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Gift Ideas for Christmas and New Year

Christmas and New Year Gift Ideas

Christmas comes with jingle bells! Santa Claus comes riding high on a one-horse open sleigh to take us all to another world. Everything is completely different there… in the world of the new year. There you have a new beginning; new hopes; new aspirations, and, most importantly, new gifts! 

Yes, you have guessed it right; in this article, we will discuss some of the most sought-after Christmas gifts that you can give to your dear and near ones. 

Gifts For Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

The seasons of outings, picnics, Ho Ho, and To To have come once again. Could you see the bus of happiness and glee standing on the horizon? Let’s get on the bus, and we will take you to the grand bazaar, where you can buy anything that you imagine and everything that you can not imagine. 

Let us take a look at some of the gift ideas for the upcoming Christmas and New year. 

1. Christmas Tree with Cookies

This is the first in our list of gifts. You’ve often heard your girlfriend asking for a Christmas Tree every time when the occasion is around the corner. It is not only a gift but also an image of happiness and profundity. 

And if it is coupled with chocolates and cookies, it makes a great combination…of simple unending joy. You can get both of them in different qualities and ranges. So get it for her this year, and you will see how happy she will be.

2. Pendant-Earring Set

Gems and jewels are the sharpest weapons to hunt your lover’s attention. Pendants-Earring sets are available in different designs. The stones fitted on the pendants catch the adorer’s attention.

They become irresistible every time you see them. But the quality ones can be a little heavy for your pocket. So what is the problem?  Only a few months of hard toil can win her heart; what more can you expect?

3. Customized Wristwatch

A gift to someone is a symbol of emotions. There is nobody you thought of. Your gifts are the embodiment of your feelings and emotions. It will be great if your gift bears some statement. Customized watches can deliver it. You can imprint your love not only on his/her heart but also on your watch. That’s the idea behind the gift.

Customized watches or some other gift items like clock mugs can serve the same purpose. They become a token of your expressions and stay for a long time.

4. Personalized Pen And Journal

Some of you are good at framing your thoughts and feelings in black and white. The gift of expressing oneself…few things are purer, believe us. If you have a loved one, whoever it might be, a wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, or kids who have the art and fluidity in expressing words, gift a personalized pen.

They bear the weight and significance coupled with satisfaction; what’s better than taking them to some secluded place and keep writing? That’s what your Pen can deliver best.

5. Potted Plants

Christmas and new year gift lists are incomplete without this one. Green plants always radiate a sense of peace and purity. It softens your eyes. Gift them with something that can radiate freshness every day.

There are a variety of plants that you can gift with some pots decked with orient designs. The newness of the pot can fade away bad memories. The power of art can cleanse you from within and without.

So visit BloomingBox and pick a cute potted plant for your sweetheart, and you will see a cute smile filled with contentment!

6. Beauty And Spa Hampers

Imagine you gift your loved ones with a bucket filled with beautiful objects. The bucket will have a host of beauty products like puffs, powders, creams, lipsticks, and candles. With them, you can invoke your own goddess of beauty. Is she a bit angry with you these days? Let the scented candles melt, and with it melt her heart.

Can You Make Her Fly In Happiness?

The small list might not have something out of the planet, but they have enough to satisfy her. Even the baby Jesus received gifts from the Magi; how happy he might have been! Even the opportunity of gifting your friend something during the festivities is the greatest gift that you can have.