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Top 11 Things to Do in Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina view

Dubai Marina Attractions

Dubai Marina is one of the uber-luxurious addresses in Dubai. The Marina is a 3-km artificial canal running parallel to the Persian Gulf coastline. Developed on the lines of the Concord Pacific Place in Vancouver, Canada, Dubai Marina is a posh sophisticated district. The man-made Marina opened in 2003. It is an affluent neighborhood surrounded by high-rise apartments, skyscrapers, luxury hotels, high-street shopping centers, restaurants with global cuisines, cafes, upscale markets, beachfront and more. The Jumeirah Beach Residence, the Atlantis Hotel, and the man-made Palm Island are all in close vicinity.

There’s plenty to do in Dubai Marina. The place in itself is a tourist’s paradise offering a myriad of tourist-related activities. Here are the top 11 things not-to-miss when in Dubai Marina.


The Gulf and its shore offer abundant scope to tourists to create some magical one-of-its memories.

  1. Catch up with nature at the Dubai Marina Beach

Whether you love the beach or not, you will love doing this. The cosmopolitan aura all around the white sandy beach can be awe-inspiring. The sun is at its best, so, there are ample sunny vibes. Combine this with the awesome view of the emerald-colored water with the sky-kissing towers and structures behind. The water is warm and inviting. The stretch of fine sand offers a relaxing bed for lazing around all day – doing nothing much other than basking in the sun amidst a luxurious backdrop.

  1. Indulge in deep-sea fishing

The Persian Gulf is home to innumerable aquatic species, especially fish. You can spend a part of your afternoon on the sea, fishing in a hired boat off the coast. For beginners, there’s a training activity too. It can turn out to be a perfect indulgence with friends. Even kids can partake in this activity and have lots of fun.

Fishing was the core activity in this area before modernization. You get a taste of the tradition first-hand with this experience.

  1. Dhow Cruise

The perfect end to the day is to get onto an evening Dhow Cruise that will leave you mesmerized with the unparalleled view of Dubai’s glistening landscape. For newlyweds and couples, nothing gets more romantic than this besides these 11 exciting things to do as a couple in Dubai. The skyline lits up at night and you can catch the defining shapes of many of the buildings and skyscrapers, in and around.

The Cruise, however, has more to offer. There’s a well-spread buffet laid out just like a dream-like Arabian Nights story. There’s a mix of Asian, Continental, and Mediterranean cuisines to scintillate your taste buds. Soft beverages are free-flowing. The ambiance is so relaxing that it can become the cornerstone of your Dubai visit.

  1. Speed Boat Ride

Catch the entire essence of the place in one and half hours with a speed boat tour. The tour begins from the Dubai Marina and takes you across iconic landmarks like the Dubai Eye Wheel, Atlantis, Burj Al Arab, Palm Jumeirah, Harbour Project, The Palm, and Dubai Rulers Private Island. You can get a glimpse of all these and many more exemplary structures of Dubai within ninety minutes.


A visit to Dubai Marina is never complete without indulging in one or two adrenaline-pumping activities. There’s more for people for whom adventure is a way of life.

  1. Cooling off at AquaFun

Dubai is hot, blazing hot during summers. One of the effective ways to beat the heat is to head off to the AquaFun. This is an inflatable water park, the largest in Dubai. With the sea as the backdrop, you have the choice of experiencing 74 thrill-filled activities, 110 and or more obstacles. The adventure gala is an award-winning waterpark extending almost 25 meters into the Gulf water. Be prepared for a day full of physical activities involving climbing, sliding, and more.

Sky diving
  1. Skydiving

This one is not for the faint-hearted but definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience extravaganza! While in Dubai, there are plenty of tandem skydiving options over the desert, this one is special because you take the plunge right over the Palm Jumeirah. Even if it is a costly affair, it’s worth every penny. The Skydive Dubai Dropzone is at the Al Seyahi Street. The fun activity usually starts at 7 am when you board a gyrocopter. The best part? It is the aerial view of the iconic Palm Jumeirah Island from 13,000 ft above the spectacular site. The free-fall is at 120 miles/hour with a qualified and licensed tandem instructor accompanying each pursuit.

  1. Ziplining

Another major adventure sport that you can indulge in at the Dubai Marina is ziplining. Voted as one of the 10% of the best and unique attractions in the world, the Xline Dubai should be your next stopover. This trip will see you zip line across the Dubai Marina canal water from one skyscraper to the other. One of the noteworthy aspects of the Xline Marina is it is 1 km long making it the planet’s longest urban zipline. It is 170 meters high and has a double line strengthened by a Superman harness.

  1. Watersports at the Dubai International Marine Club (DIMC)

Covering an area of 130,000 feet, the DIMC has a helipad, 400 yacht berthing space, and a Modern Sailing Club. The venue is home to multiple events every year, hosted by DIMC. Some of the notable ones are the – Dubai Tour, Continental Beach Soccer Championship, and the Dubai International Boat Show. Dhow sailing races are held almost every month. When you are at Dubai Marina, make sure to spend some time at the DIMC and spectate the current ongoing events at the venue.

Entertainment & Food 

With enough on your plate, it is time to head off for some entertaining stuff like shopping and create more memories at a few celebrated chic food outlets. If you are looking for affordable shopping options, check out the best places for shopping on a budget in Dubai.

  1. Shopping

Your visit to Dubai Marina is incomplete without a shopping spree at the world-famous Dubai Marina Mall. An architectural marvel, the Mall has four levels with more than 140 retail outlets and shops. These are all high-street fashion and couture brands amidst the backdrop of the sea. Plus, there are Reel Cinemas under the same roof.

  1. Stroll down the Dubai Marina Walk

Dubai Marina’s jewel in the crown is the Dubai Marina Walk. Constructed by Emaar, it is one of the upscale lifestyle destinations in Dubai. The 7 km promenade crisscrosses the man-made Marina flanked by landscaped greenery and palm trees on both sides. You can simply stroll or cycle through the paved walkway while stopping by the cafes and restaurants on the side.

These are one of the best breakfast restaurants in Dubai. Overlooking the Marina, you can enjoy alfresco dining at the numerous outlets. If you want something posh, visit Pier 7, an exemplary fine-dining experience. The dancing fountain is a spectacle in the evening when it lits up. There are also spas and parlors for rejuvenating experiences. Finally, visit the Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Mulla Mosque – there’s a special 45-minute guided tour for non-Muslims inside the mosque.

  1. Flying Cup Dinner

Finally, you need to be a part of the Dubai Flying Cup rendezvous for a unique entertainment and dining experience. Enjoy various delectable cuisines while the panoramic view of the city and the sea fills relaxes the soul and the mind. An innovative concept, this is a 40-meter above-the-Earth experience combining a sky ride while you satisfy the gastronomical needs of your taste buds. The half-an-hour journey is undoubtedly a must-try with your feet freely dangling in the air.

Bottom Line

Above are the top 11 things to do at Dubai Marina, but apart from these, it has hundreds of other things to offer. Luxury living, aqua fun, shopping, walking and the list is never ending. Create memories, rejuvenate yourself and come back all recharged with spirit and passion!