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How to Relocate a Dog and Cat to Dubai?

Dog relocation

How to relocate pets to Dubai?

Relocating pets is not a new thing. You may want to rehome your pets because of a variety of reasons. Make sure you have the right tips.

“Adopt don’t shop” is the motto when it comes to getting a pet. It is better to adopt a pet and provide them home than buy exotic breeds that are heavy in your pocket.

Before you move your dog and/or cat to Dubai, you should know a few things. Familiarize yourself with the pet import laws. The UAE has strict laws. Below are some of them.

  1. Pets moving to Dubai need a valid import permit before they can enter the UAE.
  1. If any pets are traveling to Dubai, they must be shipped in manifested cargo. This is as per the International Air Transport Association (IATA) regulations.
  1. Only two pets can be allowed to travel to the UAE per person, and each of them requires an import permit.
  1. Puppies and kittens who are less than 27 weeks old from countries with a high number of rabies cases cannot enter the UAE. This is also applicable to unvaccinated pets under the age of 15 weeks from rabies-controlled countries.
  1. The UAE does not have a law that puts the pets entering the country in quarantine.

Documents to Relocate Your Pets to Dubai

When it comes to pet relocation in Dubai, it is the owner’s responsibility to make the necessary arrangements and provide the requirements, including the bare cost of pet relocation. These duties also include important official documents such as import permits, vaccine or animal passports, and an updated and working pet microchip.

There are quite a few organizations in Dubai that offer services for pet relocation in Dubai. As an owner, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with the official documents you will require when moving to Dubai with your pet.

Passport Copy of the Owner

Before preparing your pet’s documents, have the required papers to bring your pet cat/dog to Dubai. When applying for the UAE pet import permit, you’ll need a scanned copy of your passport, a UAE residency visa, and an Emirates ID. Therefore, make sure to keep these documents handy.

UAE Pet Import Permit

When it comes to any pet relocation in Dubai, you will need a valid UAE import permit. This permit is essential as it will facilitate the clearance of your dog/s or cat/s at the customs in Dubai. Additionally, it will book flights for your pets. The permit has a validation that lasts for 30 days. It can be obtained by registering. You will also find detailed information on the official website of the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) regarding the legalities of what kind of pet can or cannot be rehomed in Dubai.

Animal Passport or Original Vaccination Card

Ensure that your pet dog and/or cat has valid documentation before relocating to Dubai. This must include your pet dog and/or cat’s microchip number, the validity of medical treatments such as rabies vaccination and other vaccinations records, and its date of birth.

Relocate a Dog

Valid and Original Health Certificate from the Exporting Country

To establish that your dogs have been evaluated and given a clean bill of health, you must produce the required documents to the authorities.

Valid and Original Certificate for Rabies Serum Neutralization test (RSNT)

All dogs and cats entering Dubai need to show proof that they are rabies-free. MOACCAE has a list of countries that they consider to be rabies-free and rabies-controlled. However, if you happen to bring your dog/s and cat/s from a country that has not been listed as rabies-controlled or rabies-free, you need to have a test done to make sure that they are. The test needs to be done on your pet days before your travel.

The minimum tier, which is the laboratory test that analyzes the level of antibodies in the blood should be 0.5IU/ml. It needs to be obtained to bring your pet to Dubai.

Mandatory vaccines list for dogs relocation to Dubai

Canine Distemper Virus (CDV)
Canine Parvo Virus
Infectious Canine Hepatitis.

Dubai Pet Permit Service Charges

AED 500 per dog for a release request
AED 250 per cat for a release request
AED 200 per dog/cat import permit

What Can You Do When Relocating Your Cat or Dog to Dubai?

Relocating pets can be a detailed and lengthy process. It is better to hire professionals to relocate your pets. Hire the best relocation pet service that will take care of the legal documents and the arrival of your pets professionally. The price of these services can be hefty, but it is worth it when your pet cat and/or dog arrives safely.
Make sure that the cage or carrier your pet is traveling in meets the IATA requirements.

Services That Help to Rehome Your Cats and Dogs in Dubai

38 Smiles: If you want to rehome your cat, 38 Smiles is the best place in the UAE to look for. Set up in 2011, this organization helps stray animals in Dubai, and its not-for-profit rescue group organizes many events to raise money to help strays. It also helps to relocate pets.

Abu Dhabi Animal Shelter: Located in the Falcon Hospital in Abu Dhabi, this shelter for cats and dogs helps find a home for unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs. You can see what animals are up for adoption on their website. They also reunite owners with their lost pets.

Little Angels Animal Rescue League: This is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to rescuing strays and abandoned pets. They help these strays find loving homes, and this group has rescue services all over the UAE. You can also sponsor pets at their boarding facility.

Summing Up

Several pet relocation firms in Dubai can assist you in relocating your pet from all over the world to Dubai. These agencies will help you in carefully and safely transporting your pet to the city. There are various places where you may take your four-legged buddy. For cat lovers, there are exclusive Cat Cafés in Dubai.

Before bringing your pet to Dubai, the last thing to remember is to make sure that the place you reside accepts pets. Several dog-friendly locations in Dubai are ideal for expats who want to live with their dogs. So, if you’re going to live peacefully with your dogs in Dubai, be sure to look at those.