driving.

Defensive driving can be easier

Defensive driving can be easier

Defensive driving on the Dubai streets and driveway can save you from horrendous and fatal accidents. The highways often have slow traffic during rush hours. The inexplicably crawling speed of the cars is enough to make the drivers impatient as they are frequently tempted to drive recklessly. It is thus suggested for those drivers who have just arrived in Dubai to avoid those rear-end collisions.

They must be alert at all times, keeping an eye on both the rear and front of the vehicle and both sides of the car. Such defensive driving skills can come in very handy to avoid unnecessary accidents on the streets and highways.

Watch out for wet conditions

During rains in Dubai, the drivers should be cautious. Many times, heavy rains are anticipated and the roads might become slippery and greasy, making driving difficult.

The rain causes the tarmac to release oily substances along with pollution from the surface of the road. This might get tricky for the drivers who are new to these roads and must apply brakes with a great deal of control on the skiddy surface. Even careful driving does not exclude the possibility of an accident. Thus, drivers must be particularly cautious to avoid undesirable accidents.

Avoid road rage and altercation

People frequently get into little fights as a result of silly traffic squabbles. It may occur as a result of applying brakes for the faults of others. A careless motorist is likely breaking the law. Exasperation is inevitable in stressful situations, but it is best to keep your emotions under control.

New drivers in Dubai must avoid using harsh language and feelings, as well as control their outbursts and hostile mannerisms. The UAE has a robust road code and strict rules. As a result, offensive behavior might land you in prison and result in severe penalties. To prevent such situations, inexperienced drivers must not get agitated or lose their anger.

Drink and drive

Drinking and driving have significant legal consequences in UAE. A person who has a driving license to drive in Dubai must look at all the rules before taking on the road. This situation calls for immediate legal action in all countries across the globe.

But in some countries, there is a permissible limit for the rate of alcohol in the blood. In most nations, the allowable alcohol limit per 100 milliliters of blood varies between 50 to 80 milligrams. But it is zero in Dubai and also in all parts of the UAE. So, one has to be extra careful to keep this in mind before sitting in the driver’s seat as punishment for alcohol related crime is very strict.

Final Words

So, if you’ve just arrived at Dubai International Airport and are getting ready to take a drive on the highways, familiarise yourself with the dos and don’ts. This is a lovely city with a wonderful way of life, and a pleasant trip on the roads can make your day perfect. In a nutshell, it is best to go to the streets to have an enjoyable riding experience by getting the negatives out of the way first.