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12 Best Home Maintenance Companies in Dubai

Top Home Maintenance Companies in Dubai

You just bought the home of your dream in the most exquisite location in Dubai. You start living there, have your loved ones visit you, and take amazing feel good pictures for your Instagram feeds.  Two months go by when you realize that buying a home and maintaining it are two different ballgames.

Yes! You might have heard how difficult it can be to get even the mundane to some of the most complex works done related to home intricacies. But the reality hits you harder when you can’t find the exact type of help you are looking for.

This is why we have put together this list wherein you would have access to every major imaginable home maintenance issue you may run into. No matter what kind of home maintenance service in Dubai, you may require, this eclectic list should take care of it without you breaking a sweat. Let’s find out about them.


Having the solution for every fix in your property, WeFix never fails to deliver first-class service with their distinct hospitable touch under the strict supervision of their trained professionals.

You can even opt for their Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) if you want to avail their services regularly. This is highly recommended since you will be constantly in touch with them, and they will ensure that every nook and corner of your property is working at its optimal level and none are going to perish anytime soon.

Be it fixing your plumbing issues or getting the electrical wires connected, wall painting or fixing the wallpapers, handyman help, or water tank cleaning, WeFix comes to your aid with its huge portfolio of different types of services.

Location – 69 23rd St., First Al Khail St., Al Quoz Industrial Area 3, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 52 154 6723,

Price – Annual contracts start from AED 1,200 per year.*

Plus Point

When it comes to top-level professional deep cleaning services, you can blindly trust Plus Point to give you the result that your home needs. Not only do they provide tailored services to home and commercial properties, but they also ensure giving back to the environment by only using eco-friendly cleaning materials.

They are also known for fast and quick answers to your concerns since you can avail of their services on the same day of booking or any day of your choice. So, no need to worry if your AC needs repair on a hot summer day or if your guest room needs cleaning for sudden guest arrival. They have got you covered.

Their services include handyman, AC repair and cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfection, as well as tank, upholstery, and glass cleaning, among others.  They also help restore peeling paint issues and help in preserving your walls.

Location – 149, Al Hamsah A Building, Al Karama, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 58 886 3314,

Price – Annual contracts start from AED 420 per month.*

Hitches & Glitches

Perhaps the biggest independent institute of its kind in not only Dubai but the entire UAE, Hitches & Glitches is the name that you should have on your speed dial all the time. As you can guess from their name, they would take care of any hitch and glitch you may face in your household.

They have been in the business for over four decades now and now boast a workforce of more than 4,000 employees trained in a diverse range of skills, all meant to be at your service at a moment’s notice.

From cleaning to electrical, handyman to disinfection, plumbing to swimming pool cleaning, home improvement to smartphone installation, there is not a service that they don’t cater to. It serves as the perfect one-stop shop for you to hire if you are looking to cover the overall maintenance of your residence.

Location – 5423 DXB, Floor 3, Farnek Building, Al Quoz, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 04 382 4510

Price – Annual contracts start from AED 1,458 per year.*

Pro Active Facility Management Services

Over the past several years, Pro Active Facility Management Services has truly met its vision of earning a solid reputation in the field of property maintenance in the UAE. Their soft and hard facility management services in apartments, villas, high-rise buildings, office compounds, and shops have earned them favorable reviews from people across the country.

With quick and timely responses, their mode of work begins with an inspection and analysis of the problem, followed by a supply of service that ends with the required clean-up or maintenance, leading to you being a happy client.

Their range of services includes pest control, housekeeping, AC repair, janitorial cleaning, masonry, carpentry, electrical, and plumbing, among many others.

Location – Office No. 1455, Tamani Arts Business Bay, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 4 570 7046,

Price – It varies depending on the type of service you need.

We Will Fix It

Having been in the business since 2008, We Will Fix It has accomplished a favorable reputation in a short time owing to its precision to detail and noteworthy service. They provide cost-effective services related to a wide array of property maintenance under the supervision of trained professionals, who would leave you with no scope of complaints.

Their top-notch technicians are known for tackling the problem at hand from its root and providing you with a seamless and long-term solution that will never cease to impress you. They work round the clock 365 days a year so that any holiday doesn’t get in your way of living your comfort best at your home.

Some of the services they excel in are plumbing, home painting, duct cleaning, coil cleaning, handyman, air conditioning, water tank restoration, and among others.

Location – Phase 1 – Plot 194, Dubai Investments Park – Dubai

Contact Details – +971 04 807 3295,

Price – Annual contracts start from AED 1,230 per year.*


Approved not only by UAE authorities but also globally by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Biosweep follows international top-notch standards for implementing their sanitization, disinfection, and cleaning services.

Whether you need the mold formation in your home to be taken care of or you want to get those carpets in your living room cleaned, whether you want to have an odor-removal service or a furniture cleaning service, Biosweep will come to your rescue at a moment’s notice.

They ensure that their service also includes every method that leads to the destruction of all surface or airborne bacteria, viruses, and fungi so that you breathe fresh and healthy air.

Location – Office No.103, 1st Floor, Al Garhoud Center, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 4 250 0516,

Price – Depending on the type of service you seek, they charge from AED 200 to AED 4,330.*

Transguard Living

Despite being relatively new to the business, Transguard Living is one of the most trusted home maintenance service centers in Dubai, which is reflected in its number of loyal customers who never fail to leave a happy review after being serviced by them.

They also have the distinction of being the first-ever dedicated home services company that provides support all through the country. Apart from serving individual clients, they also dish their services to property developers, landlords, and real estate agents, among others.

With the approach of treating their client’s home problems as their own problem, they are able to give the homely touch of perfection in whatever field they need help in. Some of its huge resume of services includes handyman, cleaning, and moving, as well as complicated and meticulous work related to aviation.

Location – Transguard Group Headquarters P.O. Box 22630, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 04 703 0500

Price – Annual contracts start from AED 1,044 per year.


With the aim of providing seamless repair, maintenance, and refurbishing services in Dubai, Fixperts stands as a shining example in the field of one-stop maintenance shops. They use up-to-date technology to give you seamless operations and 24/7 customer service.

Whether it is your swimming pool or tiling and flooring, garage door or CCTV, artificial grass or landscaping, painting or wallpaper installation, deep cleaning or marble polishing, their range of services is as diverse and spread out as you can imagine, ensuring all your concerns are met.

Their customer-driven approach has made them a favorite among thousands of customers not only in Dubai but the entire UAE. By following international standards in their work, they leave no stone unturned to give you a satisfactory service.

Location – Prime business center Jumeirah village circle, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 4 361 7589,

Price – Annual contracts start from AED 3,000 per year.*

Green Initiative

Aimed at providing sustainable and eco-friendly solutions to home maintenance, Green Initiative stands true to its name. They are a leading example of how property renovation can mingle well with giving back to the environment.

From AC servicing to home painting, from office fit-out to retail interior design, all your concerns will be answered when you have Green Initiative by your side. Even everyday jobs like repairing window breaks or change of locks can be availed from this award-winning home maintenance company.

Besides their regular home services, they have also created quite a name for themselves for their consultation services, energy audits, as well as implementing residential buildings, hospitals, schools, and parks for their clients.

Location – iRise Tower, Barsha Heights, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 04 407 0505

Price – Annual contracts start from AED 1,500 per year.*

Fixit Dubai

Whether you are looking for getting services for your residential property or a commercial zone, Fixit Dubai will come to your aid whenever the need may arise. Dedicated to fixing everything related to your interiors, they work their hardest selves in providing you with scientific and reliable solutions to your home problems.

If you are looking to renovate your interiors or fix any previously done mishap, then this is the store you need to knock on. They are specifically trained to address all your interior grievances.

When it comes to any issue related to floorings, indoor furniture, blinds, curtains, carpets, patio furniture, or even artificial grassing, they do it all. Not to mention, they also have skilled professionals who can take care of any painting job that you may need to be taken care of.

Location – Showroom 33, 4th St, behind BMW AGMC Building, Al Quoz 1, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 50 637 9229,

Price – Doesn’t provide annual contracts and are chargeable as per types of service.*

mPlus Home Maintenance by Emrill

An absolute leader in providing tailored facilities management solutions, mPlus Home Maintenance by Emrill covers every ground of work you can possibly need help for. You know you are in good hands here because Emrill is a multi-award-winning integrated facilities management provider, which means their home maintenance branch is reputed and reliable.

They employ top-quality professionals who operate with international standards to give you the perfect service for your home. Their range of work includes plumbing, cleaning, handyman, painting, air conditioning, pest control, tank cleaning, and electrical, to name a few.

With a 24/7 dedicated helpdesk, you can breathe easily and no matter what time of the day you run into trouble with your home maintenance, they will be there to listen to your concerns.

Location – 11B Street, Al Quoz, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 8 006 7587

Price – Annual contracts start from AED 1,248 per year.*

The Home Team

As expensive as buying properties in Dubai can be, maintaining it can burn even more holes in your pocket if you don’t find the right service center and do maintenance regularly. To help you out of this scenario, The Home Team offers world-class technical and property maintenance services at affordable prices.

In addition to residential properties, The Home Team also extends its helping arms to commercial properties too. If you maintain your property regularly and with the right technique, you will save it from further damage and extend its shelf life and health so that you don’t have to spend a lump sum at once in the future.

Among the various services provided by this home maintenance company, the notable ones are plumbing, masonry, cleaning, handyman, air conditioning, painting, carpentry, electrical, renovation, water tank cleaning, and pest control services.

Location – Office 244, Al Shafar investments building, Al Safa metro station, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

Contact Details – +971 80 0357,

Price – Annual contracts start from AED 1,712 per year.*


Having professional service providers take care of home maintenance is important because not only they will get the job done efficiently that you, as a common layman, probably won’t be able to match, but they will also save you from many hazards. These hazards can stem from anything as minuscule as faulty wires or molds in your carpet.

Regular maintenance will save you money in the long term and will keep your home safe, clean, and at its optimal best. These aforementioned home maintenance service providers in Dubai will address any problem that you might face on an everyday basis in your home.

So, based on your requirement and budget, get an appointment from one of them and get top-notch professional service at your doorstep.