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10 Super Smart Ways to Save Money in Dubai

Tips To Save Money in Dubai

Being one of the most economically and aesthetically developed cities in the world, living or touring in Dubai can burn a hole in your pocket. To keep up with the modern amenities and for enjoying the infrastructure that the city has to offer, it is crucial to get smart with your finances.

With just a few changes in your daily life, you will find your bank balance still in happy mode without you having to compromise with leisure. By following these tips, you no longer would experience that dreadful tight feeling one does at the end of the month.

Create a Savings Plan

With everything that Dubai has to offer, it is no surprise that living here can be financially tough if you don’t have a concrete savings plan. You need to grab every smart opportunity to ensure you are spending less than you are earning. For this, create a savings account and make sure you have a water-tight plan of distributing your expenses every month.

This way, you will never go above unnecessary expenses. You will be able to have financial security that will provide you with an emergency fund to fall upon in case things go array. Lookout for profitable interest rates, lock-in periods, net returns, and opening and closing fees while creating a savings account.

Build a Monthly Budget

You should be in complete control of your basic living expenses. This includes your food, housing, transportation, health insurance, and other utilities. Budgeting is the primal step toward smart financial planning.

Ideally, you should opt for the 50/30/20 rule wherein every month, you are spending 50% of your earnings, saving 30% of it, and investing the remaining 20% of it. Having a blueprint to work upon will empower you more to be wise with your monthly expenses.

Conscious Petrol Consumption

You would be surprised to know how changing the timing to head to a gas station can leave your bank account more filled. Since buying petrol when it is denser saves money, we recommend you buy petrol during the evening when the weather is comparatively cooler and the petrol is dense.

Furthermore, hit the accelerator as less as possible and keep a safe distance from vehicles so that you minimize pressing the brake. These would not only keep you safe but also save your petrol consumption.

Using Public Transportation

Given the aesthetically pleasing and luxurious transportation Dubai has, it would be a shame for you to not make use of it instead of private cars. Not only you won’t have to worry about parking hassles and fees, but the economical nature of public transportation would save loads of money at the end of the month.

Try and purchase a Nol Card which would be a cost-effective option for accessing trams, buses, metros, and monorails as they would conveniently help reach all the major attractions and malls in Dubai. Board a water taxi if you are heading to Old Dubai. You can also rent e-scooters that are offered on a timely basis.

Negotiate on Apartment Rents

Across the globe, Dubai is one of the richest cities you will ever walk on. The accommodation fees can be sky-rocketing if you don’t know the right places to live.

Obviously, the apartments closer to offices, malls, metro stations and other similar transports would be more expensive. But, if you can manage to take that extra walk to the stations or if you are working from home, try to move into areas that provide cheaper accommodations. In addition to being a more economical option, you will also find more opportunities for rent negotiations.

Scout for Offers on Food Delivery Apps

Being the cultural hub that Dubai is, the culinary experience here is not only rich but extremely diverse as well. You will find food options from every imaginable cuisine in this city. Although cooking at home is ideal, it’s not always possible owing to the busy working schedules for some people. This often makes them rely on restaurants, and that can be quite expensive in the long run.

So, instead of that, try subscribing to food delivery apps that often come with enticing deals, offers, and discounts. First of all, you will be saving up much more money than you would if you opt of restaurant takeouts. Secondly, you will get healthier food options, curated to your preferences and closer to the taste of homecooked foods.

Smartly Saving on DEWA Bills

The dry and soaring temperatures of Dubai mean your DEWA bills will be an aspect of concern for you. However, if you are smartly using your air-conditioners, you will end up lowering your DEWA bills.

Try and use the ‘Auto’ mode and maintain a consistent temperature of 24 degrees Celsius. In addition, try to minimize AC usage between 12 PM to 6 PM since that falls under peak charges hours for DEWA.

Economical Grocery Management

Grocery is a daily expense that you can’t do without. So, we suggest you stick to one grocery store and become regular with it. This would allow you to earn loyalty points which would result in getting more discounts.

You would also be familiar with the aisle and won’t be tempted to look into unnecessary expenses. In addition, try getting a smaller shopping cart so that you are not tempted to fill up a larger cart.

Yes to VOD, No to TV

Smart saving involves cutting back on expenses that can be substituted with a cheaper and more wholesome option. If you want to unwind after a day’s work watching some series and movies, try to opt for VOD (Video-on-Demand) and streaming services instead of buying a TV.

Not only you’ll save money on buying a physical TV, but you’ll also avoid the TV package rates that are considerably higher than the streaming services. They are also convenient to watch anytime, anywhere, on your phone or laptop.

More Landline Uses

Some may think landlines are a thing of the past now but if you intend to save some money, it is time to re-introduce yourself back to them. This is because of the magnificent offers they bring with them.

The telecom operators of landlines provide free services between landline to landline calls within the country. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to VoIP where you’ll avail of numerous discounts on calling packages.

Affordable Movie Nights

For those days when you want to go out and hit the theatres, use your Emirates NBD card, if you have one, since many multiplex cinema chains offer around 25 percent discount on ticket prices.

Also, going to movies on the weekdays instead of weekends will cut your expenses by at least 50 percent, if not more.


When you are living or vacationing in a city like that of Dubai, where the cost of living is skyrocketing, meticulous planning and budget control are a must.  Always be in control and find innovative ways to save your money, as each penny counts.

Living economically in Dubai doesn’t have to mean stripping yourself of all the fun and luxury altogether. Just a few tweaks in your daily lifestyle management would make sure that you are saving hundreds, if not thousands of Dirhams every month.