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Top 15 Interior Fit-Out Companies in Dubai

15 Best Interior Contracting Companies in Dubai

Dubai is not only known for its marvelous architecture and skyline but also for its sophisticated interiors and decors. To match the grandeur exterior, you need the assistance of trained professionals who would impart a luxurious touch to the interiors.

This is why we have compiled this list for you, made up of the best of the best in the business who have churned one grandeur project after another, cementing themselves as the titans in the field of the interior and commercial fit-out.

Specializing in customized mechanical, electrical, furnishing, and decorating solutions, these are the most sought-after interior fit-out companies in Dubai you need to book and avail services from.

Slate Interiors

One of the leading fit-out contractors in Dubai, Slate Interiors is your answer to everything related to turnkey solutions in the city. Their services extend to restaurants, hotels, wellness facilities, schools, supermarkets, medical clinics, and commercial office spaces, among others.

They have their own dedicated engineering and MEP (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing) team that oversees the streamlining of your interior and design concerns. Not only that, but they also provide services in external landscaping design, thereby positioning themselves as a one-stop shop for any architectural and design tasks.

Irrespective of the style you want to adopt in your interiors – traditional Arabic, European, minimalist, or any customized unique idea – they will bring your vision to reality with utmost precision and professionalism.

Location – P.O. Box: 120802, 1602 API World Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road World Trade Center, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 52 141 9570,

Aujan Interiors

Providing exemplary services to residential, retail, hospitality, and commercial sectors for over a decade now, Aujan Interiors provide innovative solutions to your design concerns through their in-house joinery and carpentry workshop.

You can either book them for a single service or a range of wholesome complex services that includes inspection, sketch development, disassembling and assembling, and construction works, among others. Their mantra of integrating their business goals with workplace strategies has gained the favor of thousands of clients.

Their success has even landed them on international frontiers through major projects in Russia and Ukraine. When you call for their services, their representatives will arrive on your property, take measurements, and analyze the possibilities to give you a better view of the potential your premise promises, and then move forward from there.

Location – P.O. Box: 98261, Aujan Interiors LLC, Warehouse No. 1, Al Qusais, Industrial Area 3, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 55 969 3936,

Falcon Interior Decoration LLC

Through its comprehensive understanding of clients’ concerns and cutting-edge technology, Falcon Interior Decoration LLC has made itself a reliable commercial fit-out company in Dubai. Their catalog of original designs reflects their wide range of creativity. So, be it the luxurious vibe of a salon or the minimalistic sophistication of a health clinic, you can rest assured of top-notch quality when working with this mastermind.

Having designed for some of the biggest corporate giants and social media brands across the country, they have earned the experiences that help them dive smoothly into any interior project that may come their way.

You don’t have to stress about finding suppliers or materials when they undertake your project. From getting government authority clearances to executing the design vision, they will make the entire project a hassle-free experience for you.

Location – Al Manara Tower, 2504 Business Bay, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 43 20 2020,

Antonovich Group

Antonovich Group has drawn its design inspirations from the grandeur of Arabian palaces and infused it with contemporary architectural elements to give your interiors a splendid vibe. Their relentless chasing of hard work and creativity has pushed them to be one of the most sought-after office fit-out companies in Dubai.

The success behind their perfection is their skillful recognition of intrinsic landscape value and illuminating its beauty further through architectural prowess. When you avail of their services, you can be certain that the plan that they give you has been curated individualistically without typical solutions or schemes.

Their excellence in handling both interior and exterior visions makes them a truly diverse genius of design. They partner up with the best furniture companies to give you an eclectic taste that oozes style and comfort. If you are craving a grand outdoor oasis without having to cost a fortune, Antonovich Group is who you need to call up.

Location – 501, The Exchange Tower, 5th Floor, Business Bay, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 50 607 2332,

Appello Interiors

Providing affordable interior designing services at a moment’s notice without compromising on quality, Appello Interiors are known for its ability to handle projects of a wide range of scope and size. From residence to office setup, from a hotel to a retail store, they have mastered the art of skillful craftsmanship in every field of interiors.

They work closely with you in rendering their services in planning, installing, designing, and furnishing to ensure you see your vision come to reality. This makes every project of theirs unique and defined through customization.

Striking the perfect chord of creativity and functionality, Appello Interiors is what you need to give your home or commercial space a revamp in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

Location – Warehouse No. 19, RKM Compound, Al Quoz, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 52 447 4455,

Immersion Interior Design LLC

Immersion Interior Design LLC believes in improving the quality of their client’s lives through attention to detail in interior designing and providing a service beyond reproach. With a humongous network of associates, contrast, contractors, and sources, any concern you may have related to management, design, or execution will be swiftly solved with pleasing results.

They are a pioneer in providing customized commercial design and have been behind some of Dubai’s biggest retail projects, which have cemented their legacy of becoming a top-notch commercial fit-out company in Dubai.

It is no surprise that they have been in business for almost a quarter of a century now because their experience in striking for the perfect solutions in designing while staying within the budgetary framework is unmatched by any other in the business.

Location – Office No. 2306, BB2, Mazaya Business Avenue, Jumeriah Lake Tower, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 04 328 5200,


When it comes to interior contracting companies in Dubai, one can’t ignore the popularity and excellence in service that Atech provides to its clients. With a specialization in customer-tailored property, interior, and MEP solutions, they are dedicated to bringing together reliability and innovation in their design elements.

What gives them an edge over their contemporaries in the market is how quickly and efficiently they provide an authentic response to every single project that comes their way. This ensures that every single project gets a unique solution whereby both functionality and aesthetic appeal are taken care of while still respecting the economical framework.

They swear by the top standards of documentation, design, and construction management, which makes working with them a creative and innovative experience.

Location – Warehouse No. 1, Al Quoz 2, Plot No. 365-300, Dubai,

Contact Details – +971 4554 5107,

SLM Interiors

SLM Interiors have garnered the positive reviews of thousands of clients over the past several years through their dedication to making their clients’ commercial and residential spaces more appealing, aesthetically pleasing, and functional. Bringing your simple ideas into a luxurious reality, they leave no stone unturned in addressing your concerns.

Answering the call of anyone who wishes to transform their interiors smartly and elegantly, SLM Interiors is an expert in space preparation where the project is run, keeping in mind its feasibility options along with its artistic appeal.

They are also known for prioritizing their customers’ needs and providing unique interior solutions that translate through all the stages of initial consultation to final execution. They are your ideal partner if you are someone who is looking to introduce aesthetic appeal in your commercial or residential space.

Location – Warehouse 05, Block A, Bhatia Brothers Warehouse Behind Dubai Duty-Free Umm Ramool, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 54 449 0124,

Yalla Renovation

From planning to designing, from building to managing, Yalla Renovation will cover it all when you hire them to take care of your property. With their project planner making you aware of all the possibilities of renovation, you will be scientifically informed of what will and will not work, and at what budgetary constraint and time framework.

Irrespective of your taste or budget, their experienced designers will curate the best and most feasible design for you, that will not only be easy on the eye but also serve functionality. And their contractors use the latest and most reliable technology to build a solid foundation for your property.

Their persistence to timely deliveries along with a sharp focus on finding the best solution to your interior concerns has positioned themselves as a trustworthy commercial fit-out company in Dubai, and rightfully so.

Location – Office 108, Al Maidoor Building, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 55 885 2450,

Judson Interior

Aimed at dishing the finest of design support services, Judson Interior has maintained its legacy as one of the best fit-out contractors in Dubai. They are known for craftily curating individualistic designs and formulating innovative plans to reach aesthetic solutions to their client’s concerns.

From rendering precise concepts to sketching artistically intricate designs, from addressing functionality to executing the designs, they act as a hub for every facet of interior fit-out that one may have.

Their interior design includes designing for living room, bedroom, kitchen, dining, foyer, stair area, café interior, office fit-out, etc. while their architectural design includes all elements of hospitality, school, and commercial design of varied scale.

Location – AL Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 527774749,

Interiors R Us

Not only excelling in designing office environments, but Interiors R Us is also a leader in building top-notch architectural elements to the highest global standard. From hotels to malls, from residential premises to free zones, their lines of work encompass all.

Counted among the best planning specialists and commercial designers in the business, their team is made of skilled professionals who have been addressing countless projects through their innovative and sustainable solutions.  Consisting of design consultants, architects, interior designers, and multimedia designers, their team works cohesively to bring out your desired outcome.

One of their specialties is their diverse range of dedicated themed environments that you can choose to be the prima focus of your design. Believing no task to be too great to complete or no obstacle is too large to overcome, their stance towards designing proves why they are among the most preferred in their line of work.

Location – Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Plot 23, Street 25, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 4 347 51 23,

A&T Group Interiors

You know you are under the supervision of the perfect company to address your design goals when they have been shortlisted for the very first CID Hospitality Awards 2023. Their portfolio of marvelous designs, including the iconic F.R.N.D.S Grand Café, has laid the foundation for them to be recognized as a force to be reckoned with.

With a high degree of professionalism and customer support, they have the resources and skills to turn any concept image into physical reality. But, in their pursuit of excellence and innovation, they have not been deterred from striving for sustainability in their work, making them a perfect fit for those who want to create environmentally-conscious artistic spaces.

Their turnkey solutions include everything from ceilings, flooring, furnishing, and MEP, which are available at affordable prices along with flexible payment plans, making it easier for the clients to incorporate them into their budgetary plans.

Location – P.O. Box: 184432, Office 804, API World Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 4 396 4121,

Urban Science Interiors

Despite being a relatively new commercial fit-out company in Dubai, Urban Science Interiors have created quite a reputation for themselves among the city crowds, owing to their immense talent and professionalism. With their focus set on supreme quality and impeccable finish, they are powered by some of the most intelligent and creative people in the country.

Not to mention, they always have shown to commit to timely deliveries, which makes them an ideal partner to take care of your property’s interiors on the go. Their diverse portfolio of services ranges from the interior décor of homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, and villas to the plumbing, electrical, air conditioning, and IT solutions in the same.

Moreover, just within a few years of their existence, they have created and renovated outstanding pieces of interiors in the city. Kiosks, exhibition stands, furniture, and swimming pools, among other interior aspects, are some of their finest works that are surely capable of turning heads for their craftsmanship.

Location –  6 27 St, Al Quoz Industrial Area 2, Al Quoz, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 4 552 5858,

Inner Space

With a clientele list that comprises Fortune 500 companies and multinational enterprises, you know you are in good hands when you call for service from Inner Space. From Bugatti to Bentley, from Mitsubishi Motors to The World Bank, they have worked for top-notch brands giving their properties a complete revamp.

What began as three friends discussing the state of the interiors industry over lunch one day has now led to the creation of one of the biggest office fit-out companies in Dubai. For almost the past two decades, they have transformed thousands of homes, offices, boutiques, restaurants, and bars, elevating their aesthetics and functionalities.

Their expertise has landed them not only all across the UAE but also around the world in Kuwait, Oman, Jordan, Bahrain, India, and Sri Lanka.

Location – P.O.Box: 118823, Sheikh Zayed Road, Al Quoz, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 4 338 7155,

Ray Fitout

Formed with the intent of bringing elegance, innovation, and passion to your interiors, Ray Fitout is ranked among the top commercial fit-out companies in Dubai. With over three decades’ worth of experience, they have created path-breaking designs to create one after another masterpieces that are marked by not only convenience and comfort but also by style and flamboyance.

They are known for leaving their clients in awe with their innovative transformation of homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, and palaces. And judging by their portfolio, they know how to walk the talk.

A perfect candidate for those who are big on desire and taste to ramp up their properties, Ray Fitout strives to empower their clients through their unparalleled creativity, extraordinary craft, and impeccable designs. They are your answer to enjoying slick touch to the modern amenities of life.

Location – Plot 23-0, Al Qusais Industrial 5, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 4 263 3392,


Fixing the interiors of your property, be it residential or commercial, is a heavy investment and is not something that you do every day. As such, it makes it essential to hire a trusted source that can get the job done not only in time and within your budget but also to improve the functionality and aesthetic of your property.

We have curated the aforementioned list of the best interior fit-out companies in Dubai based on extensive research of user reviews, facilities provided by each company, and their diligence and commitment to their clientele. We hope this will solve any interiors-related concerns that you might have, and you can bring your vision to reality with one of them.