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Dubai Investment Park: Sustainable Future of Businesses

Dubai Investments Park, The Future of Business Among the World Market

Dubai Investments Park, The Future of Business Among the World Market

Dubai has emerged as one of the highly desired locations to do business due to its beneficial tax policies, financial and environmental resources, knowledgeable workforce, and market potential. And Dubai Investments Park is amongst the most preferred places by entrepreneurs in Dubai for conducting trade and commerce.


Incorporated in 1997, Dubai Investments Park (DIP) is solely owned by Dubai Investments PJSC (a prominent first-of-its-kind UAE-based investment company) and is operated by Dubai Investments Park Development Company LLC.

The masterwork is a peculiar and self-sufficient community sorted into 3 zones: commercial, residential, and industrial.

Covering an area of 2300 hectares, this development is deemed to be a “city within a city.” DIP flaunts elite infrastructure and excellent amenities, which has led to the setting of new standards in the locale. By virtue of its amazing connectivity to global markets, Dubai Investments Park has become a business-friendly locality for industries worldwide willing to conduct business in the MENA region.

It is an all-inclusive space consisting of manufacturing, housing, health care, research and development, logistics, and beyond.

Distinguishing Attributes of DIP

Favourable site location

The site location offers various strategic advantages to the businesses operating in Dubai Investments Park. One major reason DIP is the most preferred commercial space is its connectivity to a comprehensive transport network. It is situated within close proximity of Jebel Ali Port and Dubai World Central Airport, enabling access to domestic and international markets.

World-class infrastructure

The road network covering more than 140 Kms makes commuting and transportation feasible from Dubai Investments Park. Dubai RTA’s public transport facilities, 3 metro stations, and hassle-free taxi pick and drop services have further made traveling easier. DIP’s outstanding water, power, and safety services, as well as high-tech telecommunication and wastewater treatment facilities, are all the more impressive.

A noteworthy fact about DIP is that in January 2021, DIP increased its power generating capacity by 16.66% to meet the requirements of over 10000 commercial and industrial tenants and more than 150000 residents. Now the total load capacity of the park is 1050 MVA.

Environmentally safe

The development was designed in such a way that it does not harm the environment in any manner. Thus, DIP is among the region’s most ecologically responsible projects. It features extensive landscaping and eco-friendly standards regulating company activities for a sustainable future.

Hence, all the features discussed above make Dubai Investments Park a premium place to invest in.

Profitability on investments

Profitability on investments

People and corporations who invested in Dubai Investments Park over the last 20 years have received not only higher profits but also a higher sense of happiness.

There are  3 connected zones of DIP, i.e., Commercial, Industrial, and Residential areas.

1. Commercial Zone

DIP, being the MENA region’s leading commercial park, is home to several worldwide businesses. The commercial area of the park is ideal for conducting the corporate and retail operations of the enterprises. Commercial spaces, such as offices, retail stores, and showrooms are available to entrepreneurs. Within DIP’s rules, organizations can plan and build custom structures to meet their specific needs.

2. Industrial Zone

This zone perfectly serves the needs of small, medium, and large-scale firms. DIP invites production plants, fabrication units, research centers, and experimental facilities in the industrial zone. 

Furthermore, the zone provides a favorable environment for investors. With the best infrastructure and facilities in the world, it is well suited to meet the needs of today’s businesses. 

To complement the industrial and commercial zones, DIP provides warehousing facilities for the logistic requirements of businesses and manufacturing units. It supports the prompt flow of the goods from the production plants to the potential markets.

3. Residential Zone

Dubai Investments Park offers various luxurious housing choices, ranging from different kinds of villas and triplexes to high-end flats. Swimming pools, spas, and gymnasiums are a few examples of modern luxuries that support the accommodation zone.

Major industries in Dubai Investments Park

Many foreign ventures and firms have established themselves in DIP. Some are named hereunder:

  • Food and Beverage 
  • Printing Press
  • Furniture
  • Plastic
  • Oil
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Research and Development
  • Construction
  • Textile

How to incorporate a company in DPI?

You can follow the steps mentioned below to form a company in Dubai Investments Park:

  • Complete the DIP Authority-issued application form and submit it. Make sure that you enter accurate and appropriate information.
  • Prepare a comprehensive project portfolio including details like feasibility study, process schedules, technical drawings, etc. The portfolio should be clear.
  • Submit the registration and incorporation documents stating the country where your company was incorporated.
  • Submit legal documentation related to power of attorney along with board resolutions. The Chamber of Commerce and the UAE Embassy in the company’s origin country shall verify and certify these papers.
  • Apply to acquire the trade license from the Department of Economic Development, Dubai.

Advantages of setting up or expanding business in Dubai Investments Park

If you are willing to establish your company in DIP, here’s a list of benefits you will get:

  • The entrepreneurs are not required to pay personal or income tax. But yes, business entities do have to bear 5% VAT
  • Maximum returns on investments
  • Exceptional infrastructure and amenities
  • Remarkable connectivity with foreign markets
  • Easy access to transports
  • Easy availability of raw materials and supplies
  • Goods storage facility, i.e., warehousing

DIP has solidified its position as the most favoured property for investors and companies wanting to invest in Dubai with excellent infrastructure, connectivity, and other salient features. And hence, it is the future of business among the world market.