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Top Dog Kennels in Dubai for your Rottweiler

Rottweiler puppies

Dog Kennels in Dubai for Rottweiler

Arabians have used canines for hunting expeditions and explorations for long. Slowly people living in the Middle East realized the importance of raising pet dogs since they safeguarded their cattle from external threats.

In Dubai, you can find hundreds of pet dogs roaming inside the pet-friendly apartment and residential complexes, Burj Khalifa Park, and permitted zones. Pet lovers in the city love human-friendly pet dogs and buy plenty of puppies from reputed Dubai Kennel Clubs.

Rottweiler is a popular pet breed in Dubai that befriends owners, family members, and neighbors quickly. There is a massive demand for Rottweiler since they adapt quickly to any given circumstances. They remain calm and enjoy mingling with human beings.

Unknown facts and truths about Rottweiler dogs

It’s a widespread misconception that Rottweilers sweat a lot of dander all year. It is only a perspective, not a proven reality. It’s worth mentioning that Rottweilers only lose their dander two or three times each year.

Well-groomed dogs eat and lead healthy life. It is easy to train popular pet dogs within a short duration. They learn swimming, hunting, sniffing, running, and helping their owners. Rottweiler originated from the town Rottweil located in southwest Germany. It swims in the sea, lakes, and rivers and indulges in rescue operations.

Rottweiler dogs help in Rescue Operations Division in New York. They are fondly called rovers since they guard cattle, livestock, and animals.

It is easy to train them as service dogs, guide dogs, and draft dogs. They are quick learners and maintain a friendly relationship with their masters and friends.

Top Six Dog Kennels in Dubai for Rottweiler

Understanding a few things about Dubai culture is usually advantageous beforehand. You can visit reputed kennel clubs in Dubai and play with trained puppies if you miss the love and affection of your pet dogs. You can also buy exotic pets from one of these kennel clubs and carry them. The branded kennel clubs in Dubai are listed below.

Dubai Kennels and Cattery (DKC)

It is one of the branded Kennel Clubs based in Dubai that offer various services like global relocations, boarding and daycare, veterinary care, and grooming.

Working professionals can leave their Rottweiler and take them back home after office hours. You can also leave your cats, birds, and rabbits with this well-known kennel club and go wherever you desire. They provide food and groom your pet animals till you come back.  Walk the virtual tour on their site before paying the upfront fees.

Top Six Dog Kennels in Dubai for your Rottweiler b

Pet station Kennels and Cattery

The services offered by Pet station Kennels and Cattery are veterinary clinic, dog training, pet boarding, pet accessories sale, pet furniture, dog daycare, and pet grooming. You can fix an appointment using online and traditional channels and leave your dog in this reputed kennel club.

They will take your dogs for a long walk and mingle with them in a friendly manner. Customers may also rent pet ambulances and automobiles from this reputable company at reasonable rates.

PoshPaws Kennels and Cattery

The comprehensive services offered by this premium kennel club in Dubai are kennels, cattery, grooming, and relocations. It was founded in the year 2018 and supports pet lovers in many ways.

It also offers state-of-the-art boarding and grooming facilities for birds, dogs, and cattle. The professional team grooms and trains the dogs and birds lovingly till the contract expires.


Petsville is one of the reputed kennel clubs that operates from the city of Dubai. Expats, pet owners, and others can leave their dogs, pet animals, and birds at this kennel for a few days or weeks.

The trainers and professionals working here will groom your dog and provide food, milk, snacks, and shelter. The hourly daycares start from AED 15, and for an additional dog, you may have to pay AED 10. This firm also offers unlimited plans at reasonable prices.

My Second Home

My Second Home is a reliable pet care center for dogs, birds, and cats. It was started in the year 2015 by a group of like-minded professionals. It offers boarding, grooming, and spa services.

The trainers and supervisors groom your dogs and pet animals professionally and treat them with dignity.

Shampooch Pet Grooming

Everyone, even your Rottweiler, benefits from a bit of pampering. Shampooch is at your service, whether you have a pampered puppy or a rambunctious mongrel! It is a dog grooming company comprised of pet-loving, professionally trained individuals that provide high-quality services.

Shampooch is all about pet pampering, and they also have an adorable ’boutique hotel’. For a full day at daycare, it costs AED 90 (subject to change).

Final Thoughts

Because most expats living in Dubai take yearly trips home on holidays, there is a high demand for a pet care service to look after pets. And offer a secure environment for them while their owners are not there.

But, before making a selection, go to the kennel and speak with them. You may observe how staffs treat pets in their care. You can also examine the kennel to ensure it is clean and adequately maintained. It’s also an excellent way to keep track of how many dogs the kennel is caring for at any given moment to make sure it’s not overcrowded.

You might also end up purchasing a puppy from one of the kennels listed above.

* All the prices mentioned are approximate charges as per our research. The actual price may vary.