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Top 5 Most Popular Foods in Dubai

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5 Most Popular Foods in Dubai

One of the places we’d like to see in the world is Dubai. Food is one such attraction that attracts travelers. When visiting, it’s important to try the local cuisine. Ferrari World, Desert Safari, Burj Khalifa, Kite Beach, Dubai Frame, and Jumeirah Beach Park are just a few of the attractions here. When traveling to this land of dreams, it is unavoidable to visit these locations, and food is one such attraction that charms visitors. It is vital to taste the city’s foods.

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5 Famous Food to Try in Dubai

In this article, we will tell you the top 5 most popular foods in Dubai. Let’s jump down!

Stuffed Camel:

The largest food on the planet, according to the Guinness World Book of Records, is stuffed camel. In Dubai, it is also seen as a luxurious and joyful meal.

To prepare a Filled Camel, we’ll need an open flame, a stuffed camel, and a partition to stuff things like chicken, eggs, fish, lambs, and spices inside the camel. In this state, stuffed camels are only served on rare occasions, such as at family gatherings, prominent cultural events, and Tribal traditions. This is also something you will notice while on a desert trip. But health is also important. Therefore, you can use a macro counting calculator in order to maintain your macros intake. In this way, you can enjoy food and health together.

Esh Hasarya:

Do you know what esh hasarya means? Its meaning is “harem flatbread.” It’s a cheesecake-like dish. When looking for an unmatched foodie experience, Esh Hasarya is a must-try famous Traditional dessert. Because of its excellent taste and texture, this sweet dessert dish is known as “The Bread of the Harem.”It is a delicious, sweet cake that just melts in your mouth. It is one of the most popular dishes.

This dish can be found in many local restaurants or on a mid-street food tour. Remember to try this delectable dish the next time you visit this powerful city of glass, steel, sand, and sparkling sea.

Al Harees:

Harees is one of the very well dishes. It can be found on the dinner tables of many Emiratis, as well as on the menus of some of the best restaurants. Because its preparation takes a considerable amount of time and skill, it is commonly presented at special occasions, weddings, and banquets. People thought of Al Harees as a personal project that took hours to prepare. A pinch of salt, wheat, and pork was used to prepare this original meal, which was cooked until it had a smooth texture.

You will need a lot of time to prepare this dish, especially if you’re in the land of delicious spices. It’s the dish that will delight your taste buds with a surprise and delicious bit of a change.



Have you heard of Jasheed before? It is one of the most popular dishes served on the Safari Tour as well as in the Middle East. People believe that fish plays an essential role in Emirati cuisine, particularly in coastal areas where fresh fish is consumed frequently.

You’ll need small sharks or other fish, as well as rice, to make this dish. You’ll need rice, also known as “aysh” in this state of UAE, to eat this dish. This fish is made with water and cooked spices and takes 30 minutes to prepare until the burned skin is away from the fish.

It’s washed and put into a larger pot with market spice mix, cinnamon, ginger, ground dried lemon, cardamon, diced onion, and garlic after 30 minutes. It’s a dish with a variety of spices. When you take the first bite, your mouth will be filled with a blast of delicious spices.


The meal Shawarma is familiar to most of us, and it is a popular dish that has spread far beyond the UAE. However, it is cooked in UAE with slow-roasted and spiced meat, which must be chicken or lamb. It’s more similar to an Easter Sandwich from the Middle Ages.

Shawarma with garlic sauce, tomatoes, Arabic bread, and vegetables is a popular dish. Shawarma can be found in cities such as New York City, Delhi, Moscow, Tokyo, or anywhere else in the world, but eating Shawarma in Dubai is an awesome feeling that you will never forget.  


The majority of the dishes stated above can be found in Dubai restaurants. Give these meals a try the next time you’re in Dubai. But also make use of a macronutrient calculator to know how to calculate macros regularly. Any trip to Dubai must be one not to forget. It’s nearly that experience when wonderful food follows you on your journey.