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Top 10 Qualities of A Real Estate Agent

Qualities of A Real Estate Agent

10 Qualities to Be a Successful Real Estate Agent

Suppose you are sitting in an auditorium and listening to a symphony. The music sounds heavenly with an experienced maestro, but it could all fall flat with a novice supervisor.

A real estate agent is like the conductor of the symphony coordinating buying or selling real estate. If the agent is good, the entire process could be harmonious and hassle-free. If not, you could be maneuvering across a rough path, all on your own!

A real estate agent’s job encompasses multiple roles – salesman, conducting market research, analyst, manager, adviser, negotiator, and more. It is crucial to have the right agent by your side as a buyer or a seller for a successful deal. Here are the 10 must-have traits and qualities of a professional, trustworthy real estate agent.

10 Skills and Traits of A Real Estate Agent

1. Honest and Transparent

It can be a frustrating experience if your real estate agent misleads you or pushes you into investing in an expensive asset. Many agents try these tactics – they create a sense of urgency and indulge in dubious methods to fulfill their business targets. Buyers and sellers must check out the agent’s reviews and take feedback from referrals. Business ethics is a crucial factor in the realty business worldwide. Agents must respect the choice of their customers because it is their hard-earned money in the end. Conscientious and ethical agents will always value the time and money of their clients and be transparent at all costs.

2. Emotional Intelligence (EI)

A professional real estate agent should be emotionally intelligent. Emotional Intelligence is centered on five elements – self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills. In short, an emotionally intelligent person can manage their emotions and that of others around. An agent must control his feelings and expressions, calmly helping their clients make informed decisions. The client benefits from the positive and constructive approach of the agent.

3. Knowledge of  the Local Housing Market

Prospective buyers and sellers approach a real estate agent because of their familiarity. It is also why most potential homebuyers and owners prefer to go ahead with only local agents. The agent should be able to advise the customer on a different gamut, starting from market rates to schools and colleges around the area. They need to have in-depth knowledge of the neighborhood. A thorough understanding of the market and the location can provide an agent with a competitive advantage in the UAE’s crowded real estate market. He should also be able to guide you on the property registration process in Dubai.

4. An Impressive Listener

An agent who is not ready to hear what the customer says is not the best person to trust. One of the key skills that differentiate a good realty agent from a not-so-good one is listening skills. Customers deserve one-hundred percent attention, especially when they are sharing their aspirations and thoughts. The real estate buying process is more an emotional one than anything else. The agent must give his time to listen to the client with proper attention.

5. Seek Answers to All Questions

One key attribute of a motivated real estate agent is his curious nature. An agent needs to ask questions and not assume answers. The person must have the zeal, passion, interest, and time to find as much information as possible from the customer. The more questions they ask, the more equipped they are to locate the best offer for their customers’ aspirations and needs. In the end, it can prove to be a win-win situation for everyone concerned

6. Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills

Another essential aspect of being a real estate agent is the ability to negotiate. There are two distinct areas where this skill will prove to be a useful weapon – while deciding the listing price and the selling price. A competent agent will guarantee that he has put in the time and effort to develop this expertise to its maximum potential.

7. Possess Amicable Personality

It is a people-centric job. A real estate agent has to deal with clients every day. The agent cannot take a chance with being rude, indifferent, or callous with their customers. Their career could be doomed with these traits.

Hence, they need to develop a pleasing personality to make the correct impressions on their customers. It is essential to have a friendly disposition; an approachable nature. Due to this personality trait, customers can relax in their presence and reach out to them with zero inhibition to resolve queries and doubts. Amicability can be developed by participating in soft skill workshops. It is an investment that is truly worth the time and money.

8. Meticulous

A real estate agent has to be in multiple shoes simultaneously. There is too much on their plate, which is why they need to be painstakingly organized in their job. Every minute and last detail must be addressed. They can’t afford to overlook any aspect, whether it’s their client’s needs or market trends. A meticulous agent always supports his customer with due diligence and thorough market research.

9. Technically Sound

In the digital era, real estate agents need to empower their businesses with a virtual presence. To start with, they could list their services or profile on a regional agent listing website. But, beyond this, they should look at digital marketing, setting up a responsive SEO-enabled webpage, making it easy for customers to find them. A site is the right place to upload property pictures and other details. Real estate video marketing helps a lot in explaining the potential clients and presenting them the property in the right way. Not just that, social media presence can help them connect and engage with clients, existing and prospective, better.

10. Networking Skills

A lot of an agent’s success depends on how well networked they are with relevant professionals. For example, they need to have good working relationships with developers, lawyers, government officials, local municipal authorities, and more. Multiple seminars and B2B meets are organized from time to time for concerned people from the industry to meet and network. Agents must regularly participate in these offline events to meet new parties and build a strong support community for their business. Homebuyers and sellers must enquire if their real estate agent is a regular at such networking events. Customers can benefit meaningfully from the professional tie-ups and associations of the agent.

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Investors in real estate, home buyers, and sellers can make profitable investment decisions with professional help from real estate agents. When choosing the best agent, these ten parameters can help assess if the right man or woman is being hired for the job or not.