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Diverse Mercedes Car Rental Options in Dubai and across UAE

Dubai is undoubtedly the epitome of luxury, wealth, and opulence. From its marvelous architecture to its stunning landscape, from the booming economy to the plethora of natural resources, from high-end retail and shopping brands to top-notch amusement and theatrical parks, this Emirate shines and rises more than any other city in the world.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that to match the exuberance of this city, you need a vehicle that can keep up with its lavishness. And nothing speaks grandeur more than Mercedes – the ultimate luxury car. It might not be feasible for everyone to own one, but with the option of rent a Mercedes in Dubai, UAE, you can have the pleasure of having an enriching experience on the road.

But you might wonder why picking Mercedes is the best option among the extensive range of luxury cars you have both as buying and rental options. So, let’s dive into that first before we let you know of the exuberant rental options for Mercedes in Dubai and the whole of the UAE.

Why is Mercedes the Best Luxury Car Option You can opt for?

Mercedes are universally beloved for a myriad of reasons. When it comes to luxury cars, few can match their excellence. They fill all the checkboxes in all the departments.

The ease of repair and maintenance makes them a great option for both short-term rental as well as long-term buying options, making it palatable to a wide range of customers. Take a look below to find out what makes them an irresistible choice.


Perhaps the most compelling aspect of Mercedes is its design aspect. With a visually stunning touch, the world’s best automobile designers have worked together in tandem to give beauty to this highly functional car. The practicality of its design is accentuated by its highly aerodynamic phenomenon.

The exterior and interior design have a harmonious look that is governed by clean lines, simple forms, and attention to detail that result in a sophisticated aesthetic.


The futuristic transmission systems of the powerful engines of Mercedes make them a top choice for millions of car admirers around the world. With a wide variety of engine types including diesel, gasoline, and hybrid, you will get high-end modernistic technologies such as turbocharging and direct injection.

Add to the fact that it also has precise control and smooth shifting along with automatic, manual, CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), and hybrid transmission, it is no wonder why you need this as your top priority.


Whether it is the super intuitive infotainment system that features voice commands and a large touchscreen or the self-parking feature, you can never go wrong with the technology of Mercedes.

The advanced lighting, eclectic connectivity options, driver assistance systems, and electric and hybrid technology only add to its enviable technological dominance.


Among the many reasons to rent a luxury car in Dubai, the one that stands out is reliability. Both in terms of longevity and performance, Mercedes has created a name for itself in the automotive industry.

The precision of engineering and the high-quality manufacturing aspect make this a trustworthy vehicle for your journey. As it goes through rigorous testing, you can rest assured that it will withstand the toughest of driving conditions. From extreme temperatures to high speed, you will get a comprehensive warranty program with this vehicle.


You can have all the luxury in the world but if your vehicle is not backed with safety features, it is no good. Thankfully with Mercedes, the advanced driver assistance system makes use of cameras, radars, and sensors to monitor not only the road but other fellow cars and pedestrians to ensure you are protected from potential accidents.

Furthermore, you get lane departure warning, blind spot monitoring, adaptive cruise control, and emergency braking, among other detailed features that make your and your loved ones’ journey on the road safe.

Choosing the Best Mercedes Car Rental Choice in Dubai

When you are selecting a Mercedes for rent, you must explore all the latest and classic models because riding in style is of the essence with this car. Now, there are many car rental options in the city, but the endless range of choices you will find with Wheels on Rent will certainly leave you with a pleasant surprise.

Their range of Mercedes options includes the following.

  • Mercedes CLA 250 White
  • Mercedes C300 Convertible
  • Mercedes C300 Silver
  • Mercedes E450 2020 Convertible
  • Mercedes CLA 45 AMG
  • Mercedes G63 Blue 2022
  • Mercedes A220
  • Mercedes C43 AMG
  • Mercedes GLC300
  • Mercedes Maybach S Class
  • Mercedes C200 2023
  • Mercedes G63 White
  • Mercedes C300
  • Mercedes CLA 250
  • Mercedes V Class Van
  • Mercedes S500 Brabus
  • Mercedes G63 AMG White
  • Mercedes G63 AMG Black
  • Mercedes G63 AMG
  • Mercedes G63 Brabus Rocket 900
  • Mercedes E Class
  • Mercedes Sprinter Van 18 Seater
  • Mercedes Viano Van 2023
  • Mercedes S Class S450

You will also get to book your driver with this car rental option and it will also take care of the fuel cost. Not to mention, the pick-up and drop options are free of charge as well. Furthermore, even the Salik toll charges are included in the rental charges.

So, as you can see, you get a wholesome package that will allow you to have a stress-free luxury car experience so that your time on the road is safe, stylish, and opulent.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are living in Dubai or visiting the city, you must complete your experience by renting a luxury car to make your time on the road memorable. And nothing beats a Mercedes in terms of luxury.

With reliable rental options like Wheels on Rent, your time in Dubai and the rest of the UAE will be nothing short of royalty. So, live like a king and make the most out of your luxury experience with Mercedes.