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How to Pay for Parking in Dubai?

Parking payment in Dubai

Different Methods to Pay for Parking in Dubai

Dubai is renowned for having an effortless and sophisticated public parking system. However, the increasing number of vehicles on the roads makes it difficult to find a spot to park. In the city, if you want to park, you need to use the public parking system and pay the relevant fees, which vary on an hourly basis.

How to get Parking Tickets in Dubai?

Wherever you park in Dubai, you need to get parking tickets. Parking illegally, obstructing or misusing parking facilities, and using the special needs parking space are some of the reasons you may attract parking fines. Dubai’s paperless campaign led the parking tickets to go paperless. The Road and Transport Authority, since 28th March 2021, has stopped issuing paper tickets. The people who are found to break parking laws get their fines through emails or SMS.

Different Ways to Pay for Parking Tickets in Dubai

There are 5 ways you can pay for parking in Dubai. All methods are easy, and you can use any of these.

Pay with Coins: The most common and easiest method of paying for a parking ticket in Dubai is to find the orange parking sign in the area and use coins. The majority of payment machines only accept coins worth 1 dirham or 50 fils. The process is simple; you need to insert the coins and keep adding them up to the requested value of the parking fee for the desired parking time. Once you are done, you receive a ticket that displays on the dashboard of your vehicle. However, most people don’t carry coins anymore. Thus, other forms of payment are gaining popularity.

Pay Through RTA Smart App: The name of the RTA app is Dubai Drive. It is an essential app that enhances your RTA experience. It offers a wide range of RTA services, including the ability to pay for public parking, vehicle registration, and Salik. Typically, the paid sum is removed from your phone’s balance. You can start by downloading the app. It is essential to register your vehicle through the application to quickly pay for a ticket.

Parking payment Dubai

Pay with mParking (SMS): Since last year, mParking has been the most flexible way to pay for parking tickets. It is a value-added service that allows motorists to pay for virtual permits. You do not need the internet to use this service, and non-registered and registered users can apply for a virtual ticket. Simply send a message to the number 7275 in the below format:

Non-registered users: < Plate No.><space> <Zone No.><space><Duration>

Registered users: < Nickname><space> <Zone No.><space><Duration>

The best feature of this service is that it sends you a reminder 10 mins before your time expiry. You can either pay for an extension or vacate the spot within 10 minutes.

Pay with Nol Cards: With the Nol smart card, you can pay with only one tap to pay for various RTA services and transportation options in Dubai. You can use the card for Dubai Metro, Buses, Tram, and Water Buses, as well as RTA’s paid parking. Obtaining your Nol card is easy and simple, and there are many convenient ways to do that. You can purchase a Nol card at ticket booths, ticket machines, licensed sales representatives, RTA customer happiness centers, or online.

Pay with Prepaid Cards: The above methods may be tedious for someone who regularly uses parking facilities in Dubai. For all such people, RTA provides prepaid parking cards. With the help of these prepaid cards, you may avoid the inconvenience of carrying coins around while paying parking fees in Dubai. Simply place the prepaid card into the payment terminal. The parking fee for your time gets deducted from your balance. You can purchase the card in the amounts of AED 30, AED 50, and AED 100.

How to pay parking fines in Dubai?

Just like getting parking tickets, paying parking fines is also an easy process. You must routinely check to ensure you do not have unpaid parking or traffic fines to avoid receiving a hefty penalty when it’s time to re-register or sell your vehicle. Using the Ministry of Interior’s centralized federal traffic fines payment system, you can check for tickets issued from any Emirate.

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Whether you drive an old minivan, Toyota Land cruiser, or a luxurious car, you must get a ticket to park in Dubai. If you are a newcomer to the city, ensure you are familiar with all the emergency phone numbers. To avoid legal issues, get your RTA driving license and acquire all necessary information about traffic rules before hitting the roads.