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How to Get MRN Number in Dubai?

MRN number in Dubai

How to Get an MRN Number in Dubai?

MRN or Medical Record Number appears on various medical documents in Dubai, such as your hospital discharge summary, lab testing documents, appointment papers, etc. Let’s understand the importance of the MRN number and how to get it.

What is MRN Number?

The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) institutions create a unique number called an MRN, or Medical Record Number, that helps identify patients’ medical information and the care they receive. You will need this unique number to access any medical assistance in DHA facilities, including primary health centers, DHA hospitals, and maternity centers.

Importance of MRN

There are several advantages to possessing a Medical Record Number. First, it gives healthcare professionals fast and simple access to a patient’s medical history. This can be particularly significant in situations where immediate access to medical information is essential. An MRN also acts as a unique identifier for each record, helping to ensure the accuracy and completeness of a patient’s medical data. Doing so may prevent errors or omissions in the patient’s medical records.

How to Create MRN Online?

You must have a valid MRN to schedule an appointment to visit ER or stop by a walk-in clinic in Dubai to receive the treatment. Your Medical Record Number, or MRN, is a specially created number that the Dubai Health Authority uses to track a patient’s medical history.

To create an MRN, you must register on Dubai Health Authority’s website or app. You must keep your Emirates ID handy when you go online. Additionally, it is necessary to link your mobile number with your Emirates ID. You can get MRN only when your mobile number is linked, as the system sends an OTP to confirm the process. Below is the step-by-step process to create or find MRN on the DHA site.

  • Go to the DHA website.
  • Enter Emirates ID.
  • If you already have an MRN, it gets displayed on the screen.
  • If you click on create an MRN, the system will ask you for an OTP.
  • Fill in the OTP that you receive on your mobile phone and generate a new MRN.

How to find your Medical Record Number (MRN)?

Finding your MRN is relatively easy; you may already have it at home. A summary of your last hospital admission, ER visit, doctor’s visit, or any medical records in UAE generally has your MRN number.

If you still need to get one or have forgotten it, you can get or create a new one by following the abovementioned process.

Medical Emergency

How to Check Health Card Number?

You must apply for a health card to be eligible for affordable medical care at government hospitals and clinics, especially if you don’t have private health insurance. The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) issues these health cards. Even if you have private health insurance, it may be wise to get a health card because some policies may not cover all of your medical expenses. Going to a government hospital or clinic in these situations may be less expensive. The card number is mentioned just below the health number.

Is Private Insurance Linked to Emirates ID?

Health insurance companies in the UAE have linked their policies to the client’s Emirates ID. Additionally, hospitals and clinics make sure to have Emirates ID card readers available so they may check patients’ insurance status and coverage benefits. The choice was made in line with the government of the United Arab Emirates’ initiatives to digitize services.

All residents and citizens of Dubai and Abu Dhabi with valid visas are required to get health insurance simultaneously along with Emirates ID. Application for an Emirates ID is required in order to get health insurance. You can apply for an insurance policy once you’ve completed the Emirates ID application. You will receive a “health coverage certificate” from the insurance company, which you can use to finish the remaining steps in the visa application procedure. The policy and Emirates ID numbers need to be forwarded to the health insurance provider after the visa has been stamped on your passport and the Emirates ID has been printed. The insurance will then be automatically associated with your Emirates ID.

DHA Hotline

For any inquiries or complaints, you can call on below number:

  • Toll-Free (24/7): 800342 (800 DHA)
  • Outside UAE (24/7): +971-42198888


MRN is an important number that you might need during medical emergencies. It is always advisable to carry it along with your Emirates ID, driving license, and health card. The process of getting one is simple and quick, and it gives you access to all kinds of medical treatments in DHA facilities in Dubai. So, there are no excuses. Get one today.


What is the use of MRN Dubai?

A medical record number is a unique number created by the DHA. Its establishments and networks utilize this number to identify a patient’s medical record and the treatments he received.

Does an MRN number change?

MRN number will remain constant throughout all care received within a healthcare system.

Is the MRN number secure?

Security is another benefit of using an MRN number. Using a unique code rather than personal information is far more secure. In the event of leaks or hackers, this stops sensitive or private information from becoming public. Also, it eliminates the creation of duplicate patient medical records.

Who needs to obtain an MRN number?

Anybody in Dubai seeking medical care must obtain an MRN number. This identification number allows medical providers to research your medical history and make an informed choice.