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How to Select the Best Off-Plan Property to Buy in Dubai

One must admit that investing in real estate in Dubai is quite a lucrative option. However, Dubai can be an expensive city for purchasing fully developed properties. Hence, you find more investors preferring to purchase off-plan properties.

Moreover, off-plan properties are cheaper when compared with fully developed properties, and offer the best returns. This would explain why the sector is booming in this area. In this space, you can learn more about what an off-plan property is, and how you can select the best off-plan property in Dubai.

What is an Off-Plan Property?

An under-construction property or a property in its development stage is referred to as an off-plan property. Such properties cost less than fully developed real estate. Another advantage is that off-plan properties are customizable.

Hence, more investors find it attractive to purchase off-plan properties. Moreover, when it comes to off-plan properties, these properties are being developed in the upcoming neighborhoods, which gives these properties a very good chance for appreciation.

Tips to Follow Before Buying an Off-plan Property in Dubai

Being aware of what you are dealing with will ensure you commit minimal mistakes and optimize the most out of the given situation. Keep in mind the following points before you decide to buy an off-plan property in Dubai.

Have a Budget in Mind

Deciding on your budget is critical for any real estate investment. You must know that an off-plan property incurs expenses like initial down payment, installments, registration fees, etc.

Please note that banks expect purchasers to finance the initial 10% to 20% down payment expenses from their sources. That should be a part of your budget. When it comes to investing in off-plan properties, the investor should be very sure about the money they can invest in a property.

Focus on the Right Property

The real estate agent will offer various options, allowing you to select the appropriate property that fits your budget and suits your requirements. To invest in the right off-plan property in Dubai, please go through the brochures, property videos, and floor plans before visiting the property site to enable you to make an informed decision.

You also need to ensure the off-plan property you are looking at has all the essential utilities according to your needs. For example, if you have young kids in the family, you should look at off-plan properties that have amenities that will entertain the kids. Usually, developers set up stalls to advertise their properties. Visiting such stalls can help you focus on the right property to buy.

Understand the Pricing Structure

Off-plan properties are suitable investments because you do not pay the entire cost upfront. You pay in installments, depending on the stages of construction. You must go through the pricing structure provided by the developer to understand when your installments are due.

It becomes crucial when you go for bank financing because banks need this information to release the installments on time.

Off-Plan-Property Dubai

Register with a Trusted Realtor

Seeking the services of a realtor is common when you search for off-plan properties. Look for realtors registered with the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) and the Dubai Land Department (DLD) who can help you select the ideal off-plan property because they have connections with reputed developers and can help you negotiate a good deal.

Moreover, experienced realtors can guide you in selecting the best off-plan project and the location. Seeking help from an experienced realtor, when searching for off-plan projects in Dubai is very important.

Book the off-plan Property

On finalizing the property, you must visit the developer’s sales office to reserve your unit. Booking the off-plan property requires signing the booking form and completing the sales purchase agreement.

Be ready to pay the initial booking amount, which could range between 5% and 10% of the total property price. Once you sign the booking form, and pay the booking amount, you are committed to the property. So, always double-check the details, and ensure you are fully satisfied with the property before signing the booking form.

Pay the first Instalment

You can review the payment structure to acquaint yourself with the payment schedule and the installment amounts. Keep in mind that registering the property with the authorities is mandatory.

You must pay the DLD registration fee of 4% of the property cost plus an Oqood fee (usually 1000 Dirhams) within 30 days of booking the off-plan property. You must ensure you pay the installments in the project’s escrow account for your safety.

Monitor the Construction and Settle the due Instalments

The bank is usually responsible for inspecting the construction activity and releasing the installments on time. But, if you do not go for bank financing, you must monitor the construction and ensure it goes according to the schedule. Accordingly, you can pay the due installments.

But this issue can be very much mitigated when you go with a reputed builder. Most of the reputed builders complete the project on time and hand over the property on time.

Follow up on the Project Completion Date

According to the SPA, the developer must complete the construction and handover the property by a pre-determined date. So, you must follow up on the project completion date and ensure that your developer handles your customized requirements.

Inspection and Handover

Please note that the developer is mandated to send the completion notice to all buyers after the completion of the project. The notice must include the balance amounts payable before allowing the inspection and property handover.

So, please pay the balance, inspect the property, and take possession of it. A third-party inspection team can be immensely helpful because they give an unbiased opinion. Also, a third-party team, who have experience in inspecting the properties, can identify any issues that will be difficult for common people like us to identify.


Today, more investors are purchasing off-plan properties in Dubai because it allows them to customize their requirements. You can pay for the property in installments based on the construction stages.

Moreover, off-plan properties have become one of the most preferred investment options for international investors for two reasons. The first is that the off-plan properties give a very good return on investment, and secondly, they are a very good investment avenue to get the UAE golden visa, which offers a long-term resident permit.

So, get yourself into the off-plan property market and follow these tips which should prove helpful in deciding on the most suitable off-plan property to buy in Dubai.