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Top 10 Tattoo Artists in Dubai

Best Tattoo Shops in Dubai

The best tattoo parlors in Dubai are true works of art. From chic industrial designs to traditional Middle Eastern motifs, these parlors offer a wide array of styles and talents to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something small and subtle or a full-back piece with bold color, the experienced artists at each shop can make your tattoo dreams come true.

In addition to being excellent at their trade, the best tattoo parlors in Dubai also take hygiene seriously – each one maintaining a clean and sterile environment for their clients. Whether you’re getting your first tattoo or are a seasoned pro, you can be sure that you’re in good hands. From an array of talented artists to a safe and hygienic environment, the best tattoo parlors in Dubai are worth checking out.

The Dubai Hills Tattoo

The Dubai Hills Tattoo Shop is a premier choice for ink lovers in the city. Located in the beautiful Dubai Hills district, it offers some of the best tattoo artists and artistry in the area. The team of experienced and highly skilled tattooists provides exceptional results with reliable service. From custom designs to popular choices such as Japanese-style artwork and traditional tribal patterns, there’s something to suit every taste.

The shop also takes walk-ins, so you can get inked on the spur of the moment if you find the perfect design. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, it’s no wonder that the Dubai Hills Tattoo Shop is one of the most popular tattoo parlors in the region.

Tattoo Nation

It is one of the premier tattoo parlors in Dubai. In Tattoo Nation Dubai, you’ll find the best concepts and designs for the ideal tattoo, whether you already have some ideas or want to hear some from their specialists and industry experts. Their professionals are packed with years of international experience in the tattoo business.

The experienced and highly skilled artists provide exceptional results and great customer service. They specialize in a variety of styles, including custom designs, traditional tribal patterns, Japanese-style artwork, and more. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, this shop is ideal for getting your next piece of ink.

Huzz Ink

Huzz Ink Tattoo Shop in Dubai is a one-stop shop for those wanting to express themselves with body art. The tattoo shop offers a variety of designs, from the traditional to the more modern and intricate. Tattoos are done by skilled and professional artists who use top-of-the-line products for the best results. Huzz Ink also offers piercings, giving clients plenty of options for self-expression. In addition to its great services and products, customers love Huzz Ink due to its warm and welcoming atmosphere, friendly staff members, and competitive prices.

Beta Tattoo

Beta Tattoo in Dubai is a popular spot for people wanting to make a statement with their body art. The tattoo shop offers a wide range of custom designs, from subtle to bold and intricate. Customers can rest assured knowing that the quality at Beta Tattoo is always high, as the staff takes pride in their work and strive to make all clients feel comfortable before, during, and after their services.

Rituals Ink Studio

Rituals Ink Studio in Dubai is a cutting-edge tattoo shop that offers clients the latest trends and designs in body art. Experienced and talented artists use top-of-the-line products for optimal results and quality. Not only does Rituals Ink provide tattoos, but customers can also get piercings and permanent makeup services here as well. What makes Rituals Ink Studio stand out from other shops is its focus on creating a relaxing atmosphere and providing attentive customer service. Clients can feel at ease while they get their desired tattoos in a safe and comfortable setting.

Le Inka Tattoos

Le Inka Tattoos in Dubai is a highly-rated tattoo shop that’s known for its excellent quality and customer service. The experienced staff specializes in creating innovative and custom designs, from subtle to bold and intricate. Le Inka Tattoos uses only the best products and techniques for optimal results, and customers can be sure that their body art will last for years to come. Its skilled artists and high standards guarantee customers a great experience at Le Inka Tattoos.

Maisan Tattoos

Maisan Tattoos in Dubai is an award-winning tattoo shop that offers customers high-quality body art with a personalized touch. Skilled and experienced artists create beautiful and unique designs for individual clients’ needs. Maisan Tattoos’ focus on detail ensures that all tattoos look perfect and have excellent longevity. Customers can expect to receive top-notch customer service at Maisan Tattoos, where each individual is treated like family.

Angel Enriquez Tattoo Shop

Angel Enriquez Tattoo Shop in Dubai is one of the most famous tattoo shops in the city. Their talented and experienced artists excel in creating stunning works of art, from traditional to modern. Angel Enriquez Tattoo Shop stands out for its commitment to safety, offering exceptional hygiene practices such as sterilizing all equipment before each use and using disposable needles only once. Customers can trust that they’re getting the safest, highest quality tattoos when they visit Angel Enriquez Tattoo Shop.

Underground Tattooing by Glenn

Underground Tattooing by Glenn in Dubai is becoming an increasingly popular option for customers looking for quality and unique tattoos. The shop offers a relaxed, private environment with experienced artists who specialize in creating custom designs to suit their customer’s needs. Glenn’s creativity and attention to detail have earned him a loyal clientele who knows they can trust him to create the perfect body art. Customers also appreciate the friendly atmosphere at Underground Tattooing, making it a great place for those who are new to getting tattoos.

UAE Traditional Tattoo

UAE Traditional Tattoo in Dubai offers a range of styles, ranging from classical and religious to abstract, graphic and contemporary designs. Customers can choose from a variety of methods and techniques, such as line work, shading, dot work, and tribal patterns. Customers can also trust that their tattoos will be created with the utmost safety standards, as the shop follows strict hygiene protocols, such as sterilizing all tools and equipment before each use. UAE Traditional Tattoo also provides aftercare advice to ensure a lasting tattoo experience.


Dubai is becoming a popular destination for those looking to get quality and unique tattoos. With numerous tattoo shops available, customers have their choice of styles ranging from classical and religious to abstract, graphic and contemporary designs. All shops follow strict safety protocols and offer experienced artists who specialize in creating custom designs. Customers can also expect friendly atmospheres, making it a great place for those new to getting tattoos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of getting a tattoo in Dubai?

Tattoo prices in Dubai vary depending on the size, detail, and complexity of the work. Customers should make sure to discuss the cost with their artist before starting work, so there are no surprises. In Dubai, the level of expertise and experience of the tattoo artist also affects cost.

Are tattoos legal in Dubai?

Yes, tattoos are legal in Dubai. However, you must keep in mind that there are some restrictions on where they can be placed. For example, tattooing above the neck or near certain religious spots is not allowed and could result in a fine or other punishment. As such, customers should always check with their artist before getting a tattoo to make sure it doesn’t violate any laws.

Can one get a permanent tattoo in Dubai?

Yes, permanent tattoos are available in Dubai. However, customers should make sure to consult with the artist about the details of the design and the safety protocols that will be followed to minimize any risk. The cost of a permanent tattoo can vary depending on various factors, such as size and complexity, so it is important to ask questions and discuss pricing before committing to a design.

Which tattoo styles are most famous?

The most popular tattoo styles in Dubai are Henna, Arabic Calligraphy, Tribal, and Realism tattoos. Henna tattoos are decorative designs that use a paste made from henna leaves and flowers to create intricate patterns on the body. Arabic calligraphy is another popular style of tattooing, which uses ancient language to create beautiful art on the skin. Tribal tattoos often depict symbols that have significance in the wearer’s culture or religion, while realism tattoos use photorealistic depictions of figures or objects.

How much time does it take to get a tattoo?

The time it takes to get a tattoo depends on the design’s size and complexity. Generally, small tattoos can be done in 30 minutes or less, while larger, more intricate designs can take several hours. Additionally, it is important to factor in any breaks that might be taken during a session for safety reasons.