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7 Things to Consider Before Renting a Car in Dubai

Things to look for before renting a car

7 Things to keep in mind while looking to rent a car in Dubai

Dubai’s public transportation is efficient; however, it does not reach every part of the city. This makes it possible for you to get to one point and then take a taxi, which adds up to the travel expenses very quickly. Suppose you want to get the most out of your time in the city; renting a car or asking one of your first-degree relatives to share their car with you are the best options. While traveling in Dubai, having a vehicle at your disposal is necessary, especially if you are visiting in the summer.

There is no shortage of car rental companies in Dubai, and all compete to offer their customers the best deals. So, the odds are in your favor. You can surely get some affordable and efficient vehicle rentals in Dubai. You can start by browsing the websites of rental car services to compare car rental prices in Dubai and discover the best deal for your holiday.

Before you start looking to rent a car in a city like Dubai, you must keep a checklist with you for safety and ease. This advice is more critical for women traveling alone in Dubai. Undoubtedly, Dubai is one of the safest cities, but a little bit of precautions is good. Through this blog, we have shared seven essential things you need to check in rent a car in Dubai.

1. Choose the car you can drive comfortably

Rent-a-car services can confuse you with their long fleet of luxurious cars. Don’t get carried away while hiring a car in Dubai. Though glass-like roads and an exhaustive range of expensive cars may distract you, you stick to the basics. There is no point in hiring a Ferrari if you have never drawn one.

Make the best decision possible based on your knowledge and experience. Avoid renting a car you have never driven since its features and functions can confuse you and get you into trouble. The traffic fines in Dubai are strict, and they are stringently followed.

2. Check rental deals

The first question everybody asks while renting a car is how much it costs to rent a car in Dubai. Is it even worth hiring a car in Dubai? It all depends on how much research you put into it. Look for the company’s discounts while deciding so you may receive a cost-effective package tailored to your needs.

Making hasty judgments might increase your financial costs. It will be beneficial to select a vehicle after carefully investigating the company’s special offers and discounts. Moreover, check for additional hidden charges and other expenses you might incur on the road. Before you make the decision, you also need to understand the extra charges you may incur while driving the vehicle in UAE, such as parking tickets, fines, and toll taxes.

Car's Valid Registration

3. Know about company policies

To avoid unnecessary inconvenience, always carefully understand the company’s policies. All car rental agencies have similar policies but may defer in some contexts. It is the responsibility of the agency to inform its customers about the procedures. However, as a customer, your research must also be thorough.

For instance, the standard fuel tank policy is full-to-full. This means you won’t have to worry about filling it up immediately after landing because the car is delivered with a tank full at the start of your rental time. The majority of rental agencies stick to this policy. So, it’s better to check all the fine prints.

4. Check the car’s valid registration

Always verify whether the car’s registration is valid and genuine before renting it. The process is easy and quick. Just go to the RTA website, fill in the plate number and click submit. The results show your exact date of expiry. Verifying the authenticity of papers and license plate numbers is essential. Many shady car rentals have illegally registered vehicles in a city like Dubai. They offer incredibly cheap rates, but it might land you in severe legal difficulties.

5. Keep a registered license with you

To drive a car in the city the person must hold a valid driving license and get it formally registered in the UAE if you are a resident of the UAE. All international tourists must have a valid international license for driving in UAE.

6. Know about UAE border limitations

You should know that you cannot drive a rental car outside the UAE. All UAE borders are guarded; there is rarely a chance you may cross the border unknowingly. However, you may lose track while driving through the countryside, so be vigilant.

7. Accident & Damage Policy

The company’s rules are always clear about accidents and breakage procedures. If you run into any accident or vehicle damage, the insurance amount covers it. Anything beyond that may be the customer’s responsibility, provided it happened because of the customer’s mistakes.

However, having a thorough understanding of the policy might save you from overpaying. If you have any unexpected, externally-caused technical or mechanical issues, contact them immediately and provide photographic proof. Know what kind of insurance the automobile is covered by.

Documents Required to Rent a Car in Dubai

For UAE nationals and residents: Passport Copy, Emirates ID, and UAE driving license.

For International Tourists: Passport Copy, Stamped Visa copy, and a valid international driving license.

Final Words

Keeping these seven things in mind before renting a car in Dubai will help you make a reasonable choice for your safety and those traveling with you. You can avoid unfavorable circumstances while having the comfort of driving a safe car that complies with the law of UAE.

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