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Dubai Family Visa Requirements

Dubai Family Visa Requirements and How to Apply for it?

As an expat living in Dubai, you can bring your family and dependents to live with you in the cosmopolitan city of skyscrapers. It can be done via the Dubai Family Visa, also called the Dependent Visa. It is not a work or a tourist visa and has multiple eligibility requirements that you need to meet so that your dependents can move to Dubai with you for an extended period.

Continue reading as we provide you with all the relevant details so that the process does not get too long-drawn and daunting.

What is Dubai Family Visa?

Foreign nationals, be it employees or employers, with a valid residence visa of the UAE can sponsor residence visas for their dependents, including their spouses, children, and parents. Before the laws changed in 2019, expatriates working in certain fields with specific job titles could sponsor their families only. However, the rules have changed now.

As a result, all resident foreign nationals in Dubai, having a minimum salary of AED 4,000 or alternately earning AED 3,000 with accommodation, can sponsor their families (applicable for males). The job title is no longer a restrictive factor though there are defined criteria for men and women that determine their eligibility to sponsor their families.

Eligibility Criteria/Mandatory Requirements for Sponsorship

  • The profession is no longer a valid condition for expatriates to apply for Family Visa.
  • The foreign national should have a valid residence visa/permit from the UAE.
  • It is mandatory for the sponsored person, male or female, to undergo medical fitness tests at approved health centers in the country and pass the tests. This applies to people who are 18 years old or more.
  • Medically unfit people are not permitted the visa.

The earning threshold is different for males and females. It is as below:

  • Men should earn at least AED 4,000/ AED 3,000 + accommodation to qualify for sponsorship of their family members.
  • For women, the earning criteria is a minimum of AED 10,000/ AED 8,000 + accommodation to sponsor a dependent.

Important Points to Note:

  1. The sponsor can apply for the family visa within 60 days after the dependents enter the UAE with a resident permit.
  2. If the resident sponsor is detected with pulmonary tuberculosis, inactive or dormant, they will be considered medically fit. Therefore, they will be given a ‘Health Fitness Certificate for Residence’ for a year. The person, however, has to ensure proper treatment, and the concerned health authority will regularly follow up with them in this context.
  3. All the above criteria and conditions can change. Therefore, interested sponsors must keep checking with the GDRFA at or the ICP (the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship) at
  4. The approved health centres/typing offices in Dubai are listed on the website of the Dubai Health Authority at

Who Can Be Sponsored, and What are the Applicable Conditions & Documents?

Expats can sponsor their spouses, kids, and parents. Here are the details:

Spouses & Children


Dubai is an amazing place for couples. Individuals can sponsor their legally married partners to join them in the city. For this, submitting an attested copy of the marriage certificate is mandatory to prove the marital relationship. The certificate needs to be in Arabic. In case it is in English, the same has to be translated by a certified translator into Arabic.

Muslim men are permitted to sponsor two wives provided they meet all the required conditions mentioned by the ICP.


Female kids can be sponsored by their parents, provided the kids are unmarried. There are no age-related restrictions. However, if the sponsor is the mother, a no-objection certificate in writing is mandatory from her husband to sponsor their daughter. In this case, additional documents may be required to be submitted by the woman.


Male kids can be sponsored by the parent provided he is less than 25 years old. Sons with special needs can be sponsored with no age-related restrictions. For a woman sponsor, a no-objection certificate in writing is mandatory from her husband. In this case, additional documents may be required to be submitted by the woman.

Newborn Babies

If the baby is born in the UAE, the parent must apply for a resident visa within 120 days of birth. Else, there could be fines and penalties.


Stepchildren can be sponsored by the parent as per GDRFA’s requirements. The permit, in this case, is valid for a year and needs to be renewed every year. In addition, the parent must pay a deposit for each kid and submit a no-objection certificate in writing from the biological parent.

Supporting Documents for Obtaining Dubai Family Visa for Spouse and Children

  1. Duly fill in the application form. It can be filled out online or using the services of a registered typing office.
  2. Photographs.
  3. Passport copies.
  4. Medical Fitness/Clearance Certificate from approved health centres of the spouse and kids above 18 years.
  5. The Emirates ID of the sponsor.
  6. A copy of the employment contract/company contract of the sponsor.
  7. Duly attested copy of the marriage certificate.
  8. Registered Tenancy contract.
  9. Salary certificate with the monthly salary mentioned by the employer of the sponsor.

Cancellation/Expiry Clauses of the Dubai Family Visa

  • If the sponsoring expat’s residence visa or permit gets cancelled, the permit of all the dependents will also get cancelled.
  • The dependents, in this case, are given a grace period of 6 months from the date of cancellation/expiry to obtain a new permit.
  • In the event of cancellation of the sponsor’s residence permit, the sponsor can be fined if they fail to cancel the permit of the dependent/s.
  • If the family visa expires, the sponsor can be fined if they fail to renew the permit of the dependent/s.

Important Points to Note: Same-sex marriage is not legal in the UAE. Thus, there could be challenges for such a couple when moving to the UAE.


Parents of an expat with a residence permit are also eligible for the Family Visa. Son, daughter, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law can sponsor their parents/parents-in-law. They can fill out the application form online or take assistance from any Amer Centers (launched by GDRFA).

Details for sponsoring parents’ visa

  • Both parents need to be sponsored together. Single-parent sponsorship is not permitted in the UAE until it is proven that the spouse has expired or the parents are separated or divorced. If one parent has passed away or the parents are separated or divorced, necessary documents like the death certificate, divorce certificate, etc., need to be submitted to prove the same. These certificates must be translated into Arabic and attested by the UAE Embassy in the parents’ country of residence. The Foreign Affairs Department in the UAE also needs to attest to the same.
  • The expat has to submit proof that their parents are dependents. Additional documents are also required to prove that the parents are all alone back home and have no one to care for them. In this case, dependency certificates translated into Arabic and attested by the Consulate and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE, are required.
  • The expatriate has to deposit a required sum as mandated by the immigration department as a guarantee for each parent.
  • The sponsor must hold a valid Dubai residence visa and should draw a minimum monthly salary of AED 20,000.
  • The sponsor should reside in a two-bedroom apartment/house (minimum) and submit the original tenancy contract.
  • The expatriate resident needs to get a medical insurance policy for each parent, which must be renewed yearly and meet the stipulated minimum coverage.

Supporting Documents for Obtaining Dubai Family Visa for Parents

  • The Original Emirates ID of the sponsor.
  • The sponsor’s passport and residence permit. The passport and visa details of the spouse are also required. The passports and visas should have a minimum validity of 6 months.
  • The sponsor should submit the salary certificate if they work with the government/free-zone companies. If the person works with the private sector, the sponsor must submit the MOHRE-issued labor contract.
  • Company and personal statements must be submitted with the MOA and Trade License for the last six months if the expat is a partner or an investor.
  • If the sponsor is a tenant, the registered tenancy contract or Ejari or the photocopy of the Title Deed must be submitted. The latest electricity bill should be submitted if the sponsor owns the house.
  • The sponsor’s Account or IBAN (International Bank Account Number) must accompany the application.
  • The last three months’ Bank Account Statement has to be submitted.
  • Colored copies of the parents’ passports and one photo with the mandatory white background are required. The passports need to have a minimum of six months of validity. In addition, if the parents are already inside the country, they must provide a copy of their current visa.
  • The Parents’ National ID is required if the sponsor’s parents belong to Pakistan, Afghanistan, or Iraq.
  • Consanguinity certificates of the parents duly attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, UAE, are required.

How to Apply for a Dubai Family Visa?

  • The sponsor or their employer can initiate the process.
  • The first step is to get an entry permit if the family is outside the country. Then, the family gets a 60-day time (single-entry or multiple-entry) to complete the required visa process.
  • An entry permit is not required if the family is already in the UAE. However, in this case, the sponsor needs to apply for a change in status.
  • The fitness tests of the dependants should be done on priority. It is imperative to pass the medical test. Once done, the sponsor can proceed to the next step.
  • Next, the application for the Emirates ID needs to be completed. This can be done from the official website of ICP at Alternatively, one can approach the AMER typing centers to start the process. The form must be filled out, the required documents attached, and the fees need to be paid.
  • The next step involves getting medical or health insurance.
  • Once the Emirates ID is processed and received, it must be collected and the e-residence permit downloaded.

New Rules for UAE Family Visa

Some of the new rules applicable from 2023 are:

  • The Emirates ID and the family visa are now the same. It means there is no need for separate visa stamping once the permit is approved. Instead, the Emirates ID serves as the visa and can be used while traveling.
  • Parents can sponsor disabled kids through a special permit.
  • Daughters can be sponsored indefinitely until they are unmarried, while sons can be sponsored until they are 25 years old.

Fees of Dubai Family Visa

File Opening Charges AED 269*

This is the initial fee that the sponsor needs to pay and does not depend on the number of members they are sponsoring. The fee payment is required to open the file for a family visa with the GDRFA. This is a one-time fee if the sponsor remains in the same job. However, when the sponsor changes jobs, the fee must be repaid when applying for the visa.

Entry Permit Charges AED 500*

This fee needs to be paid by the sponsor when the dependents are based outside the UAE. If the family is already in the country, the applicable fee is AED 675 for a change of status. The permit has a validity of 60 days from the date of issue. If the sponsored person is outside the UAE, he/she has to move to the UAE within this period, while if the person is already staying in the UAE, the status change needs to happen within these sixty days.

Medical Fitness Test AED 320*

All dependents must undergo a fitness test except for kids below 18 years. The applicable fee is on a per-person basis, and the report is available within 24 hours. The urgent report costs AED 570, in which case the report is available in 4 hours.

Emirates ID AED 170* for 1 year

The fee for the Emirates ID differs based on the duration of the visa. For one year, the fee is AED 170. For two years, the fee is AED 270, and for three years, it is AED 370. For a 10-year Golden Visa, the Emirates ID will cost AED 1,070.

Visa Stamping AED 500*

Finally, the visa gets stamped, and the cost is AED 500. For the visa to be stamped on the passport, the time taken is about four days, post which the passport is couriered to the given address.


What is the cost of a Dubai Family Visa?

The total cost is approximately AED 1,759 for a visa with one-year validity.

Can I check the status of my Dubai Family Visa application online?

Yes, you can. You need to visit the official website of the ICP or GDRFA.

How much time does it take to process the Family Visa?

It takes between three to five working days to process the entry permit. Once the permit is received, you must apply for the visa within 60 days. The visa will be obtained in about two weeks.

*Disclaimer All the prices mentioned in the above article are per our research. Request you to kindly check with the respective authorities for the updated/final cost.