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List of Law Firms in Dubai

Top 10 Law Firms in Dubai

Top Law Firms in Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is a federation of seven emirates that includes Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, and Umm Al Quwain. The country has always been at the forefront to embrace new technology and create a legal framework that supports both nationals and the flourishing expat population. Around 200 nationalities live and work in UAE. The UAE government has always focused on creating a system that embraces this diverse population.

The UAE has it all from the most sophisticated and safe infrastructural haven with a secure banking system. The country also has one of the most responsive and transparent legal systems to support the socio-economic framework. Multiple law firms provide legal services to both individuals and organizations. Along with local law firms, several international law firms have also established offices in mainland and free zones. They serve both international and local businesses.

When it comes to the law firms in the UAE, it’s a problem of plenty. Most of the law firms claim to be the best and most prominent in Dubai, but their reviews and customer experience say the truth about them. We have created a list of the top 10 law firms in Dubai to ease your search. The list is formulated after thorough research based on relevant data, reputation, success rate, customer reviews, fees, overall satisfaction index, etc.

Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants Dubai

1. Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants

Bin Eid Advocates and Legal Consultants is an independent law firm in UAE. The firm has offices in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ras Al Khaimah. The firm is led by its CEO, Advocate Abdulkarim Ahmed Bin Eid, who has over two decades of experience in UAE law. Advocate Bin Eid is a member of the UAE Jurists association, a legal advisor to the embassies, and a regular contributor to the various local newspapers.

Under the visionary leadership of Advocate Bin Eid, the law firm has become one of the most sought-after law firms in Dubai, Sharjah, and other Emirates. The multi-disciplinary law firm provides expert legal remedies in legal matters related to Personal Injury, Criminal defense, civil matters, arbitration, family law, etc. It is a reputed and trusted law firm in Dubai for matters related to an Accident claim and personal injury. Whether it’s road accidents, workplace injury, or medical negligence cases, its specialized team of personal injury lawyers in Dubai and other Emirates provide the complete legal solution. The law firm has handled thousands of personal injury cases and has helped clients receive over Dh 5 million. Other areas of expertise involve maritime law and excellent criminal defense litigation.

Another legal service that stands out is Debt Management. Where other firms focus on debt collection, Bin Eid Law Firm looks at debt as an integral part of the business. They have a separate department for debt management that includes invoice management, skip tracing, collection, and bounced cheque recovery.

The team and the lawyers are very approachable and highly responsive to their clients. Some of the unique services they offer are online and phone consultations. The multilingual team speaks over 10 languages: Arabic, Hindi, English, Urdu, Malayalam, etc.

Specialization: Personal Injury, Criminal Law, Civil Law, Family Law, Property Law, Corporate Law, Arbitration, Maritime Law, Intellectual Property, Debt Management, Labor Law, Business setup, Tax and VAT, marriage in the UAE, and specialized department for documentation.

Location: Dubai, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah


2. STA Law Firm

STA is one of the top premium full-service law firms in Dubai. It is located at one of the most premium destinations, Boulevard Plaza. The firm provides assistance in over 40 different legal services. However, it specializes in corporate and commercial law, real estate, and various business matters.

STA attorneys provide their valuable legal and strategic advice to various Fortune 200 companies and many prominent businesses in the region. Another primary service that they offer and feature on their website is company formation. If you are looking to form a company in the free zone, mainland, or outside the UAE, STA lawyers are well-accomplished and experienced.

The firm has one of the most elaborate websites and has various publications. If you ever feel the need to self-educate yourself about the legal process of law, then you can refer to these resources.

Specialties: Corporate & Commercial, Banking & Finance, Technology and Media, Real Estate, Litigation, Oil & Gas, Dubai Property Law, Biotechnology & Healthcare, Intellectual Property, Energy, Franchising, International Arbitration, Hospitality, UAE Laws, and Russian Law Firm

Locations: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Fujairah, Ras Al Khaimah, Bahrain, Delhi, Doha, Lisbon, Luxembourg, and Moscow.


3. Amal Khamis Advocates and Legal Consultants

Amal Khamis Advocates and Legal Consultants is a renowned law firm in Dubai known for its proactive approach. The law firm has been an important part of the legal fraternity of the UAE for over 3 decades. From small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, their clients are market leaders in manufacturing, shipping, health care, energy, telecommunications, finance, professional services, and biotechnology.

Mrs. Amal Khamis is a reputed name among the lawyers in Dubai and has a prolific legal career in UAE and Middle East. Under her leadership, the firm has successfully won many cases and built a long list of satisfied clientele. The firm is the one-stop solution for all your legal service requirements.

The law firm has several experienced lawyers possessing substantial expertise and skills in handling disputes, conciliations, negotiations, soliciting, documentation, litigation, etc. The firm’s lawyers have represented numerous legal transactions for their local and international clients in the UAE and other regions of the Middle East.

Specialties: Civil Cases, Commercial and Corporate Cases, Family Law (specializing in child custody and divorce), Debt Collection Services, Arbitration and Business setup.

Location: ZONE.A. Office 3202, 32nd Floor, Aspect Tower, Bay Avenue, Business Bay, Dubai.


Phone: +971 50 167 8715


Dubai Courts

4. Al Tamimi and Company

Al Tamimi and Company was founded in 1989 by Advocate Essam Al Tamimi. Since then, the firm has grown to become one of the largest and truly international law firms in the UAE. The firm employs over 350 lawyers in various locations of the Middle East including UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan.

It is a full-service law firm that specializes in commercial and corporate law. The lawyers and attorneys have been part of some of the most popular arbitration and dispute resolutions.

The firm ensures the highest standards of client service to both its individual and business clients. Al Tamimi & Company is a full-service law firm that specializes in a wide range of practice areas. The team has advised on some of the most complex legal matters in the Middle East. The team also has a strong legal presence in local UAE courts, DIFC, and arbitration centers.

The firm caters to some of the most prominent business establishments such as Citigroup Global Markets, United Arab Shipping Company, Amazon, Bose Corporation, Serenity Hospital, etc.

Specialties: Arbitration, Litigation, Banking & Finance, Aviation, Transport & Logistics, Construction & Engineering, Education, Corporate Commercial, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Intellectual Property, Family Business & Private Client, Corporate Structuring, Tax, Real Estate, Employment, and Healthcare.

Locations: Dubai, Egypt, Amman, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Muscat, Manama, and Kuwait City.


5. Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants

Khairallah Advocates & Legal Consultants is a boutique international law firm founded in 2008. The firm is based in Dubai and has managed to develop an impeccable reputation among the legal fraternity. It is one of the few law firms headed by female advocates in the UAE. Adv. Jaouslin Khairallah is the founder and managing director specializing in litigation, domestic and international arbitration, corporate affairs, maritime law, and labor law.

The lawyers and legal consultants are experienced with the RERA Rent Dispute Committee, Dubai Chamber of Commerce International Arbitration Centre, and familiar with the procedure of the newly established Dubai World Court under DIFC (Dubai International Financial Centre). The law firm is easily approachable and provides superior quality legal services to both big and small clients.

The company has very few offices in the UAE. However, they have a global partner network in over 20 countries.

Specialties: Corporate Law and Commercial Law, Company Liquidation, Employment Law, Immigration Law, Criminal Litigation, Civil Litigation, Company Formation,

Locations: Dubai and Abu Dhabi


6. Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants:

Al Shaiba Advocates & Legal Consultants is another prominent full-service law firm in the UAE. The firm is headed by Adv. Mohammad Ebrahim Hassan Al Shaiba. Lawyer Al Shaiba’s name became popular when the firm associated with Gulf News for a Q&A column “Ask The Law.”

The firm has been providing excellent legal services in Dubai and throughout UAE for over 20 years now. The company consists of highly experienced and trained lawyers and legal consultants. The team serves multiple clients with different types of legal problems with a result-driven approach. The team of lawyers is well aware of local law departments and provides innovative solutions.

The firm is one of the best Emirati law firms, where the lawyers are easily approachable and responsive to the smallest of legal issues. The firm provides litigation and legal remedy for a range of problems. However, they specialize in Criminal law, Civil Law, and debt collection services spread across UAE, Australia, the USA, and the UK.

Specialties: Criminal Law, Civil Law, Debt Collection, Family Law, Labour and employment, Wills and Debt

Locations: Dubai


7. White & Case LLP

White & Case is a renowned global law firm with established offices in all regions of prominence. The law firm was established in 1901 in New York and is one of the largest US-based law firms by profits per partner. The firm is active in the UAE for over 35 years. They opened their first office in Abu Dhabi and later on in Dubai.

Their legal consultants have world experience and have worked in various markets. Their innovative approach focuses on creating effective solutions for their client’s complex multijurisdictional deals and disputes. Currently, they have a team of more than 50 lawyers and legal consultants.

Specialties: Corporate and contract laws

Locations: DIFC, Abu Dhabi


8. HHS Lawyers

HHS lawyers is a multi-disciplinary law firm located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. It offers a range of services. Apart from providing solutions for your legal troubles, they also have well-established business advisors.

The firm is working in UAE for over 10 years and successfully closed thousands of cases. The organization is headed by Advocate Hassan Humaid Al Suwaidi. He has been part of some of the largest settlement cases in the UAE.

Though the firm offers expert legal solutions for all kinds of legal matters, they specialize in corporate law and legal services related to businesses. The firm has a dedicated department for attestation, affidavits, and private notary. The firm’s notarization and attestation services cover, general power of attorney notarization, MoA, Amendment of MoA, declaration of residency, and many more. The firm has several awards and accolades in its name.

Specialties: Attestation and Affidavits, Legal Drafting services, Private Notary, Debt collection services, litigation services.

Locations: Dubai, Sharjah, and Abu Dhabi


9. Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultants

Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants is a full-service law firm based in Dubai with another office in Abu Dhabi. The law firm is committed to delivering excellent legal services to its clients. The firm was established in 2003 and was known as Advocates without frontiers. Later the team rebranded the law firm as Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultants.

The firm comprises a team of lawyers with diverse expertise. All work together to provide superior service to business and private clients, nationally and internationally. The star lawyers of the firm are Dr. Hassan Elhais, Advocate Awatif Al Khouri, and Mr. Mohamad Elhaies.

Family law is one of the core practice areas of the firm. Other expertise includes clinical negligence and dispute resolutions. You can expect the firm to provide legal services to all complex and smallest legal problems.

Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants is duly licensed to perform legal services and advocacy in the UAE, reaching out to local and UAE-based international clients. Among Al Rowaad’s strong practice areas are family law, corporate and commercial, banking, maritime & transport, labor, litigation and arbitration, and real estate.

Specializations: Personal Injury, Medical malpractice, Corporate and Commercial work, Maritime and Transport, Banking, Arbitration Criminal litigation, Dispute resolution, Employment, Real estate, and other regulatory matters.

Locations: Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Moscow, Saint Petersburg


10. Fotis International Law Firm

Fotis is a UAE based law firm that provides upscale legal services and representation to its clients in the UAE and other parts of the Middle East. They offer a range of services from corporate restructuring to various services related to commercial law and corporate law. The law firm caters to multiple industries such as banking, energy, real estate, shipping, education, corporate transaction, healthcare, hospitality, and transportation.

The team comprises people from different nationalities. You may find a workforce that speaks 15 languages. The lawyers and legal advisers have helped several businesses in corporate and dispute resolution matters.

Specialization: Administrative law, Arbitration, Bankruptcy, Company Formation, Debt Recovery, Dispute Resolution, Employment and Immigration, Family Law, and Intellectual Property.

Locations: Dubai, Fujairah


11. James Berry and Associates

James Berry & Associates is an international law firm that offers an overall solution for the full range of corporate clients’ legal needs. They provide end-to-end services from entry into the country to setting up a business and establishing legal status. Apart from addressing the legal requirements of businesses, they also have a good track record in providing sound legal advice in matters of family and inheritance law.

The law firm was established 30 years back by James B. Berry, who specializes in law related to banking and oil & gas. The law firm has witnessed and participated in the transition of UAE’s legal framework.

You can expect highly specialized and process-driven legal services for your most complex legal problems.

Specialists: Property & Real Estate, Construction, Energy, Oil & Gas, E-commerce & IT, Employment, Wills, Estate-planning & Administration, Family & Matrimonial, Company Incorporation, Banking & Finance, Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions, Debt Recovery, and Company Secretarial.

Locations: Dubai


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