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Royal Jelly Honey: 5 Health Benefits + Supplement Dosage

Royal Jelly Honey, Health Benefits and Its Supplements

Honey is one of the miraculous substances which is produced by hardworking honeybees. Honeybees are the marvelous flying creatures that create this long-lasting and healthy sugary material empowered with rich nutrients & enzymes.

There are various types of honey made by the honeybees depending on the nectar of the flowers. The various types of honey are Sunflower honey, Acacia honey, forest honey, and many more. Here in this piece of content, we will discuss the Royal Jelly honey and its health benefits.

What is Royal Jelly Honey?

Royal Jelly Honey is made from the hypopharyngeal gland of worker bees. This honey is called Royal as it is used to nurture the queen bees.  Royal jelly honey is used to reduce the problem of menopause and is used effectively in diabetes, obesity, and many other conditions. It is also said that royal jelly honey reduces the aging process with regular consumption.

Royal jelly honey is also known as the “Bee Milk”. More than half of its composition is water with a combination of proteins and sugars. In a more precise manner, we can illustrate 50%-60% water, 18% proteins, and 15% carbohydrates. It also has the trace of minerals, soluble vitamins, and free amino acids, and many other less characterized compounds.

Why Humans Are Fond Of Royal Jelly?

The royal jelly honey claimed to cure the various problems of humans. This stuff is used to feed the queen and with the benefits of this, the queen bees lay around 2,000 eggs a day. It has the potential to increase human fertility.  The royal jelly is sold by the name of aphrodisiac that is used for the erectile remedy. Though still many studies are in the process to claim these benefits.

As the queen bees live 40 times more than the other bees, so this is also used in anti-aging cosmetics. It is still much preferable to use it as a moisturizer till when the strong results come. There are a number of theories and studies in the research phase to claim more health benefits to human health.

Royal Jelly Health Benefits

Royal Jelly May Reduce PMS Problems

PMS or premenstrual syndrome is a combination of symptoms that many women get about a week or two weeks before their menstrual cycle. In the study of 2014, with 110 participants. The participants who took the royal jelly had less severe premenstrual syndrome throughout a couple of months.

Relaxes The Menopause Problems

Aging is a natural phenomenon and it occurs in various changes in the body associated with hormones, metabolism, psychology, and much more. Apitherapy is the alternative of the medicine that is found in the honey and enables to reduce the symptoms of Menopause.  Multiple tests have been done on this and shown a positive result. The consumption of one teaspoon of honey helps to improve the cholesterol level with the healthy postmenopausal.

Royal Jelly Honey Acts Probiotic

The Royal jelly honey contains the bifidobacteria, which is a kind of bacteria that supports the health of the guts or gastrointestinal tract, and though with this reason it has probiotic properties. Consumption of just a teaspoon of royal jelly in the breakfast can help you, in the long run, to strengthen the body and boost immunity, and make you less vulnerable to harmful bacteria.


Abilities to Treat The Diabetes

The Royal jelly honey has the potential to reduce the impacts of diabetes. With the study among the 50 participants, the result indicated that taking the royal jelly may lead to the reduction of sugar levels in the blood. The honey contains natural sweeteners which make royal jelly the great substituent for artificial sweeteners also royal jelly provides health benefits due to its healthy enzymes.

Reduce the Side Effects Of Cancer Treatment

In the treatment of cancer arises the various side effects which impact the individual mentally. The chemotherapy and other cancer treatments include the side effects of hair fall, heart failure, gastrointestinal, and inflammation.

Royal jelly honey has the potential of the negative impacts of cancer treatment. The study reveals that it reduces the significant amount of the impacts and becomes less prone to a heart attack.

Also, the study has found that royal jelly may prevent mucositis cancer treatment side effects and cause painful ulceration in the digestive tract.

Royal Jelly Supplements

The royal jelly honey is also available in various forms like health supplements.  The royal jelly has become one of the most popular foods and nutritional supplements in modern life. It can be consumed in various ways.

Fresh Raw Jelly:- In this form, the raw jelly is kept at a cool place all the time. The royal jelly has a raw form and has a strong taste. The consumption of fresh raw jelly can be made easily to extract the health benefits.

Powdered Royal Jelly:- The main advantage of the powered royal jelly is that it needs less maintenance in storing and handling. In this, some level of heat is provided to remove the moisture. With the regular consumption of powdered concentrate, you can get great health benefits.

Royal Jelly Capsules:- In this, it is encapsulated in the capsule, it enables the consumption of it very easily and makes it easy to store. The capsules are the most economical form of royal jelly and are quite easy to carry from one place to another.

The Bottom Line

Royal jelly is a bee product that has a complex structure. The composition remains constant at the macro level while it varies on the bee nutrition, species, harvesting season, etc. Also from the past many years, royal jelly has been added to a segment of functional foods.

The royal jelly honey has been used for centuries in medical practices. The various honeybees produce various honey which contains multiple compositions and dozens of health benefits. Till date, there are many health benefits of the Royal jelly honey which is still unproven and its studies are still in process. It is always better to have the suggestion of professional experts before the consumption to avoid any types of discomforts or side effects.