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Mahesh Advani: From Vision to Victory

A Few Words About Mr. Mahesh Advani

Mahesh Advani, a seasoned expat in UAE, is the founder and managing director of Blossom Trading and MyGovinda’s restaurant. Sanjit, his son, serves as the director of both businesses. MyGovinda’s is a network of vegetarian restaurants in Dubai, whereas Blossom Trading is the textile business.

Mr. Advani, his wife Rashmi, and their three kids reside in Dubai. Manisha, his eldest child, is a nutritionist and health coach. She started a coffee shop called Soul Sante Café. Pallavi, his second daughter, takes pleasure in making films and works for a private equity company. Sanjit, his son, serves as a director for the businesses.

Early Life and Background

Education and Skill Development

Indian immigrant Mahesh Advani left his home at the age of 18 in 1982 in search of better opportunities. After graduating from high school in his hometown Ajmer, a north Indian state of Rajasthan, he made the decision to try his luck in the UAE.

He seized the first chance that presented itself to establish himself on his own, just like any adolescent with a strong ambition to succeed in life would. He diligently acquired the skills of the textile business through years of hands-on experience and dedicated learning. With unwavering determination, he honed his expertise in fabric sourcing, production processes, and market trends. This knowledge paved the way for his remarkable success in the textile industry.

Identifying Passion and Goals

Mr. Mahesh Advani remembers taking the initial steps that were essential in his life’s path. As his uncle was working in Dubai, he stated a desire to visit and work in the city. He began his profession as a clerk at a textile trading company after arriving in Dubai. He moved up the corporate ladder in three years, becoming a manager, and launched his own textile business after another three years.

He committed himself to a vegetarian lifestyle and healthy eating in the middle of the 1990s. He did not have many choices back then, though, in Dubai. His love of cooking gave him the idea: why not launch my own business? In 2001, a chain of vegetarian restaurants called MyGovinda’s was launched. The UAE-based restaurant franchise now receives more than 15,000 visitors per month.

His thirst to find the best vegetarian food in Dubai led him to start MyGovinda’s. Currently, its locations are among the most popular places to eat in the city.

The Pillars of Success

Overcoming Challenges

Mr. Advani claimed that Covid-19 presented insurmountable difficulties. Nobody realized what hit them. But every obstacle also presents a chance. For instance, when the epidemic hit his company, he looked for ways to make its clothes safer. He found a way to make their kandooras with a specific cloth that was procured and imported from Japan.

The endeavor into the busy restaurant environment was one of Mr. Mahesh’s biggest challenges when he first opened the food business. Even though he was an expert in the textile industry, venturing into the food industry required both learning and unlearning.

Seizing Opportunities

Blossom Trading

Blossom Trading deals in the textiles business. The textile business has expanded over the past 30 years to become a sizable conglomerate with holdings in the hospitality industry, textiles, and e-commerce. Blossom Trading’s textile division is a major operator in the import and distribution of kandoora cloth for Arab menswear. It is one of the biggest importers of Dishdasha or Kandoora material from Japan, and it mainly serves the markets of the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and Yemen.

The business has its offices in Bur Dubai’s Textile Souq. The business employs about 45 workers. Mr. Advani employs about 150 individuals, including those who work at MyGovinda’s restaurants in Dubai.


In Dubai, the Indian vegetarian restaurant MyGovinda’s offers healthful, nutritious food. The success of the restaurant is based on the foundation of excellent meals and first-rate customer service. The restaurant is expanding its reach into India, the USA, and other nations as a result of this brand’s success in the UAE. In addition to MyGovinda’s, Mahesh Advani founded Trufrut, a preservative-free ice cream.


With his most recent endeavor, MyThoby, Mr. Advani has also entered the UAE’s online bespoke fashion market. MyThoby is an online marketplace that connects customers with the top tailors in the UAE.

Hard Work and Dedication

According to him, in the world of business, hard work and dedication stand as unwavering pillars of success. These factors fuel the engine that drives entrepreneurs toward their goals, turning dreams into realities. He further says, with relentless effort and unwavering focus, challenges are met with resilience, and opportunities are seized with determination. He personally believes that these fundamental qualities empowered him to navigate the dynamic landscape of business.

Innovation and Adaptability

He believes that putting people and principles first will help assure clients’ profitability and satisfaction. He values corporate social responsibility and works to produce the highest-quality products while strongly supporting ongoing manufacturing process improvement. At every level of the production process, his company has made investments in innovative, environmentally friendly technologies, greatly enhancing its productivity and expertise.

With an unwavering focus on innovation, he continuously explores new possibilities to revolutionize the business. By integrating the latest advancements into the products and services, he stays ahead of the competition, solidifying his position as a pioneer in the market.

Achieving Success and Recognition

Long-term success at Blossom Trading is a direct outcome of the company’s history of tenacity, morality, and gratitude. He believes prioritizing people and principles is the greatest way to guarantee profitability and client satisfaction.

The success of MyGovinda’s is based on the foundation of excellent food and superior customer service. Through a commitment to crafting delectable dishes, using the finest ingredients, and delivering a memorable dining experience, the restaurant has won the hearts of patrons and garnered a stellar reputation in the culinary world.

Empowering Others and Personal Growth

Giving Back and Impact on Others

Mr. Mahesh Advani is also an inspirational speaker and philanthropist. He has a strong interest in yoga and Indian spiritual practices and is an enthusiastic member of the ISKCON movement. His lectures on ancient Indian scriptures are well-liked. Advani serves as the president of the Dubai Textile Merchant Charitable Trust and is the inspiration behind a number of charitable endeavors. Among these are:

  • Constructing more than 300 housing for low-income households as part of a project to renovate slums in Gandhidham, Kutch.
  • Constructing 80 homes in Gandhidham, Kutch, for earthquake-affected families.
  • Scholarships for further education for more than 100 gifted Gujarati and Maharashtrian kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Reflection and Life Lessons

He advises a younger audience not to let failure deter them because it is a necessary step on the path to achievement. Keep trying new things since the food industry has countless prospects for creativity.

Mr. Advani, a devoted yoga practitioner, claimed that his food and nutrition underwent a significant transformation after he began doing yoga.

The Journey Continued

Reflecting on his own journey, Mr. Mahesh Advani encourages new entrepreneurs to be sincere in their endeavors. In his opinion, hard labor cannot be replaced. His business, Blossom Trading, is also building an Ayurvedic hospital and pharmacy in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

He has great ambitions for the future. As a tactical move to cover key areas in the city, he is looking into opening another food store in Dubai’s Deira. It intends to eventually grow throughout the region and tap the markets like Oman, Bahrain, and Saudi.

Mr. Advani’s inventiveness and flexibility demonstrate his aptitude for entrepreneurship and motivate aspiring businessmen to grow and succeed in the face of change.