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10 Good Reasons to Learn Arabic

Reasons to Learn Arabic

What are the benefits of learning Arabic language?

Arabic Language is one of the top six major languages of the world. It is spoken in over 20 countries worldwide. It belongs to the Semitic languages which include Amharic, Phoenician, and Hebrew. It is a complex and rich language. Learning the Arabic language can be a unique opportunity for both personal and professional growth. If you are looking for better work opportunities in Dubai, it can help you a lot. Alsun Translation Company Dubai gives you 10 reasons why Arabic language is worth consideration as a field of study!

1. Learning Arabic Can Boost Your Career

One of the best reasons to learn Arabic is to join a job in an Arabic speaking county. There are a great amount of job and investment opportunities in Arabic speaking countries due to the economic boom in such places. There are competitive salaries and positions available to Arabic fluent speakers. Thus, Arabic fluency can open a door for you to boost your career and can be an important asset for you, especially if you are looking for a job as a newbie.

You can also go for translation jobs if you have an excellent command of the Arabic language. Alsun Translation office UAE offers high-quality translation services from and into Arabic at affordable prices.

2. Arabic is an Official UN Language

Arabic is the official language of over 20 countries and is spoken by nearly 300 million native speakers. So, it is one of the 6 official languages of the United Nations. In 1973, Arabic became the official and working language of the General Assembly. In 1982, it became the official language of the Economic and Social Council and the Security Council.

3. Understand Islam

Islam is the second largest religion in the world. If you are interested in studying religions and you need to know about Islam, learning Arabic will help you understand Islam and Quran.

4. Know Arab Cultural

Arab countries’ cultures and histories are diverse, rich, and interesting.  Learning Arabic will help you understand the Arab culture and dive deep into its history.


5. Travel Easily to the Arab Countries

If you are a traveler dreaming to visit as many countries as you can and discovering the whole world, Arab countries are certainly on your list.  Travel to Arab countries will be much easier if you can speak Arabic. Although in almost all the Arab countries, you can speak in English, knowing Arabic gives added advantage in communication. If you are travelling to Dubai and need translation services, you can find a number of good companies for legal Arabic translation in Dubai.

6. Arabic Helps You Learn Other Languages

Learning Arabic is a gate to learning other languages such as Farsi, Persian, Turkish, and Urdu. Being fluent will grant you access to learning other languages.

7. Promote Your Intercultural Awareness

Travelling to Arab countries and learning Arabic languages will give you access to diverse cultures, history, values, traditions. This will promote your intercultural awareness and understanding.

8. Arabic is an Easy Language to Learn

Learning Arabic is a great joy. It is not hard as it seems to be. Arabic is a very exciting language linguistically. Arabic Alphabet is very straightforward, grammar is simple compared to other languages and vocabulary can be derived from roots.

9. Arabic is in High Demand

Arabic is the native language of the Middle East which is full of many world events and international policies. This language is also spoken by nearly 400 million people in the world. All these factors make the Arabic language in high demand.

10. Improve Your Brain Health

Learning a foreign language improves your brain health.  It helps your brain to fight against dementia and Alzheimer’s. So, learning a language as beautiful and fascinating as Arabic will have a positive effect on your life.

If you want to grow in the UAE or other Middle East countries, it is important that you approach your audience in their native language. Alsun Certified Translation Dubai can help you boost your business in the Arab Market by delivering the exact message you want in an attractive and effective way to reach your target audience.