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12 Exciting Things to Do in Dubai at Night

Places to Visit in Dubai at Night

Dubai, the modern-day hub for shopping and sightseeing extravaganzas and a hotspot for its architectural magnificence and engineering marvels, is a travel enthusiasts’ dream-come-true stopover. Be it the daytime or after sunset, the city of astounding world records is known for its vibrant nightlife too.

From feet-tapping music at popular nightclubs to a soulful sojourn along the beachline, there are ample choices for a night enthusiast’s indulgences. Want to know more? Here are some of the best things to do in the city post-sunset.

1. Head to the World’s Highest Restaurant/Deck

Want to capture the mesmerizing skyline of Dubai at night? Booking a table at At.mosphere in Burj Khalifa can do the magic. Along with the delicious cuisines and enjoying the luxe decor and ambiance, you can catch the sight outdoors with bated breath. It could be even more mystical if it is your first time in this elegant premium restaurant.

The restaurant is open till 23:00 hours. While At.mosphere is on the 122nd floor, if you are not interested in a gastronomical pursuit, you can go up to the 124/125th floor to the Observation Deck to get a bird’s eye view of night-time in Dubai. It is one view that will be preserved in your memory and phone for a long time.

Expected Price: Approximately AED 1200 for two people at At.mosphere. At the Observation Deck, the price per person starts from AED 224 onwards.

Address: 1, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai.


2. A Stroll at the JBR The Walk

If you want to unwind on the Arabian shores, JBR The Walk, a bustling waterfront promenade along the JBR, is the best place. The Walk stretches for about 1.7 km and is dotted with various cafes, restaurants, boutiques, hotels, and more. And, to top it all, there’s a beach where you can partake in different thrilling and entertaining activities.

You can take a calming stroll along the beachside and catch street plays and sand sculpture displays. Take back home mementos, be a part of a musical show, buy fashion merchandise, grab a cup of coffee with a loved one, and indulge some time in a photography exhibit or the public art platform showcasing the work of 30 top artists from the UAE. The place is open from 09:00 am to 12:00 am.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Residence.

3. Watch the World’s Tallest Performing Musical Fountains

The Dubai Fountain, as it is commonly known, is one of the best places to stop by at night. The musical extravaganza is accentuated by spectacular lights where the water reaches almost 50 floors high. 6,000+ lights and fifty projectors illuminate the choreographed water show. The dance performance covers a range of tunes – from classical Arabic scores to international music.

The Dubai Music Fountain is on the artificial lake near the Burj Khalifa. The performances can be witnessed at noon, around 1300 and 1330 hours. Every evening, starting from 1800 hours, and in a gap of 30 minutes, there are shows, continuing till 2200 hours on weekdays and till 2300 hours on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. The performances are visible from all across the neighborhood in Downtown Dubai, but the best place to catch the view is the Waterfront Boardwalk.

Expected Price: Entry is free for all.

Address: 1, Mohammed Bin Rashid Boulevard, Downtown Dubai.


4. The Dark Padel Facility

Your sporty side will find the perfect place to thrive at The Alley, Dubai’s first Glow-in-the-Dark facility for padel. It is a sport that is a hybrid between squash and lawn tennis. While you can play the sporting activity in full lights, the specialty of the Alley is to allow players to experience the game in a dark background with UV lights.

Padel is fast becoming popular in the city. With this luminous venue, there’s an exciting twist to the game. Consequently, kids and adults enjoy their time with their glowing racquets and balls in the backdrop of the purple court. The place is open till midnight.

Expected Price: Starting AED 200 for 1 hour.

Address: Umm Suqeim St – Al Quoz.


5. Experience Dhow Cruise

The Dhow Cruise is one of the best ways to get close to Dubai’s fishing culture. The Dhow has played a significant role in the city’s evolution as a fishing hub and symbol of its cultural lineage. Fishermen used the native boat for commercial purposes. Dhow cruises can be booked for evening and night every day.

You can ride the Dhow either at the Creek or the Marina. Most cruises will not just take the visitors on a ride across the waterbodies but also lay out a mix of traditional Arabian and Western cuisine that you can enjoy amidst live music and dance. It is nothing less than a fairytale experience!

Expected Price: AED 160 per adult and AED 100 per child approximately.

Address: Dubai Marina and Dubai Creek

6. A Desert Safari

A camel safari at night across the Arabian dunes is mystical. With the stars above, you can go in for an exhilarating session of dune-bashing followed by a relaxed spell in camps, around the bonfire, and a delectable spread of Arabian barbeque dishes. The best part is that you can spend overnight in the camps and indulge in other adrenaline-fueling activities.

The night has unique experiences like tanoura and belly dancing, henna painting, fire shows, etc. Overnight desert safaris start from 1600 hours on the previous evening till 0900 hours the following day.

Expected Price: Depends on the number of people and the dates.

7. Stargazing

Do you love the outer world and wish to spend time amidst celestial beings? Dubai offers numerous opportunities for stargazers and space lovers to indulge in their fantasies. The Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre in Mushrif Park, on the outskirts of Dubai, is one such place. It is known to have the region’s largest telescope, offering a fantastic view of the celestial sky.

You can also head to the Hajjar mountains in Hatta to find the best place to star-gaze at night. If you wish to join a group, contact the Dubai Astrology Group, which conducts regular events at the Al Qudra Desert.

Expected Price: Between AED 50 and AED 130 per person.

Address: Al Qudra Desert


8. Immerse in the Dubai Garden Glow

Again, a new concept, the Glow-In-Dark Garden is a themed park by Retailers Investment LLC. It is the optimal experience of lights and themes, creating unforgettable memories for visitors. Made from 10 million LED lights and recyclable parts, it creates stunning images and backdrops for one and all.

There are five theme parks – Glow Park, Dino Park, Art Park, Ice Park, and Magic Park. The Dino Park is one of the biggest themed parks with 120 animatronic dinosaurs. The Ice Park consists of ice sculptures with cold temperatures indoors. The Magic Park celebrates optical illusions in visual arts. But at night, the Glow Park stands out with handmade lights and artistically done scenes.

Expected Price: Starting AED 70 per person.

Address: Zabeel Park, Gate No- 6 & 7 Area – B.


9. Dance Till Wee Hours at Barasti Beach Bar

Love dancing and partying? The best place to let your hair down is Barasti, the nightclub at Le Meridien, open from 9:00 am to 3:00 am daily. It is one of the most popular hotspots in town for the younger lot.

The two-floored club also offers an unrestricted view of the city’s night skyline and the Persian Gulf. A live band plays on the ground floor, while the first floor is where the party hoppers group for a night full of dance and drama.

Expected Price: Starting AED 470 per person.

Address: Le Meridien Mina Syahi Beach Resort & Marina – Dubai Marina

10. Stop by Madinat Jumeirah

Want to see people dressed in their best? Visit Madinat Jumeirah, the Arabian mini-city, a loved tourist destination within Dubai. It has a line of ornate souks, an artificial canal, premium cafes, restaurants, and five-star hotels, making it one of the night’s most happening beachfront places. If it is a weekend, you might need help getting a parking space – the place is packed and ebbing with life.

The joyful experience combines a mix-bag from a conventional Arabian marketplace to a modern nightlife backdrop. You can also get a night view of the Burj-Al-Arab; if you have the time, ride down the canal in a boat. The good part is that the place is open for 24 hours.

Expected Price: Between AED 130 and 180 per person.

Address: Jumeirah Beach Road – Dubai


11. Rejuvenate at the Dubai Global Village

The one-of-its-kind place celebrates about 90 cultures and wonders from across the world. Between October to April, the Village comes to life with unique and varied types of entertainment. Since the place is open till midnight, you can spend a full or half day here. The bright lights at night add spice to the ambiance.

There’s a carnival, shows and events, a pavilion, and selfie spots. You will also come across the world’s wonders, be it the Taj Mahal or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A visual delight, you’ll find yourself standing against London’s Big Ben or on the streets of Egypt. Finally, to satisfy your gourmet desires, there are many food options to satisfy your gourmet desires.

Expected Price: Entry Ticket is between AED 18 and 20 per person.

Address: Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road


12. Enter the World of Gold & Spice Souk

Pack a backpack and prepare to enter the gold jewelry world at the Gold Souk. It is a marketplace that is a must-visit for all in Dubai. The place has about 390 traders selling a range of gold designs, from traditional to trendy, fashionable ones.

Close to the Gold Souk is the Spice Souk. So, once you finish gold shopping, you can shop for some exotic Arabian spices. The fragrance is mesmerizing for many. Both these places are open from 10:00 hours till 22:00 hours.

Expected Price: Entry is free.

Address: Diera.


There are multiple other things to do in Dubai after the sun sets. Many more places, natural and artificial, offer you aesthetic satisfaction and charge up your energies and senses here. The city is, after all, one of the most acclaimed tourist destinations and a haven of opportunities for locals!


Where to go in Dubai at night?

There are plenty of places that you can visit in Dubai at night. For example, the Burj Khalifa is simply breathtaking – beauty personification with lights. Similarly, you can watch the fountains dancing at the Burj Lake, visit the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, or stop by Dubai Creek.

What activities to do in Dubai at night?

The place is a hotspot for night activities. The list includes an overnight desert safari, star-gazing, having dinner at the Sky Dubai, or taking a dhow boat cruise ride.

What is the best way to see the city at night?

The best way to see the city at night is by taking a night-time tour, either by bus or boat. There are also helicopter tours available for a unique experience.

Are there any cultural activities to do at night in Dubai?

Yes, visitors can attend cultural performances such as traditional dances, musical shows, and theatrical performances in Dubai’s many theaters and cultural centers.

What is the dress code for night-time activities in Dubai?

The dress code for night-time activities in Dubai is generally smart casual or semi-formal attire. It is recommended to dress conservatively and avoid wearing revealing or tight clothing.

What time do most night-time activities in Dubai start and end?

Most night-time activities in Dubai start after sunset, around 6 pm, and end late at night. Some nightclubs and bars stay open until early morning, while dinner cruises usually last a few hours.

Disclaimer: The mentioned prices may vary. Please check the official website for the exact amount.