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7 Best Rated and Award Winning Nurseries in Dubai

Nurseries in Dubai

Top 7 Nurseries in Dubai

As a parent, you will always feel that time flies by very fast and that your little ones grow way faster. The initial years probably are the most challenging, especially when it is time for your toddler to move out of home and attend a nursery for a few hours every day.

It is a difficult phase not just for parents but for kids too. For parents, it is the first time that you would trust a stranger with your child. But, for the young one, it is a life-changing move to be surrounded by unknown adults and kids of similar ages. It is an emotional and mentally stressful time for kids and their parents.

Considering that it is an important decision that can have a bearing on the child’s future, it is imperative to find the best nursery for your little one. If you are an expat, this is one of the most important things to know before moving to Dubai.

We have compiled a list of the top seven nurseries in Dubai making it a wee bit easier for you to find the perfect haven for your child.

1. Little Land Nursery and Montessori Centre

Recipient of the Top Schools Award for Best Early Childhood Centre in UAE 2021-22, this nursery has been around since 1994. Located in Umm Suqeim, off Manara Road, the place brims with love and warmth, a homely environment where the owner Sioq Moore is personally involved in the day-to-day running of the nursery. In fact, all the kids and their parents know the owner one-to-one. Other than that, you cannot fail to notice the ambiance with the natural lighting and a very cozily designed outdoors.

Little Land takes in kids right from the age of 1.5 years up to 4 years. The educators are all qualified with equivalent degrees to the National Nursery Examination Board, UK. Kids enjoy a lot of space, physically and mentally to try out new things and learn at their own pace. While the place has a uniform, it does not serve food. Kids have to carry their own lunchboxes.

2. Chubby Cheeks

The Award-Winning Nursery has almost 16 branches across the UAE. It follows the British Curriculum and accepts infants from 45 days old to the age of four. The chain is an affiliate with almost 20 big schools which means that once your kids are ready to move to big schools, you’ll not have any problems finding the right one for them. It also works in partnership with the government on various programs.

A noteworthy aspect of the nursery is the focus on the holistic development of the child. This includes learnings in maths, languages, play areas including indoor and outdoor, a mini gym, and more. The teaching staff is highly qualified and adept at handling kids of this age group. The nursery has been awarded a 5-star rating by the Jawda Quality Improvement Program, which is an international quality improvement program. The ISO 9001:2008 certified nursery has an affiliation with the Dubai Quality Group.

Locations of Chubby Cheeks Nursery include Jumeirah Islands, The Garden, Discovery Gardens, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina, and more.

3. Kangaroo Kids

Located in Al Safa 2, Kangaroo Kids is led by a seasoned educator and Early Years Leader, Laura Barton Toyne. The nursery itself has numerous attractive features that leave parents impressed and convinced about the growth and safety of their kids. From beautifully decorated classrooms to a mini-amphitheater, a sensory trail, and a ‘Curiosity Approach’ accreditation, the nursery has a lot to offer to the early growing years of your toddlers.

There are some hands-on learning opportunities too. For example, the various nursery pets that are there give the kids a unique opportunity to learn the art of caring for pets. There are also opportunities to explore their passions and interests and develop hobbies during fun classes.

Parent-teacher meetings are a regular affair so that you are always a part of your child’s evolving journey.

Children in Nursery

4. Kids Island

This one-of-its-kind nursery in Jumeirah 3 has been around for almost thirty years now. The nursery follows the EYFS framework which is also termed ‘The Inspire Approach.’ One of the things that you will instantly notice about the Kids Island Nursery is the personalized attention given to each child. It helps that the top management of the nursery is a duo team of mother-daughter.

The other noticeable aspect of the place is the intricate detailing of the outdoor area. While the objective is to curate a healthy holistic place of learning for the young ones, it is the way the décor items and furniture, etc., have been selected and arranged that give it a very nice feeling. The eco-conscious nursery follows the British Curriculum and accepts kids from a year old to 4 years old. It has received the ‘Learning Garden Award’ for its exceptional work quality.

5. British Orchard Nursery

Located in Al Twar 2, Dubai, The British Orchard is another award-winning nursery with over 25 years of experience in the field. It is present at more than 25 locations in the UAE. Using innovative methods, the nursery focuses on quality education with top priority to child development.

The curriculum followed is British EYFS uses seven core skill groups for age-appropriate learning. Besides English, the nursery offers a curriculum in Mandarin and French. Also, when in Dubai, there are good reasons to learn Arabic, which is why the nursery teaches Arabic to the young ones.

Throughout the year, there are 40 events annually including themed birthday parties. This is the only nursery in the UAE with Ages & Stages Questionnaire or ASQ-3 that helps them to identify kids with development delays between 1 month and 5 years old. It is ISO 9001 – 2015 certified, OHSAS 18001 certified and ISO 14001 accredited. Other than this, there are extra-curricular activities like yoga, Zumba, and more.

6. Odyssey Nursery

Located at Jumeirah 3, Odyssey Nursery is one of the few nurseries in Dubai that offer a learning space to kids in three different languages – English, Arabic, and French. Additionally, another distinct feature of the nursery is that it follows an American curriculum in contrast to most other nurseries in Dubai that are British Curriculum-based. The nursery is affiliated with the Washington State Early Learning Developmental Benchmarks curriculum.

The nursery accepts kids in the age group – 4 months old to 4 years old. The all-inclusive child development facility follows Reggio Emilia approach. The entire learning program is based on hands-on learning through a play model.

7. Masterminds Dubai

This nursery is over 60 years old. Personal care in learning is one of the key focus areas at Masterminds. Each learning group consists of 3 to 5 children. Besides English, there are Arabic and French languages included in the curriculum. Besides academics, your kids get their first lessons in swimming, violin, and gymnastics too at the nursery.

It follows the US Connecticut curriculum with a unique ‘Pathway to Excellence’ program. There are 5 to 6 specialist teachers on the campus. The state-of-the-art facility has a tennis court, a gymnast’s training ground, and a sports field.


Dubai is not only a happening place for business and luxurious lifestyle, but the city also provides best of the education. Choosing the best nursery in Dubai ensures that your child gets the best life lessons and is trained by the top people in the business.