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Emergency Numbers in UAE (Police, Ambulance, Fire & More)

A Comprehensive List of Emergency Numbers In UAE

Unforeseen events can occur at the most unexpected moments, and in those critical moments, having quick access to the correct emergency numbers can be a lifesaver.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), knowing whom to call in various emergencies is vital. We’ve compiled a list of essential emergency numbers if you live in the UAE.

From medical emergencies to reporting crimes, fires, and even water and electricity issues, the UAE has a well-organized system to ensure that help is just a phone call away.

This information will provide you with the crucial emergency numbers and offer insights into each category, helping you understand when and how to use them effectively.

6 Must-Have Emergency Numbers In UAE

Handling emergencies can be a daunting experience, but being prepared and knowing how to make the right call can make all the difference in ensuring safety and minimizing damage. Here are the top 6 options that are available all over UAE:

Police: 999

This hotline is best used for reporting crimes, accidents, or any situation that requires police intervention.

Such situations include robberies, car accidents, assaults, burglaries, missing persons, and any other criminal activity.

Ambulance: 998

It is best used for emergencies requiring immediate medical assistance and transportation to the nearest hospital.

Examples of Situations are heart attacks, strokes, severe injuries, allergic reactions, and other life-threatening medical conditions.

Fire Department [Civil Defense]: 997

Best Used For: Reporting fires, fire-related emergencies, and incidents requiring firefighting services.

Examples of Situations: Building fires, vehicle fires, rescuing people from hazardous situations, and handling hazardous materials incidents.

Coastguard: 996

Best Used For: Maritime emergencies and incidents in or near water, including rescue operations at sea.

Examples of Situations: Boat accidents, water rescues, distressed vessels, and incidents involving drowning or stranded individuals.

Electricity Failure: 911

Best Used For: Reporting power outages and electrical emergencies.

Examples of Situations: Complete power failures, exposed electrical wires, electrical sparks, and other electricity-related hazards.

Water Failure: 922

Best Used For: Reporting water supply issues and plumbing emergencies.

Examples of Situations: Burst water pipes, water leaks, no water supply in residential or commercial areas, and issues with water quality.

Priority Air Ambulance Services (877-922-9675)

Air ambulance services in the UAE play a critical role in providing rapid and life-saving medical care to individuals facing severe emergencies, particularly in remote or challenging locations.

These specialized services ensure that patients receive immediate attention and are transported swiftly to healthcare facilities, often when time is of the essence.

UAE’s air ambulance services are equipped with advanced medical equipment, skilled healthcare professionals, and aircraft designed for medical transport. This combination enables them to respond to a range of emergencies, including serious accidents, critical medical conditions, and even international repatriations.

One of the notable aspects of these services is their ability to cover diverse terrains, from the bustling cities to the desert regions. Air ambulances are capable of reaching areas inaccessible by ground vehicles, making them indispensable in the country’s vast and varied landscape.

Additionally, these services often work in close collaboration with local hospitals and emergency responders, ensuring seamless care and coordination. They contribute to the UAE’s commitment to providing world-class healthcare and medical assistance, even in the most challenging circumstances.

For Non-Emergency Situations Dial 901

It is crucial to reserve emergency hotlines for genuine emergencies to not overwhelm them with inquiries that other appropriate authorities can handle.

For instance, if you need to reach out to the police regarding a non-emergency matter, such as a noise complaint, lost property that doesn’t involve theft, a fender-bender, or a minor collision with no injuries, police procedures, traffic regulations, or other non-urgent matters, the customer service representatives at 901 can provide information and guidance.

Reporting Crime

Reporting crime is crucial for maintaining safety and security in the UAE. To address concerns related to harassment, suspicious activities, or other safety issues, residents and visitors can use dedicated contact centers while ensuring confidentiality.

Here are some essential hotlines for reporting crime and how to utilize these emergency numbers best:

Abu Dhabi Police – Aman Service (8002626 or SMS to 8002828)

Use this hotline to report incidents related to harassment, safety threats, or any criminal activities in Abu Dhabi. The Aman service ensures confidentiality and assists promptly.

Dubai Police – Al Ameen Service (8004888 or +9718004888)

When in Dubai or even outside the UAE, you can contact the Al Ameen service to report crimes and safety concerns. This confidential hotline is available 24/7, ensuring your anonymity and swift response.

Sharjah Police – Najeed Service (800151)

For residents and visitors in Sharjah, the Najeed service is a valuable resource for reporting crimes and safety-related issues discreetly. Sending an SMS to 7999 is also a convenient option to seek assistance.

Ministry of Interior – General Inquiries (800 5000)

While not an emergency number, the Ministry of Interior’s hotline is useful for general inquiries about UAE safety, security, and law enforcement. It’s a valuable resource for gathering information and seeking guidance.

Human Trafficking Hotlines in the UAE

In the ongoing fight against human trafficking, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has established a network of dedicated hotlines to empower individuals to report incidents, seek help, and contribute to the prevention of this heinous crime.

These hotlines offer a confidential and supportive platform for anyone who suspects or encounters human trafficking-related activities. Here are the key reporting hotlines:

EWAA Hotline (800SAVE)

Managed by EWAA, this hotline is a vital resource for reporting suspected human trafficking incidents. It focuses on confidentiality and prompt response to assist victims and address trafficking concerns.

National Committee (+9712-2222000)

The National Committee to Combat Human Trafficking provides a central point of contact for reporting and addressing human trafficking issues. Calls to this number contribute to the UAE’s efforts to combat such crimes.

Dubai Police-Control Center (+9714-6082347)

Dubai Police’s Control Center of Human Trafficking hotline is dedicated to receiving reports on human trafficking activities within the Dubai Emirate. It plays a critical role in investigations and rescue operations.


Hotline for Labor Complaints (8005005)

This hotline addresses labor-related complaints involving unfair treatment or potential exploitation. Reporting labor issues contributes to ensuring fair working conditions for all.

Hotline for Human Trafficking Issues (8007283)

For concerns specifically related to human trafficking, this hotline offers a specialized avenue for reporting and seeking assistance.

These hotlines are essential in the UAE’s commitment to combating human trafficking. Reporting any suspicions or knowledge of trafficking activities can help rescue victims and bring perpetrators to justice, contributing to a safer society.

Safeguarding Women and Children: Reporting Hotlines in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates is dedicated to guaranteeing the security and well-being of women and children, and various dedicated hotlines have been established to report cases of violence and abuse against them.

These helplines provide a safe and confidential platform for individuals to seek assistance, report incidents, and contribute to the protection of the vulnerable. Here are the key reporting hotlines:

  • Ministry of Interior (Toll-free hotline 116111)
  • Contact EWAA Shelter for Women and Children at 8007283
  • Reach out to the Dubai Foundation for Women and Children (800111)
  • Child Protection Centre in Sharjah (Toll-free helpline 800 700)
  • Woman’s Protection Centre in Sharjah (Toll-free helpline 800 800 700)
  • Contact the Hemaya Foundation for Children and Women in Ajman at either 800himaya or 800446292.
  • Contact the Aman Centre for Women and Children through RAK Police at 07-2356666.

Preventing Animal Abuse

The UAE strongly emphasizes animal welfare, and reporting incidents of animal abuse is essential to protecting our four-legged friends. Various hotlines have been established to provide a platform for individuals to report cruelty, neglect, or animal harm.

These reporting channels ensure that animals receive the care and protection they deserve. Here are the key hotlines for reporting animal abuse:

  • Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (Hotline 8003050)
  • Dubai Municipality (Hotline 800900)
  • Local Municipalities Across the UAE
  • Emirates Animal Welfare Society (+9712-5010054)

Reporting Workplace Injuries and Fatalities (Hotline 80060)

Ensuring workplace safety is of utmost importance. In the UAE, it is crucial to promptly report any incidents of injury or death on the job. Employers are obligated to safeguard the welfare of their workforce and must inform the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization within 24 hours in the event of such incidents.

Employers can contact the ministry’s dedicated hotline at 80060 to report workplace injuries or fatalities. This hotline provides guidance and support in reporting and addressing such incidents.

Ensuring Food Safety and Medication Authenticity

Food safety and the authenticity of medications are paramount concerns for public health in the UAE. To address these issues and protect consumers, dedicated authorities and hotlines have been established:

Dubai Municipality (Hotline 800900)

To report food safety concerns, including food poisoning or the discovery of unsafe food products, contact the Dubai Municipality through their hotline or email: ensure swift action to address and investigate food-related issues.

Ministry of Health and Prevention (Hotline 80011111)

Contact the Ministry of Health and Prevention through their dedicated hotline to report fake or harmful medications. This ensures the authenticity and safety of medications, safeguarding public health.

Tourist Assistance in the UAE

For tourists visiting the UAE, there are dedicated resources to ensure a safe and pleasant experience:

Dubai Tourism Security (Hotline 8004438)

In Dubai, tourists can contact Dubai Tourism Security by dialing 8004438. This hotline is available to address tourism-related concerns and emergencies, offering peace of mind while exploring this vibrant city.

Abu Dhabi Tourism Police (Hotline +97128002626)

In Abu Dhabi, tourists can seek assistance by calling the Abu Dhabi Tourism Police at +97128002626 or +97125127777. These numbers connect visitors to authorities who can provide guidance and support during their stay.

Bottom Line

Knowing whom to call in times of emergency is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a matter of safety and security. These emergency numbers cover a broad spectrum of situations, and every resident and visitor in the UAE should have them at their fingertips.

Remember, emergencies can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Preparedness and quick action can make all the difference. So, save these numbers in your phone or write them somewhere handy during travel.

Your knowledge of these emergency numbers can be a lifesaver, ensuring that you and those around you stay safe in the UAE’s diverse and dynamic landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Queries Related to UAE Emergency Numbers

Are these emergency numbers applicable throughout the UAE, or do they vary by emirate?

The emergency numbers listed above are applicable throughout the entire UAE. Whether you find yourself in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, or any other emirates, these numbers remain consistent for their respective purposes.

What should I do if I’m unsure whether my situation qualifies as an emergency?

It’s always better to err on the side of caution. If you believe a situation requires immediate attention, like a medical emergency, ongoing criminal incident, or fire, don’t hesitate to call the appropriate number. For non-urgent matters or inquiries, you can use the non-emergency hotline 901 to seek guidance.

Can tourists use the emergency numbers in the UAE?

Absolutely. The emergency numbers listed above are available to residents and visitors. If you’re a tourist in the UAE and encounter an emergency, don’t hesitate to call the relevant emergency hotline, such as 999 for the police or 998 for an ambulance.

Are these emergency numbers available 24/7, including weekends and holidays?

Yes, the emergency numbers are accessible, even on weekends and holidays. They are operational around the clock to ensure swift responses to various emergencies and concerns in the UAE.