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How to Take Care of Senior Golden Retriever in Dubai?

Senior Golden Retriever

9 Tips to Take Care of Senior Golden Retriever Dog in Dubai

There is a word on the street that golden retrievers are the MOST loved breed out there. The dog adorned with yellow, blonde, and golden wavy coats are easy to train as they are quick learners. The obedient dog follows their master’s words and develops close ties with their family members.

There are three types of golden retriever breeds—British, American, and Canadian. All breeds quickly get accustomed to hot Dubai weather. The dogs thrive in the sun and always prefer to play outside. You can tag your golden fluff on your hiking trips to nearby places and wadis. They love water. Their water-resistant coat and webbed feet make them good swimmers.

Old dogs, like old shoes, are comfortable. They might be a bit out of shape and a little worn around the edges, but they fit well. – Bennie Wilcox

It seemed like yesterday when you brought home a cute-looking golden puppy who soon found a permanent place in your home and heart. However, years have passed, and now your ever-hopping fluffball lacks the zeal to move even an inch.

Apart from slowing down, a senior golden retriever may face other physiological changes you may have to watch. With simple changes in their diet and care routine, you can give your dog comfortable golden years.

Most people adopt golden retrievers as they adapt quickly to any circumstances. They learn swimming, hunting, chasing, and running within a short duration. The adorable-looking dogs are children’s favorite. The golden retrievers are known to have a life expectancy of 10-12 years. Some have even reported living till 17 years. Here are some tips to take care of an aging golden retriever in the climate of Dubai:

1. Early Signs

Not just golden retrievers, but all dogs show signs of aging. The changes can be both physical and behavioral. Generally, around 8 years, the dog enters senior age. You may notice that your energetic dog participates in a few activities and prefers to sleep often. Slowing down mainly arises due to stiff joints and muscle wasting. As age progresses, you may notice other signs such as loss of hearing and sight.

2. Regular Check-up

Though the early signs are easy to notice, it is advisable to take your dog on a regular vet visit once it nears age 8. The vet has the professional expertise to diagnose health issues early before they turn life-threatening.

Senior Golden Retriever Dog

3. Most common diseases

The most common ailments of senior golden retrievers are as follows:

Hip dysplasia: The high-energy activity of your dog during its young age aids to this condition. The strong ligaments and band of connective tissues support joining bones of legs and hip. Dogs experience some amount of wear and tear in them all their life. However, hip dysplasia is a severe condition where the dog may have deformed joints and may turn into permanent disability.

Skin Condition: The skin condition can arise due to a number of reasons. With regular grooming, you can catch the disease early. The problems with skin can also be signs of some underlying health issues. Dogs over the age of 8 when contracted with skin problems are advised to be looked at by an experienced veterinary doctor in Dubai.

Chest Condition: Heart conditions, lung infections, and circulatory systems are common with this dog breed. You may notice heavy panting and lethargy in your dog as early signs.

Cancer: The golden retriever has the highest cancer rate among all dogs. Sadly, 60% of dogs die from cancer. Male dogs are more likely to get it than females.

Bad Knees: The laxity in the patella causes imperfect walking in the dog. The symptoms include limping, intermittent skip, and abnormal sitting position.

4. Weight Control

All dogs gain weight during the aging process. Overweight dogs are more likely to fall prey to heart, kidney, and lung diseases. Pet owners should feed their dogs fat-free foods, drinks, and snacks. Apart from nutrition, physical activities also play a key role here.

5. Regular Exercises

This dog breed stays healthy when they indulge in exercises like running, walking, climbing, and swimming. The lack of interest and energy may become an issue. You can let them swim as it’s a favorite activity of this breed. Owners should also encourage their dogs to play on beaches, parks, and other outdoor areas.

6. Socializing

Socializing with other pets and meeting people helps dogs in being mentally alert. Golden retrievers love meeting people and playing with young kids. Their soul feeds on petting and grooming. If you are already a dog owner, you know dogs are not welcomed at all places in Dubai. An otherwise pet-loving city restricts dogs from entering certain areas. Thankfully, there are also several pet-friendly places in Dubai where your dogs are more than welcome.

7. Make your home senior-friendly

The loss of sight, hearing ability, difficulty to move, and poor bladder control are some of the reasons your old boy may need you to make slight changes at home. Experts advise to let your dog remain on the ground floor as it may find difficult to use stairs. You can raise the level of their bowls to prevent pressure on the spine and neck. Indoor potty stations, walking ramps, and orthopedic beds are some other expenses you may have to bear to make your munchkin more comfortable.

8. Senior Dementia in Dogs

Dogs also face age-related memory loss like humans. Similar to Alzheimer’s disease, dogs also get dementia, commonly known as Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD). Keeping your dog on a leash while going outside, even in the familiar neighborhood, is advisable as they may get lost.

9. Overall care

Golden retrievers are active and dynamic breeds. They seldom fall prey to diseases till they cross the age of 5 to 6 years. Senior golden retrievers can get varieties of health problems. You should feed and groom them well right from a young age, which provides them the much-needed immunity to deal with diseases in their golden age.

Final Thoughts

Some tips may become expensive to pursue. However, it’s no secret that bringing a Golden Retriever into your house comes with a hefty price tag. The breed belongs to colder climatical conditions and must be kept with proper care in Dubai’s hot and dry climate. If you have the financial means and a big heart to maintain a golden retriever, we can assure the dog will compensate with their undying love and obedience. It is one of the most loving breeds, and they give you a lifetime of love, memories, and social media following. These mischievous dogs are known to put a grin on your face and brighten your day, no matter how hard your day maybe.