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Abu Dhabi

7 No-Fail, Low-Cost Holiday Activities with Friends in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, the capital city of the United Arab Emirates, offers a wide range of low-cost holiday activities that you can enjoy with your friends. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation, or cultural experiences, the city has something to offer for everyone.

Whenever the holidays in Abu Dhabi roll around, most visitors plan to go out with their group to explore the latest attractions or revisit their favorite travel destinations. They want to make the most of their free time to do something fun, try new experiences, and collect wonderful memories.

But what if, for a change, your travelling group, plus your newfound network of fellow Abu Dhabi tourists, would be happy to simply head over to someone’s rental house and spend the holidays there? After all, you’ve got your closest friends in the world, great food, and some low-key yet ultra-entertaining activities that you all can bond over – you’ve got everything you need for a laid-back yet memorable holiday that’ll help you significantly cut back on your travel spending.

Here are seven no-fail, low-cost activities that’ll make your holiday hangout with fellow Abu Dhabi visitors extra special.

1. Have a Movie Night

Who doesn’t love being engrossed in a great movie? For this special gathering with friends, choose the holiday rental with the best home theatre or audio-visual equipment so everyone can enjoy the viewing experience. You can also make movie night more fun by turning it into a movie marathon – select a movie trilogy, like Star Wars or the Lord of the Rings, and finish all three movies throughout the weekend.

Make sure you’ve got a plentiful supply of snacks (flavoured popcorn, pretzels, chips with dips, an assortment of candy, and lots of sodas and more) to keep everyone reveling in the movie-going experience. Bonus tip: You can even plan a Trivia Quiz Night for the next free weekends and use the movies you watched as the theme for the event!

2. Bake Something Scrumptious

Nothing brings people together the way food can. But instead of arriving at your friend’s rental house and immediately sitting down to a ready meal, why not try whipping up something together with the whole gang and sampling your gastronomical creations afterward?

What’s more, you can change up the whole cook-a-thon idea and plan to bake some fabulous treats and desserts yourselves for a change. Get the best baker in your friend group to choose some simple recipes everyone can work on, like cookies, brownies, quickbreads, or pies. Divide the recipe steps among members of the group and watch the delicious desserts come together.

Unlike cooking, where you can experiment with the ingredients you throw into the pot or even eyeball the amounts you put in, baking is an exact science – everyone should follow the recipe strictly! But that extra effort to get the recipe right will be worth it when the mouthwatering smells of baking pastries begin wafting out of the oven.

3. Mix Up Your Own Cocktails

Since everyone’s become adept at attending virtual classes and conferences, here’s a fun virtual activity for your group: an online mixology class. Pick a virtual events provider that offers quick Zoom classes (around 45 minutes to an hour each) where a host can guide your group in making one or two simple yet tasty cocktails.

You’ll need to prepare the ingredients and equipment beforehand, so you can contact the premium drinks home delivery service to bring all the supplies straight to your door. Learning to mix up drinks you can enjoy anytime back at home or prepare during your next dinner party to impress your guests will be a blast.

4. Set Up a Photo Shoot

Suppose your travelling group is celebrating a special occasion, like the anniversary of your first meetup or someone’s graduation. In that case, you can set up your own private photo shoot to commemorate the occasion.

Pick a picturesque corner of your venue as the “studio” and decorate it with a clever backdrop and pretty lighting, and scatter boxes of fun props and accessories (which can be handmade) that everyone can fish through to accentuate their clothes and poses.

With a good digital camera or even just a mobile phone, everyone can have a hilarious time taking photos and getting amazing keepsakes from this special moment in Abu Dhabi.

5. Sip and Paint

Finally, have you ever wondered if you could create an entire painting by yourself? Try a sip-and-paint activity with your friends. You can order basic adult paint-by-number kits that come with painting guidelines and preset colours – these are easy to use for beginners, so everyone can be confident that they’ll produce a beautiful piece of art.

To make the activity extra enjoyable, buy champagne online for everyone to sip throughout the night. This helps create a relaxed atmosphere for everyone as you chat and finish your paintings, which you can all take home from your Abu Dhabi trip as a beautiful memento.

6. Board Game Tournament

Gather your friends for a board game tournament. Dust off your favorite board games, or try out new ones. Set up a tournament bracket and compete against each other for some friendly competition and fun. You can even create a prize for the winner to make it more exciting.

7. DIY Crafts

Get creative with DIY crafts. Choose a craft project that interests you and gather the necessary materials. Whether it’s painting, jewelry making, or creating home decor, working on crafts together can be a fun and relaxing activity. You can even exchange your creations as keepsakes or gifts.


Abu Dhabi offers a wide range of low-cost holiday activities that you can enjoy with your friends. You can have holidays well spent indoors with close friends and fellow explorers that won’t drain your travel budget – all you need are some unique activity ideas, good food and drinks, lots of laughs, and a goal of having a great time. So gather your friends and embark on an unforgettable adventure, creating lasting memories together.