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Is it Safe to Travel to Dubai as a Single Woman?

Is it safe to travel to Dubai as a single woman

Is Dubai Safe For Female Travellers?

When you think about Dubai, you think of a location full of desert. But there is a reason why it is renowned as a Dazzling city. This is one of the most opulent, elegant, and luxurious places in the world. People come here for their honeymoons, couple adventures, family vacations, New Year’s Eve celebrations, and so on.

This metropolis is densely packed with landmarks, commercial malls, and magnificent hotels. If you are thinking of visiting Dubai, you should not delay. Traveling alone will be frightening, freeing, and life-changing event you’ve ever had.  The question is then whether Dubai is safe for a woman traveling alone.

Women’s safety is something we talk about a lot. There are many cities in the world where women can travel alone and have a good time. Dubai is one of them as it comes in the top 10 safest places to travel solo. So undoubtedly, females can visit Dubai without being skeptical. It goes without saying that it is your responsibility to take all necessary precautions while travelling alone.

Travelling solo is never a challenge when you prepare everything beforehand. Jot down all the necessary things which might be required during your trip. Prepare an itinerary and plan accordingly, and you are all set for exploring the other side of the world. You can buy a Dubai explorer pass which can make you visit the area’s best attractions, and you can also enjoy a ride on a hop-on hop-off sightseeing bus.

It is not difficult to tour alone in Dubai. In fact, it is one of the top solo travel places in the world. You just need to follow the rules and regulations of this stunning city as the laws are stringent. Being an Islamic country, the culture and traditions are supposed to be respected here. Mentioned below are some of the essential tips you should follow when travelling solo to Dubai.

7  Tips for solo female travellers to Dubai

1. Dress code

Dubai is an Islamic nation, and they are not so liberal when it comes to women wearing short clothes. So it’s vital for you as a woman to dress up as per their norms. In hotels, beach clubs, and pubs, shorts can be worn. However, you are supposed to cover yourself in shopping malls, local markets, and mosques. It is always better to keep your knees and shoulders covered. But if you are visiting a beach, then swimwear is totally normal.

2. Emergency numbers

Traveling single in Dubai is always safe for females, although you should always keep emergency numbers handy. To begin with, you must have the contact number of your hotel in case of any difficulty.

Emergency services: 04 223 2323 and Tourist security: 800 4888 are the two most important contact numbers you should have on speed dial.

3. Necessary app download

Necessary app download ecessary app download

Always keep in mind that wherever you go, you must have some basic valuable applications for the place you are traveling. In Dubai, you should download applications like the RTA app for planning your journey, Dubai metro for metro-related queries, The Dubai Mall for getting all the information regarding the mall, and Careem if you want a cab.

4. A local SIM card

Purchasing a local SIM Card will definitely aid in your safety. You can easily connect with the city’s security services without any network problems. The SIM card pricing is also relatively reasonable, yet money should not take precedence over safety when traveling alone. Etisalat and du are two major service providers. It’s very easy to recharge and check Etisalat balance. du also offers easy-to-use and economical services.

5. Public transport

If you truly want to tour the city but don’t want to drive yourself, it has a variety of transportation alternatives accessible at very low prices. Transportation services in Dubai like metros, buses, and taxis are totally safe for women. If you are travelling late, it is better to dress up properly to feel assured.

6. Traffic rules

Walking under the hot sun is quite difficult in the dream city. So if you are planning to drive in the city, make sure that you are well versed with the traffic rules. Dubai is a city that is very strict when it comes to traffic rules. You must follow all traffic regulations to avoid being fined. The city also provides women-only cabs driven by women, which can mitigate paying high penalties and provide safety too.

7. Alcohol rules in public areas

In Dubai, it is not unlawful to consume alcohol. A person must be at least 21 years old to savor the drink. But, you can only buy alcohol in designated areas. Cops are pretty vigilant if they discover someone drinking in public. In this regard, the city is highly restrictive. So, if you consume alcohol, you must be extremely cautious about your surroundings. If you are caught drunk in public, severe consequences include fines and possibly prison time. Your passport may be seized for an extended period as well. Consequently, it can be challenging for you to return to your own country. You also need to buy alcohol only from the designated places, not from any unauthorized alcohol selling agent.

Wrap Up

Dubai’s safety is commendable when it comes to solo female travelers, but staying alert is the best thing you can do when traveling alone. You should remain calm and make smart decisions if an unexpected scenario develops. Carrying items such as pepper spray can be handy for self-defense.

The people of Dubai are kind and helpful. As a result, it can be inferred that it is exceptionally secure for women who want to travel alone. So, get your passport ready, apply for a VISA, and prepare to visit the Dream City. Bon Voyage!