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10 Best Souvenirs Destinations from Buzzing Dubai

Best souvenirs destination from buzzing Dubai

Best Souvenir Shops in Dubai

Dubai has standard souvenir shops from where we can buy the best generic gifts. People can also find such shops at the airport to spend enough time before boarding the return flight to their country. But loved ones always look for unique souvenirs, and a sincere search is required for them.

A serious shopper will inevitably reach the desired destination for the best souvenirs in the city. They will get enough information about the product and its pricing. The souvenirs will make sure that the visitors get the best deal, and it is the best reminder for them when they will leave the city.

Here is a list where you can get significant facts about incredible souvenir destinations in Dubai.

Al Nassma Kiosks

Al Nassma manufactures the best chocolate from camel milk in Dubai. This delicacy is home-grown in the city, and it is exported to various countries across the globe. The milk chocolate bars happen to be the best souvenirs and can be found in camel shapes. It has a fine blend of cocoa and whole milk along with macadamia and dates.

The quirky souvenir is available at all kiosks of Al Nassma in prime locations such as Burj al Arab, Dubai Mall, The Palm, and Burj Khalifa, among other places.

Deira Food Market

Deira Food Market is a buzzing place in this megacity, where you can find fresh dates. The supermarket offers the best souvenir, and it is part of the Middle Eastern culture. During Ramadan, gifts are exchanged and eaten after the fast, and it is the sweetest part of the festivity.

Bateel shop is a favorite destination in Dubai where you can catch hold of gourmet and fresh dates. The best places to find these dates are Marina Mall and City Center in Dubai.

Persian Carpet House

Persian Carpet House or the National Iranian Carpets is a popular souvenir destination in Dubai where one can purchase authentic Persian carpets and rugs. It is an expensive deal but an integral part of the souvenir list. This carpet shopping is a major investment, and one must check out the authenticity and quality before purchasing the carpets.

Dubai souks are a favorite destination for tourists buying these affordable carpets. These carpets will steal the show if it is brought as a souvenir for your loved ones, and it is an attraction of this tourist destination.

Perfume Souk at Supermarket Deira

The supermarket at Deira is home to the traditional Bakhoor and Oudh. This is the best place to explore in Dubai, where you can get a distinct aroma with the perfect whiff of Oudh. It is fragrance oil, and it is pretty expensive. It is derived from the rare agarwood resin that has got an exquisite scent. This magnificent scent can be the best gift and has some of the finest extracts from floral, mixed, and pure oils.

Bakhoor is agarwood chips that emanate a brilliant aroma after it is burnt. The entire room is flooded with the scent of incense, and it is also an alternative for the best candles.

Souvenirs Dubai

Attar from Deira

Arabic attars are essential oils that are available in the Deira supermarket. These are extracts from plants, and the perfumes produced are free from alcohol. This can be the best souvenir from Dubai for both women and men.

The city is home to various attars, and the best of the lot is found in perfume souk in Deira supermarket. The vendors and sellers will help make the right choice, and it could be a delightful gift for your friends and family. These Arabic attars can also be found in Airports with many shops selling magnificent products.

Karama Market and Pashmina House

The expensive Pashmina shawls are made out of cashmere from goat’s hair. Cashmere is found predominantly in South Asia and is uniquely blended with silk. Women find these shawls as one of their best gifts. This smooth fabric is found in Karama Market and Pashmina House in downtown Dubai. The shawls can pass through the ring, and it is a significant highlight of high street fashion here. There is a viscose version of the shawl that can be purchased if the budgets are tight enough.

Dubai Gold Souk

The manganous location is particularly well-known for its gold jewellery, which is the best present for a woman. People are thronging Dubai’s high streets to buy gold jewellery. When compared to other places throughout the world, the cost of gold here is lower. The Dubai gold souk is a paradise for tourists and locals who bargain hard for this treasure. This is a perfect souvenir that holds special importance when it is gifted to parents and spouse.

Dubai Coffee Museum

Arabic coffee pots and coffee are a highlight of Dubai. The Middle East has a long coffee farming tradition, and Dubai Coffee Museum is the best place where you can haggle for the best bargain. Arabic coffee is liked by many around the globe, and copper pot for Arabic coffee best suits the drinking experience. ‘Dallah’ is the name of these pots that are designed aesthetically. This also serves a decorative purpose and proves to be the best souvenir.

Spice Souk

Spices are an attraction for tourists and locals here. The flavor and essence of Dubai can be found in the spices. These spices are available in Spice Souk, which is a popular spice destination in the world. The treasure trove offers reasonable pricing, and this is one reason it attracts so many tourists.

The flavorful meals are prepared by soaking them in the intense aromas of the spices. This is a special gift for all those people who have a knack for cooking.

Carrefour Hypermarket

Carrefour Hypermarket and Smoker’s Centre outlets are home to the best shisha and hookah pipes. These hookah pipes are used to smoke the incredible shisha, which is an exquisite flavor substance. The practice of smoking is a popular pastime in Middle Eastern traditions.

The smell of the luscious scents of cinnamon, apple, mint, honey, and strawberry is magnificent. One might catch a whiff immediately while walking past a popular shisha joint in Dubai. Although smoking comes with many health hazards, this can be the best souvenir for people who love to smoke.

Summing Up

Souvenirs can light up the room and bring a smile to the face of your loved ones. So, if you have landed in Dubai and are garnering thoughts to gift something to your loved ones, visit these places. They are the one-stop destination for the best souvenirs available in Dubai. Also, make sure to tell your loved ones to visit these places once they visit the city.