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Problems with Desert Safari Dubai and How to Combat Them

Challenges during Desert Safari Ways to Combat Them

Dubai’s desert safari is a popular tourist attraction. Yet, from scorching temperatures to unorganized tours, tourists can encounter various issues during their desert safari experience. In this article, we’ll look at common problems with a desert safari in Dubai and offer solutions to combat them.

High temperatures and lack of shade

One of the biggest problems with desert safari adventures is the high temperatures and lack of shade. During the summer months, temperatures can reach over 50 degrees Celsius, making it difficult for tourists to enjoy their safari experience fully. To combat this problem, choosing the right time of year to visit is important.

Months from October to April are the cooler months and the best time for a desert safari Dubai trip. A morning or evening safari can also help avoid the day’s heat. It is also important to check whether the tour package includes shaded areas like tents or cabanas for the tourists to take a break from the heat.

Unorganized tours

Another common problem is unorganized tours. Tour operators that lack experience and organization can lead to a disoriented and uncomfortable experience for tourists. You should research and book with a reputable tour operator. Look for one with a good track record and a reputation for providing well-organized and professional tours. Reading reviews and testimonials from past customers can also help you to make an informed decision when choosing a tour operator.

Crowded and busy camps

Another issue that tourists may face during their desert safari experience is crowded and busy camps. This can make it difficult to enjoy the activities and attractions fully. In this situation, booking a private or VIP desert safari can help to avoid crowds and provide a more personalized and exclusive experience. These tours usually have smaller groups, and more attention and amenities are provided to the tourists.

Limited cultural experiences

Many desert safari tours in Dubai focus on modern and commercial activities rather than traditional Bedouin culture. This can make the experience feel less authentic and leave tourists feeling disappointed.

To combat this problem, choosing a tour focusing on traditional Bedouin culture and activities can provide a more authentic and immersive experience. Look for tours that include activities such as camel riding, henna painting, and traditional music and dance performances.

Overpriced tours

The next common problem is overpriced tours. Some tour operators charge exorbitant prices for their services, which can be a deterrent for tourists. For this, comparing prices and reading reviews before booking is essential. Look for tours that offer good value for money and provide a wide range of activities and amenities.

Long travel times

Some desert safari tours in Dubai can involve long travel times, which can be tiring and time-consuming for tourists. To combat this problem, choosing a desert safari tour closer to your location can help minimize travel time and make the experience more convenient.

Risk of sandstorms

Sandstorms can occur unexpectedly in the desert and pose a risk to tourists. So, it’s important to check the weather forecast before going on a safari and have a plan in case of a sandstorm. Tour operators usually have contingency plans and will provide instructions on what to do in a sandstorm.

Risk of getting lost in the desert

The vastness of the desert can make it easy for tourists to get lost if they wander off on their own. Going on a guided tour with experienced drivers and guides is important. They are familiar with the desert terrain and can ensure that tourists stay safe and on the right path.

Limited options for food and drink

Some desert safari tours in Dubai may have limited options for food and drink. This can be a problem for tourists with dietary restrictions or specific preferences. To overcome this problem, research and choose a safari that offers a variety of food and drink options.

Look for tours that provide a buffet or a la carte meals, and inquire about the availability of vegetarian, vegan, or halal options. Some tours also offer traditional Bedouin meals and drinks, which can add a cultural dimension to the experience. It’s also a good idea to carry your water and snacks, especially during the hot months.

Risk of being scammed

Tourists may face a final problem during their desert safari experience: the risk of being scammed. It is, therefore, crucial to be aware of common scams and not hand over money or personal information to anyone who seems suspicious.

Be wary of unsolicited offers of discounted or free tours, and only book with reputable and licensed tour operators. It’s also good to carry enough cash for the tour and not to carry valuable items with you to the desert.