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Expo 2020

A Guide to Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai

The Ultimate Guide to Expo 2020 Dubai

Whether you are an entertainment freak or a fab foodie, or just someone waiting for a free ticket, the world’s greatest show is here, and you can be there right now. Dubai Expo 2020 is a show for which the world is coming together. It’s from October 2021 to March 2022.

What is Expo 2020?

Dubai Expo 2020 still has a better name International Registered Exhibitions. The first world expo took place in London in 1851, and since then, Expos have been taking place in different parts of the world. All the Expos of the world rest on collaboration between Govt companies and people, and this Expo does not come off as an exception. They are also being designed to respond to the current challenging times and hardships that people worldwide are experiencing.

Expo 2020 is unique in its own way. In many aspects, it is the first Expo to be hosted in the Middle East. Dubai has indeed led the path. It was the first emirate to open to tourists back in July 2020, following all the health guidelines.

Expo 2020 is a breeding environment for all types of ideas, thematically embodying the two concepts Connecting Minds and Building the Future. Mobility, Opportunity, and Sustainability urge us all to go to the hemisphere’s extremes, safeguard our vegetation, and envision an amazing future all around.

See the Best of the World

The Expo will be held for 182 days, and you will have enough time to explore all the nooks and corners of it. There are 190+ pavilions showcasing the culture of the different countries of the world. UAE pavilion is a special one showing a falcon taking flight, highlighting the Emirati culture.

Besides this, there are country pavilions, so it highlights cutting-edge technology taking the lead in each country. Geometric shapes and Scandinavian forests inspire the Swedish pavilion. In the Polish pavilion, it is birds that hang over your heads.

Innovative technology takes the upper hand, so there is definitely a lot to watch out for.

Foodie Guide Expo 2020

Expo 2020 will host a gala food festival with more than 200 culinary experiences. Whether you are looking for authentic flavor from any nation, food truck, homegrown restaurant, or savory delights prepared by award-winning chefs, you name it, and the Expo has it in store for you.

Alkebulan, the African restaurant created by Alexander Small that combines tradition with heritage, will showcase its delectable cuisine. You can also taste spicy Kenyan meat or barbecued chicken; it will leave you with a desire to gobble more food.

Every country’s pavilion is filled with a special delicacy. Swiss chocolate abounds in the Swiss pavilion, and Belgian waffles boast of Belgium’s original culinary affair.

Some of the most renowned restaurants find a place in this Expo. They are Beirut’s Baron and London’s Bread Ahead Bakery, which hold a surprise. There is also sumptuous vegan food cooked by Mathew Kenny and a robot serving food at Talabat kitchen. Expo 2020 already comes with its exclusive dining directory for visitors.

Expo 2020 Dubai

Entertainment and Events

You enjoy a front seat to an event after every sixty days.

Al Wasl Plaza presents an all-around experience; there is lighting, a projector, and once in a lifetime sort of experience.

Expo Beats contribute to an enthralling experience, and there is fusion music crooning, every night to set fire to the dance floor. The Emirates come off with some of their choicest music and what you hear are melodies you will recollect even after a long time.

There are theatrical performances, roaming acts, and skilled street entertainers, all vying for your attention. Plan ahead after checking out the calendar of events.

Art and Craft

The traditional craft of Emirates meets international designers as they collaborate to produce a unique blend known as craft stories. Designer of the week award is given, which highlights the breadth and vibrancy of contemporary craft. MENASA documentaries are also made about artisans and their arts, designer, and their products.

Kid’s Day Out

Though saving the planet and sustainability are significant issues, the Exhibits are too beautiful to comprehend. Terra is the family park, where children will meet the giant fish Gnasher that represents wasteful consumption. The children can take a stroll in the artificially created dense forests or play a pinball game about the future of our planet.

The lovable duo Rashid and Latifa and Salama’s secrets are other entertainment sources available for children. Adventures at the Space City or finding Salma’s secret will keep them engaged as they take a splash into fun and frolic.

Tickets and Timings

Expo tickets can always suit your pocket, coming at AED 95 for a single day and AED 395 for a pass. No entry fee is required for students, people above sixty years of age, and teenagers and kids below seventeen.

Traveling Up and Down to Expo 2020

Spread across 4.38 sq. km. near Al Maktoum Airport in Dubai South, it is well connected through road transport and metro services. There are also plenty of taxis, bus routes, and parking spaces available in the location. You can book your Airlines ticket to Emirates and expect a free pass to the Expo 2020. You can also book a hotel or a resort and anticipate a free Expo pass.

Once you have stepped inside the site, a free bus and shuttle service will take you around. You can always track your journey using the Expo2020 Dubai Mobile App.

Wrapping Up

Climate change, sustainability, ethical fashion, and the circular economy have all been debated and addressed. The Expo participants intend to continue their journey by fostering initiatives that are led by creativity and teamwork. As the globe strives to achieve a cleaner, safer, and healthier future, Expo 2020 represents a significant step forward.