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How to Choose the Right Rug for Your Room?


5 Important Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Ideal Rug for Your Room

Most interior designers will tell you that a rug is necessary for a living space to feel complete. However, carpets can be expensive. So, choosing one can be intimidating. A high-end item like that can significantly impact how a room looks and feels. The ideal rug could last for many years in your house, and the wrong rug can become a constant reminder of the money you wasted.

Rugs come in various shapes, sizes, textures, and materials. This is why it is crucial to know what you are buying before you purchase one. As a matter of fact, several homeowners tend to get troubled by the characteristics of the rugs they buy. For instance, they place high-maintenance round rugs in the living room. This is why there are several things you must keep in mind before purchasing an ideal rug for your space. If you are not sure what these could be, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered!

1. Picking the Right Design

You might get overwhelmed by seeing a particular design of a rug and may finally make the decision to buy it. However, it may end up being unfit for the space you bought it for and will stay in the storage room forever. If this is a situation you don’t want, you must first consider the atmosphere of the room you wish to buy the rug for, the design of the curtains, and much more. Then, after evaluating whether or not the design of the rug would look good, you make the decision about purchasing.

2. Choosing the Ideal Color Combination

Whether you opt for round rugs, rectangular rugs, or ones in asymmetric shapes, you must ensure that you pick the right color combination. If you are picking one for your bedroom, you should choose a color that expresses your personality and matches the color code of the walls, artwork, and furniture.

3. Select the Right Size

When it comes to selecting rugs, a few inches can make a huge difference. If you end up buying a rug that does not fit your space properly, it will become a bane instead of a boon. Thus, you should first measure the area of the floor you wish to cover with the rug and then accordingly look for rugs. In case you plan to buy round rugs, you should consider leaving some space on the edges to make them look clean.

4. Choosing the Right Space

While this may not make sense to you initially, you’ll know the importance of choosing the ideal space for placing the rug once you place it.

First of all, remember less is more. So if you already have a particular area covered with bright, colorful patterns, you should buy something that is minimal and yet makes the space look good. In such a case, you can purchase round rugs instead of rectangular ones. This will help you decorate the area without actually taking away all the attention and space.

5. Opt for the Right Material

Even if you buy a rug of the perfect size, shape, color, and design and pick the wrong material, all your effort will go in vain. This is because different materials are ideal for other spaces. For instance, if you want to add a sophisticated look to your bedroom, you can consider purchasing round leather rugs. But, on the other hand, if you want a rug for the living room and have pets in the house, you should buy a flatweave rug made of a fabric that is easily washable.

Choose Your Rug According to Room

Rugs for each room require different specifications. The rug that may look good at the end of your bed might not serve any purpose on the kitchen floor. Thus, you must choose the rug based on the room. Below are some ideas and tips to consider before buying a rug for different rooms.

  • Living Room: If you are choosing a smaller rug, choose a well-adjusted size between your sofa and armchairs and keep only the coffee table on top of it. For larger rugs, it’s advisable to go for a size encompassing all furniture, front and back legs. If the sofa is next to the wall, only the front leg on the rug will also look good.
  • Dining room: Use the table size for the point or reference. The table size plus 24 inches should be the size you choose, so even a pushed-back chair can still fit within its range.
  • Bedroom: Choose a huge rug with extra width on either side that fits under the full bed and nightstands for a spacious room. The rug should roughly cover one-third of the bed’s base in smaller spaces; alternatively, place small-sized rugs on either side of the bed.
  • Kitchen: Narrow runners with slip-free material at the bottom are best for the kitchen area.
  • Entry: It’s important to make a good first impression, and beautiful floor pieces should do just that. Whether you have a circular foyer or an extended corridor, a runner or area rug is your best pick for entry. Select a small or narrow landing pad and stay away from huge pieces, which can inevitably feel intrusive.

Bottom Line

Before purchasing a rug, be clear about how much effort you are prepared to put in for the upkeep of the rug. Heavier and high-end rugs are harder to clean; some must be sent out for cleaning or have a professional do it. Same way, smaller rugs are often awkward-looking. The color also says a lot about rugs. While a darker rug might make your space feel cozier, a lighter rug can open up and brighten your space. Depending on the aesthetic you’re going for, choose the right rug and elevate the decor quotient of your living space.