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How to Check Fine on Emirates ID?

Fines on Emirates id

Emirates ID Fine Check

All residents and citizens of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) must possess Emirates ID, including expats. It is the main Identity Proof, often termed as the Resident Card. It is issued by Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). It has 15 digits consisting of the cardholder’s personal details. The card has the photo, basic details like name, contact number, date of birth, and biometric information of the cardholder.

A fine is a monetary penalty that needs to be paid by the defaulter when he or she breaks certain legal rules and regulations of the country.

Types of Fine that are charged on Emirates ID

Jaywalking: This penalty applies to pedestrians who cross roads without using pedestrian lanes. People are also fined if they ignore traffic lights while crossing roads. The applicable fine amount is AED 400. The jaywalking charge applies to motorists too. It is AED 500 when drivers cross the speed limit near zebra crossings. There are CCTV cameras everywhere on the streets that help the authorities to identify defaulters.

Violating Covid-19 rules and guidelines: There are various divisions under this. For example, when people flout social distancing norms at gatherings, they can be fined. Similarly, tweaking Covid-19 test results, non-compliance when an officer stops a person for Covid-19 related issues, conducting classes in person, etc., also attract penalties.

RTA Fines: Drivers and motorists can be charged under different types of violations. For example, reckless driving means a charge of AED 2,000, or driving a vehicle with no number plates attracts a fine of AED 1,000.

Municipality Fines: These are penalties levied by the City Municipality. For example, if there are building violations or the cardholder has faltered on public appearances, they are penalized.

Emirate ID registration delays: In case the Emirate ID is not renewed in time, the cardholder can be penalized up to AED 1,000.

Checking fines online using Emirates ID

The Emirates ID can be used conveniently to check for charges, especially in Abu Dhabi. All that is required is the ID number that needs to be entered at the official website or the App of the Abu Dhabi Police. The Abu Dhabi Police App can be downloaded from Google Playstore or Apple’s App Store.

Here are the steps to follow to check traffic fines with the Emirate ID:

Step 1 – Open the site, or open the App. It is mandatory to register on the App first.

Step 2 – There are several tabs like Home, Public Services, Member Services, and Contact Us. You need to click on Public Services.

Step 3 – Under Public Services, there are many options – Traffic Fines Materials Inquiry, Payment Receipts Inquiry, Reserved Plates Inquiry, Vehicle’s Accidents Inquiry, and Vehicle’s Certificate Inquiry. You need to click on Fines’ Materials Inquiry. Click on Traffic Fines Inquiry.

Step 4 – On the page, the tab Inquiry By Traffic No. is visible with three options below – Inquiry by Emirates ID (Individual Fines). Inquiry by Vehicle Plate and Inquiry by Driving License. You need to click on the first option, Inquiry by Emirates ID.

Step 5 – Enter your Emirate ID in the blank box.

Step 6 – Enter the Captcha Image in the box above it. Click on ‘Submit.’

Here, two scenarios are possible.

  1. No penalties: In case all your fines are cleared, or there are no fines against you, the system automatically displays the message ‘No fines as per the conditions utilized in the inquiry process.’
  1. Monetary Charges: In case there are fines that you need to pay, the next screen presents a complete snapshot of the same. You get to see Fine’s No., Fine’s Year, Source, Date, Time, Fine’s Type, Late Charges, your Plate No., Color, Type, and Source. The Driver License No. is displayed. The amount is displayed in the lower part of the page, in the bottom-most row. Also, Black Points, if awarded, show up here.

Important Points to remember

  1. In case your visa is in the renewal process or your Emirate ID is about to expire and you have been served a notice on your Emirate ID, you have to clear the pending payment first. Only then will the ICA UAE re-issue the ID card.
  2. Fine payments should be done on time. You can make the payments online at Fill in all the required fields, enter the Captcha, and click payment processing.

How to check road crossing fine in Dubai?

The authorities in Dubai strictly enforce traffic laws to protect the safety of drivers. You could be subject to severe traffic fines and penalties if you violate these rules. The authorities also put a lot of effort into streamlining the fine payment process. It not only expedites the government’s collecting procedure but also protects citizens against further fines. Checking jaywalking fines is also reasonably straightforward.

The charges for road crossing are recorded when traffic police catch you crossing the road without following the rules. The traffic police ask you to show your EID. You are then provided with the receipt with the amount of fine mentioned on it. In case the police do not provide the receipt, you can go to the nearest police station after a few days and find the fine against you by giving your Emirates ID.

Since the offense is not linked to your license number or vehicle, you can’t search for it in the Dubai police inquiry portal. Thus, you must physically go to the police station to check the fine. Alternatively, you can try other channels such as calling 901 or emailing at or the live chat application on the Dubai police app. However, a visit to the police station is the easiest and the fastest way recommended.

Note: The mentioned fine amount is based on our research. The actual amount can vary or be changed by the concerned authorities.