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Healthy Eating Options in Dubai

Healthy Eating Practices in Dubai

Healthy Eating Practices in Dubai

Dubai is an exotic place to visit and stay. Be it a local or a foreigner; it is surely a once-in-a-lifetime experience for everyone. From the world’s tallest building to luxurious skyscrapers touching the sky, from princely ambiance to the natural beauty of the beaches, there is a lot that makes this place a worthwhile visit.

One aspect of Dubai that never fails to attract is its awesome dining options. Be it fine dining or street food, dinner cruises, or nightclubs, this is a gourmet lover’s ideal destination. Some fabulous delicacies and mouth-watering treats await you here. It is not a challenge finding restaurants offering global cuisines in Dubai – Indian, native Emirati, Lebanese, Levantine, and Italian. The striking feature of food in the city is that you always get healthy food choices. There are restaurants and dining outlets that specialize in offering simple and nutritious meals controlling calories and more.

Healthy Food Options in Dubai

1. Download the Food Watch app

Of late, the trend to opt for healthy food even when eating out is catching up fast in Dubai. It is not just a few modern eateries that are offering nutritious takes on traditional cuisines. Even the Dubai government is serious about promoting healthy eating amongst residents and visitors. In this context, the Dubai Municipality launched its dedicated app in 2017 called Food Watch for helping residents keep a watch on their food habits starting from the farm to the dinner table.

Food Watch is a digital platform that provides detailed information about the food available in the market. Once downloaded, users can access various kinds of information:

  • Obtain nutritional details about the food they are ordering or eating.
  • Search for restaurants that offer food as per their dietary preferences, allergies, etc.
  • Find out nutritional details about imported food.
  • Monitor the food being served in school cafeterias.
  • Find food outlets that are accessible to disabled people.
  • Access data about food companies that have been listed under the Dubai Municipality’s “Eat Healthy, Live Healthy” initiative.

2. Look out for the Food Healthy Logo

In 2017 itself, the Food Safety Department launched its Food Healthy logo. The logo informs consumers about food companies offering healthy food choices under the Dubai Municipality’s Eat Healthy, Live Healthy initiative. The logo is used to certify restaurants and food outlets adhere to the guidelines set up by the Dubai Municipality for ready-to-eat food.

Any outlet that claims to be serving nutritious food but is misleading the public will face legal actions. Under this initiative, food outlets can apply for the certification for their full or partial menu. The Department also maintains vigilant eyes on food businesses to not increase the prices because of the logo.

The Healthy Food logo can be used by food businesses only when claiming to serve low-calorie food, use gluten-free ingredients, use low sodium, fat or sugar to prepare their food, etc. The presence of the logo is a guarantee that the claim is correct and has been verified by the Food Safety Department of Dubai.

Healthy Eating in Dubai

3. Dates

Dates are a sign of Arabian hospitality and a rich source of nutrients. It is revered as the holy fruit of the Middle East. And, not without reason! The fruit is a storehouse of essential vitamins and minerals. The nutrition values of 100g dates are as follows:

  • 2g Protein.
  • 7g Fiber
  • 20% of the Recommended Dietary Intake Potassium
  • 14% of the Recommended Dietary Intake Magnesium
  • 18% of the Recommended Dietary Intake Copper
  • 15% of the Recommended Dietary Intake Manganese
  • 5% of the Recommended Dietary Intake Iron
  • 12% of the Recommended Dietary Intake Vitamin B6

Not just that, dates from palm trees are rich in antioxidants like carotenoids, flavonoids, and phenolic acid. Also, being a source of natural sugar, fructose, dates are a healthy and viable substitute for white sugar. For residents of Dubai, dates are a viable choice for daily intake of recommended nutrients and replacing white sugar with natural sugar.

4. Locally Sourced Food

Health-conscious people favor locally sourced food across the world. Locally grown food is picked only when fully ripe; hence, it tastes better and is flavor-rich than artificially processed food. Also, local food has a shorter duration from being sown to reaching the dinner table – hence the nutrient value is the highest. Plus, local food consumption helps support the local farmers and is also good for the ecology.

Dubai offers ample food markets to buy locally grown vegetables, fruits, and other food items with zero artificial chemicals, pesticides, and fertilizers.

5. Organic Products

Food products using “organic” on their label have to satisfy organic standards, which means food must be grown and harvested using only approved materials and methods that incorporate cultural, biological and mechanical practices. What makes this a better choice for you and your family’s health? These food products contain little to no chemicals, antibiotics, and hormones. By choosing wholesome, organic produce, meats, fish, including baby food, you can significantly reduce your daily chemical intake that may cause health issues in the long run. In the UAE, organic food online delivery provides healthier options readily accessible and more convenient to everyone.

6. Hub of Natural Sugar

While dates are a good alternative for people who love to binge on sweet cravings, Dubai offers multiple other options too. It is a smart choice to go in for natural sugar alternatives that the Emirate offers to its residents and visitors. Natural sugar comes from fruits, dairy products, and a few vegetables. Seasonal fruits are an absolute joy in Dubai. The place is home to ripened mangoes during summers. Similarly, you can get oranges and berries rich in Vitamin C and full of fresh juice during spring. Winters are ideal for roasted chestnuts.

Dubai has a track record of being the second-largest food consumer in the region. While many of these food items are freshly produced by local farmers, some are imported too to meet the rising needs of residents here.

7. Order Diet Meals

Dubai has some exceptionally reputed food delivery companies that offer tailored diet meals for people who wish to eat healthily. There are meal plans like Wellness Plan, Weight Loss Plan, etc. You also get options like muscle gain plans or athlete diet plans. Some companies offer diabetes plans, new mom plans, and more. You can look for meal delivery companies in Dubai to meet your goal of eating right and healthy.

8. Homemade meals

If eating out seems to be a far-fetched idea, you could try cooking at home. Homemade meals can be excellently rich in nutrition. Also, being freshly cooked, the nutrient value is way higher compared to packaged food.

Summing up

Eating healthy is the route to staying fit and fine. There are a number of mouth-watering popular food in Dubai, but at the same time, the city offers exceptional opportunities to eat right. Take charge of your wellness by following these healthy eating practices as listed above.