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Maternity Cost in Dubai

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Maternity Costs in Dubai

“In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.” — Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn

Motherhood is a beautiful experience, moments to cherish and live your childhood again through your child’s growth. Every 3.5 hours, a new child is born in Dubai. It’s tough for the parents to deal with all the expenses of maternity on the spot.

If you want to start a family in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), it is the best place because of its modernity, healthcare, and other benefits. The country is, nonetheless, ruled by Islamic rules. And some strict laws and regulations must be obeyed without exception. The pregnant woman should be married. Neither the single nor the divorced are welcome. As you get closer to the pregnancy test, you’ll need a marriage certificate. Sex before marriage is now acceptable, but you might face issues with pregnancy and childbirth before marriage.

Here we have outlined some simple tips and tricks that can help you from the early stage of pregnancy until childbirth.

Cost of having a Baby in Dubai with and without insurance

The Dubai Health Authority prefers to maintain high standards at the Dubai health care center. Private hospitals are also one of the most vital sectors. The short waiting period and quality standards have made Dubai a popular destination for medical purposes.

Visiting a private hospital could be more expensive

The renowned doctors can have a waiting list. Once a pregnant mother decides to begin looking for a doctor, it is advisable to complete her journey with the same health care provider.

The natives of the UAE have many free services from the Government. The Government issues a health card. If a person possesses it and has MRN number, they can avail advantage of free or discounted services. Additionally, private health insurance could be able to cover all of your hospital costs.

Many natives of UAE prefer to avail themselves of private health insurance to access the vast area in Dubai Healthcare City, a modern private medical complex, and much more. It is advisable to do research on Health Insurance Companies in UAE and select the best one as per your needs.

Though, having a baby in Dubai could be very expensive even if you have public healthcare insurance. Furthermore, the legacy at private hospitals may be felt by a pleasant view from the window, a flat television, and other amenities.

The average charges are:

  • In the Public Hospital – Total average hospital bill for prenatal services and a normal birth: AED 4,000-7,000*
  • In the Private Hospital – Total average hospital bill for prenatal services and a normal birth: AED 13,000 – 22,000*

If you have private insurance, ensure that it covers all of your maternity expenses up until the delivery of your baby, so you don’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

Maternity Costs

The average cost of baby delivery in Dubai

The average cost of baby delivery is relatively high in Dubai. The services provided by the hospitals are of high quality. You are asked to fix an appointment for the doctor every 2 weeks of pregnancy. As well, the number of ultrasounds during pregnancy is also more as compared to other countries.

In Dubai, many hospitals offer maternity packages.

  • Antenatal package: This package includes all the scans, doctor visits, and all the test necessities. This package changes as per the stages of the pregnancy.
  • Delivery package: This includes the stay at the hospital and the delivery.

The quality and care of the hospitals in Dubai are marvelous.

A few associations for standard cost with parental care and delivery*

Baby delivery medical procedures in DubaiAverage cost public hospital (AED)Average cost private hospital (AED)
Antenatal package – Prenatal doctor visit and care, and prenatal ultrasound



Birth and delivery in the hospital – package price7000


Cesarean section in the hospital – package price14,000


Home birth and delivery with a midwifeProhibitedProhibited

The average stay in a hospital after having a baby

The care of the child and mother is different in Dubai as compared to other countries. In the UAE, it is illegal to give birth to a newborn at home. Additionally, midwives are not allowed to work outside the hospitals. The pattern of birth of the child used by Dubai hospitals is through the traditional method of labor pain or birthing centers.

For the new mothers, it depends on their chosen package and the type of delivery they have gone through. For example, the mother stays for around 2-3 days in the hospital for normal delivery. In the case of cesarean delivery, the mother is asked to stay for 4-5 days.

Register your child in Dubai

After the birth of the child, the hospital issues a notification of the delivery. It is valid for 30 days from the birth of the child. As you get the birth certificate, it is crucial to get it attested by the Ministry of Health and Foreign affairs.

For the registration, you need the following documents:

  • The copies of passport and original passports
  • Residence permits of the parents
  • Marriage Certificate
  • Discharge summary from the hospital
  • Notification of birth from the hospital

The child born in Dubai and citizenship

The child born in Dubai won’t be a citizen of the UAE unless the parents are citizens. The UAE does not allow foreigners to be citizens. Dual citizenship is not recognized. In a typical case, if a person is married to a UAE citizen who has been together for 10 years or longer, only then the spouse be given UAE citizenship.

Is there any maternity leave in Dubai?

A new law came up in the year 2017, in which women who are working in the government offices either full-time or part-time get 90-days of maternity leave. The woman who is working in the private sector is allowed 45 days leave. There’s no paternity leave for fathers in Dubai.

Wrap Up

Being a parent is not inexpensive in Dubai. But this is a beautiful gesture of love, and one should always acknowledge it. Rest, the quality of the hospitals in Dubai is top-notch. Though, you can prefer Government or private hospitals at your convenience.

* All the charges mentioned are approximate rates as per our research. The actual charges may vary.